EMR/EHR software development

EMR/EHR software development

EMR development

We develop EMR solutions that help cut down on paperwork and refine decision making thanks to interoperability with your clinical systems as data sources. Recognizing the need for unification and standardization, we are also open to developing universal electronic medical records systems.

  • Streamlined health data management
  • Medical reports
  • Digital medical histories for each patient
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Interoperability across all departments
  • Reduced data losses
Custom EMR solutions
Custom EMR solutions

Custom EMR solutions

Our custom-built EMR solutions bring together medical data on all patients within health systems and enable its smooth management and secure storage. When working on EMR development and integration, we take into account each provider’s specifics, interview end users, and adapt EMR solutions according to their professional needs.

  • Complete medical history, treatment plans, lab results
  • Automated reminders on upcoming tasks
  • Vaccination tracking
  • Customizable templates and e-forms
  • Integration with diagnostic equipment
  • Integration with in-house billing systems
  • Informative charts and graphs

Connected data sources

We set up custom EMR systems with regard to your practice specifics. We can add any in-house data source you see fit to provide efficient care. We implement e-forms, from patient profiles to e-prescriptions, to reduce non-clinical workload of medical professionals and introduce meaningful workflow automation. We also provide integration with the in-house billing solution to bring clinical processes in line with financial ones and ensure transparency.

Diagnoses &

Reduce paperwork and streamline multi-source medical data management.

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EHR development

Our custom EHR solutions automate clinical data collection within and across providers’ organizations, which helps improve care delivery and prevent data losses.

  • 360-degree view of patients’ health
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Timely and comprehensive health update
  • Built-in telemedicine modules
  • Data quality control
  • Reduced risk of medical errors
  • Improved data exchange between multiple practices
  • Access on any device
Medical data
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EHR data ecosystems

We integrate EHR systems with other internal and external digital solutions in place, such as patient engagement software, insurance data, billing solutions, and more. This helps you meet a number of important goals:

  • Care continuity through collecting patient data from other providers which served the patient before.
  • All-round health visibility through processing PGHD from patients’ IoMT devices and other RPM tools.
  • Care personalization through complete visibility into a patient’s treatment history with all engaged providers and access to in-depth health metrics, both historical and real-time.
  • Billing transparency through integrating care cycle and finance management tools, thus reducing doctors’ administrative burden and increasing patients’ trust and convenience.
  • Delay-free claim management through data accessibility and facilitated cooperation with insurance providers.
  • Advanced patient engagement through integration with patient portals, mobile apps, and other tools fostering doctor-patient communication, personal health management, and preventive care.

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Telehealth solutions

We deliver regulation-compliant web and mobile communication tools that allow patients to connect with their providers from any place and help improve patient experience and outcomes.

Patient engagement software

We create digital solutions for patients to manage their health independently and better engage with their care providers without leaving home.

Healthcare CRM

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Medical data analytics

We provide custom and platform-based medical analytics solutions that deliver insights into care dynamics, marketing, and sales, to help you streamline clinical performance.

Mobile healthcare

Our experts create secure and powerful mobile solutions for patients and clinicians that help monitor and manage health data anytime and from any location.

EMR/EHR implementation options

We offer diverse EMR/EHR implementation options to meet the most specific requirements, depending on the provider’s existing tech portfolio, data structures, and automation goals.

On-premises EMR/EHR

We develop custom server-based EMR/EHR software, fully adapting it to your needs, providing interoperability, and ensuring data security.

We offer EMR/EHR development as web applications to let you securely manage clinical data from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Our experts deploy EMR/EHR software in private, public or hybrid cloud environments, focusing on scalability and secure data management.

Our developers deploy distributed ledger technologies to introduce next-level EHR collaboration and advanced protection of sensitive data.

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EMR/EHR data security

We take tried-and-true measures to make sure that highly sensitive EMR and EHR data is protected. We set up strict access policies, such as role-based access, multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and more. In addition, we run security testing to check how the implemented solution resists potential hacking attacks and malicious activities. If any security loopholes are found, we help you restore and improve the solution and scale up its security.

When working on EMR/EHR software, we rely on proven cybersecurity methodologies that comply with such industry standards as HIPAA, DICOM, IEC 62304, and ICD-10, along with secure development practices we follow by default.