Patient engagement

Patient engagement

Patient engagement solutions

We create patient-centered software for web and mobile platforms that covers providers’ needs in the field of patient engagement. We deliver a range of digital solutions that help healthcare practitioners engage patients in their health management proactively.

We develop secure platform-based and custom portals for patients that allow them to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their health. These solutions stand out by fostering responsible health data management and patient education.

Health information management

Our digital patient engagement solutions come integrated with EHR, giving patients and families full-scale access to precise and timely health information. Our patient portals enable patients to view, download, and safely transmit their health information as well as get consulted about their treatment. This helps improve treatment concordance due to a better cooperation between patients and doctors.

Remote patient monitoring

When working on patient portal development, we introduce remote patient monitoring capabilities. We connect portals with data collection and processing channels, such as IoMT devices and sensors to ensure smooth two-way health data exchange. RPM data is automatically logged to the patient’s profile and synchronized across all connected channels. RPM integration allows patients and their physicians to monitor vitals, observe trends, and develop an adequate management approach in cooperation.

Patient education

We create and integrate educational tools that help nurture patient engagement by offering them reliable, authorized information regarding their conditions, healthy lifestyle, and more. To power multi-faceted patient education, we deploy custom LMS solutions that cater to providers’ specific needs, helping improve patients’ health awareness and reduce adverse drug events

Voice of the patient

Voice of the patient

Coming up as partners in their treatment, patients should have a say about their experience with the provider, and our patient engagement solutions offer this option. We provide user-friendly online feedback and assessment forms for collecting data on patient experiences and care outcomes. On the provider’s side, our feedback collection and processing systems are integrated with the healthcare CRM to facilitate patient relationship management.

  • Insights into care delivery quality and areas for improvement
  • Alerts and follow-up workflows on patients’ issues
  • Streamlined complaint management
  • Improved incident prevention
Voice of the patient

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Real-time communication

To nurture patient engagement, we provide solutions powered up with responsive communication tools for both web and mobile. With these real-time communication solutions, patients can reach their providers at all times and have their question or issue resolved promptly.

Video/audio conference tools
We develop compliant teleconferencing solutions that support real-time medical consultations that are essential for enabling telehealth services.
AI-based chatbots
We create intelligent chatbots that operate on NLP algorithms and deliver immediate responses to patients’ queries, helping automate a range of tasks from appointment scheduling to symptom analysis.
Online chats
We set up secure online chats where patients can address their questions to their respective healthcare professionals through authorized channels.
Call center automation
We provide call center automation software that helps improve patient experience by reducing time for routing, scheduling, billing and more.

Related services

Healthcare CRM

Healthcare CRM

We set up specialized medical CRMs that help providers deliver well-targeted care, reduce operational workload, and improve patient experience and engagement.

Telehealth solutions

We provide regulation-compliant web and mobile solutions that allow patients to reach care providers from anywhere, improving patient experience and provider coverage.

Medical data analytics

We harness the power of data science and visualization to bring you actionable insights based on health-related data and foster care and performance improvements.

Medical image analysis

We deliver ML-powered solutions for medical image analysis that help improve diagnostics without patient overexposure.

Healthcare ecommerce

Our team provides solutions to facilitate the purchase of medical services and devices and ensure a hyper-personalized omnichannel experience for customers.

Patient apps

We create native and cross-platform mobile apps allowing patients to control their health data and request remote consultations. Our solutions are seamlessly integrated with the providers’ healthcare data sources (EHR, CRM, lab systems, etc.), and patient-centered educational resources featuring health & lifestyle recommendations. Our engagement apps can be easily synchronized with vitals tracking devices and other IoMT tools.

Patient app
Integrated health data
Communication tools
Health and lifestyle educational resources
loMT data
Mobile payments

Wellness and lifestyle apps

We set up a range of self-care apps that help users monitor their well-being. These apps address a vast range of issues from fitness and nutrition to psychological health, providing personalized tips and plans for specific problem management. Our custom wellness and lifestyle apps can be integrated with wearables, cloud-based data storage, AI-powered analytics, and more.

Self-care apps
Fitness & nutrition
Sleep monitors
Health trackers
Mental health
Meditation & yoga

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When creating patient portals and other patient engagement software, we follow applicable security standards and policies that go in line with regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, DICOM, IEC 62304, ICD-10, and secure software development practices. In addition, our security experts can run penetration and compliance testing on your solution to make sure your sensitive data is safely sealed.

Implementation scenarios

Our experts deploy cloud-based patient engagement software with the focus on scalability and secure data management.

We create native and cross-platform apps for healthcare and wellness tracking, fully integrated with wearables.

Web software

Our web development experts deliver browser-based solutions, including mobile-first PWA, for easy and full-featured access across devices.

A remote patient monitoring and mobile telehealth suite

Case study

A remote patient monitoring and mobile telehealth suite

Learn how Itransition developed a remote patient monitoring and telehealth platform for sexual assault victims for a US research center.

A patient engagement platform: making it a success


A patient engagement platform: making it a success

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