Banking CRM

Banking CRM

Goal-driven banking CRM solutions

We can build a resilient banking CRM where you can centralize front- and back-office operations and address changing customer needs while delivering exceptional experiences.

Attract, engage, and retain customers

Your banking CRM will let you track and communicate with your customers along their entire journey and build experiences around their needs:

Customer journey mapping

Channel attribution

Customer profiling

Customer data accumulation

Sales funnel management

Customer journey mapping

Track leads, prospects, and customers, get a complete view of where each is in the sales pipeline, and understand how to convert them.

Channel attribution and analysis

Learn which channels and what kind of content work best with specific customer types and keep them moving through the funnel.

Customer profiling and data accumulation

Provide relevant financial advice, offer the right products and services, customize pricing policies, and reach out during important financial decisions.

Empower employees

Itransition’s CRM solutions for banks help automate business processes, align cross-team efforts, and improve KPIs.

Empower employees

Sales boosters

A banking CRM provides managers and associates with role-based dashboards to get data on customers, their history, and financial plans to:

  • Enhance upselling and cross-selling for specific customers
  • Understand what behavior leads to successful sales
  • Make marketing campaigns problem-driven
  • Facilitate loan processing, and more

Collaboration boosters

A banking CRM breaks departmental silos and aligns efforts of customer-facing teams by providing:

  • A single view of customers, products, offers, and their relationships across all lines of business
  • An access to customer data from any device
  • Easy information exchange and synchronization with other departments and branches

Efficiency boosters

CRM is a universal tool for the banking industry that helps teams handle more accounts faster, save efforts, cut costs, and seize more opportunities through:

  • Saving time on data gathering, verification, monitoring, and archiving
  • Cutting repetitive administrative tasks
  • Automating document management
  • Facilitating customer onboarding and employee training
  • Streamlining follow-ups, meeting and call planning

Make your bank customer-centric with a CRM

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Cross-channel customer journey management

We create CRM solutions for banks to meet customers via their preferred channels, take a tailored approach to each interaction along the sales funnel, and provide personalized experiences.

Multi-channel integration

Our banking CRM solutions allow integrating various data sources to accumulate and make use of in-depth knowledge about each customer. By gaining insights into customers’ preferences and behavior, you can align actions and products/services to customers’ financial needs, offer relevant banking options, and create consistent banking experiences regardless of the channel.


Physical branch

Social media platforms

ATM/Self- service machine

Loan app


Call center


Mobile app

Banking CRM

Related services

To turn your bank into an intelligent and agile financial ecosystem that fuels customer and revenue growth, Itransition offers a full suite of accompanying services.

Mobile banking

Mobile banking

Itransition is ready to build a mobile banking platform that will simplify operations for both retail and business customers.

Business intelligence

We can augment your banking platform with easy-to-use BI tools that allow your employees to connect data sources and make sense of the data through interactive visualizations.

Application integration

Choosing from a variety of integration options, we make enterprise systems, including CRM, work in synergy as an interconnected whole, so that you can benefit from silo-free collaboration.

Digital enterprise

We advise on and carry out banking digitization, streamlining business processes, content management, customer relations, and collaboration.


By implementing RPA in banking, we can automate repetitive back-office processes, significantly decreasing operational costs and risks, and speeding up customer onboarding.

Expert CRM consulting for banks

We consult banks on every aspect of their CRM software adoption, helping them with the choice and technological orchestration of the future solution. Depending on your expectations and requirements, we’ll advise on the most optimal option, be it a platform-based or custom CRM, for you to see maximum return in terms of value for your banking business.

Platform-based CRM

Itransition has partnered with the leading cloud CRM vendors — Salesforce, Odoo, and Pega — to get banking CRM solutions up and running faster and more cost-efficiently. Our certified professionals will consult on, implement, and integrate the right platform for your business. This includes all levels of customization required, from feature-level configuration to custom add-on development.

Custom CRM

We offer custom CRM development for banks with uniquely orchestrated business processes, building the solution around the needs and standards of particular customer-facing teams. Starting with business analysis, we proceed with a PoC and incremental engineering until your users get a fully operational system, and stay to provide ongoing support, if needed.

Drive customer loyalty and personalize experiences with a banking CRM by Itransition

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Banking CRM essentials: Q&A

Will my CRM be suitable for both digital and branch-based banking?

We provide banks with omnichannel CRM platforms that help them connect offline and online operations and deliver the experiences their customers expect.

I only need a certain CRM feature, not the entire system. Can you deliver it?

We’ll be happy to enhance your existing CRM, be it platform-based or custom, with your required feature. This includes analyzing your business and technical requirements, engineering and integrating the feature, and testing it for perfect performance.

Can you develop customer risk management solutions as part of CRM?

We can develop custom risk management tools or integrate third-party products into your CRM system, connecting data sources and configuring reports so that you can track and investigate unusual customer behavior.

How about customer analytics in my CRM?

We develop and fine-tune role-specific reports for customer-facing teams, integrating analytical dashboards into CRM systems and making them intuitive for self-service report generation.

Will my CRM be mobile-optimized?

Depending on your requirements, we can optimize your web-based CRM for mobile devices or create a full-feature mobile application accessible on platforms of your choice.