EMR/EHR software development

EMR/EHR software development

Your comprehensive EMR/EHR solution provider

Our EHR and EMR software developers provide the full range of EMR/EHR services, helping healthcare organizations choose the type of system and suitable integrations or customizations, implement EHR or EMR according to the company’s needs and ensure its interoperability and security.


Best for medical institutions

Typically cloud-based

Integrated with hospital software and patient tools

Contains patients' health records from across hospital departments

Certified according to medical data standards


Best for individual practices

Typically on-premise

Keeps patients' medical records relevant for a particular specialist

Complies with security regulations for medical data storage

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Why choose us

20+ years of software development experience in the healthcare industry.

Expertise in integration with Epic, Cerner, Meditech and Allscripts platforms.

Adherence to HIPAA, GDPR, OWASP, and other data security requirements.

Familiarity with ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies (ONC-ATCB) and European Institute for Health Records (EuroRec) requirements.

Reliance on DICOM standard, FDA guides, FHIR interoperability protocol, and other EHR/EMR-specific policies.

Vital EMR/EHR benefits

The development of electronic health records can significantly improve patient care and deliver many other advantages to healthcare providers.

Vital EMR/EHR benefits

Better clinical decisions

  • Quick access to a 360-view of each patient
  • Reduced medical errors
  • Prevention of duplications or conflicts in prescriptions and treatment plans
  • Faster emergency care in critical situations
  • Symptomatic patterns identification for more accurate diagnoses
  • Real-time patient health monitoring

Improved medical data management

  • Prevention of patient data tampering or loss
  • Medical data access restriction for unauthorized users
  • Correct patient data input without duplication
  • Interoperability across all departments
  • Secure data sharing

Enhanced communication with patients

  • Accurate, up-to-date, and complete information provision to patients
  • Simplified appointment scheduling process
  • 24/7 access to health information and helpdesk from any device
  • Availability of population engagement and education tools

Cost optimization

  • Routine paperwork automation
  • Lower medical care costs due to improved data safety and accuracy
  • Streamlined billing and claim management
  • Improved employee retention and satisfaction rates

Key features of EMR/EHR software

Our EHR developers make sure to equip EHR/EMR software with core features that help medical organizations to deliver the best of care while keeping documentation and procedures standardized and secure.

Patient management

Complete medical history and PHI storage Vaccination tracker

Appointment scheduler and reminder Point of access for patients

Clinical management

Customizable templates and e-forms for charting and record-keeping

Comprehensive dashboards with medical information Task trackers and reminders

Analytics and reporting

Symptomatic pattern identification Health condition forecasting

Treatment effectiveness assessment Department productivity evaluation

Care digitalization

Voice recognition Chatbots and voice assistants

E-prescriptions Integration with medical devices


Multi-factor authentication Different levels of distributed access control

Data encryption Secure data transfer channels and protocols

Financial management

Insurance information storage

Payer details specification

Need expert EHR integration services?

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Essential EMR/EHR integrations

We perform EHR/EMR integration with other internal and external digital solutions in your hospital to create a unified medical ecosystem, streamline routine operations, and eliminate any data exchange obstacles. Our expertise with various kinds of medical software places us among the top EHR/EMR integration companies.

  • Financial management systems
  • Medical data analytics
  • Patient engagement tools
  • Medical IoT
  • Laboratory management systems
  • Patient wearables
  • Telehealth apps
  • Hospital management software
  • Healthcare CRM
  • Pharmacy management software

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Our approach to EHR/EMR development

Our experts are well-versed in technologies necessary for full-cycle EHR/EMR software development and EMR data integration. They can deploy EMR/EHR software in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments, ensuring system scalability and secure data management in any scenario.


Defining EMR/EHR requirements and tech stack


Mapping out the project and setting estimates

Creating a tailored EMR/EHR solution

Integrating hospital software or third-party tools

All-round quality assurance


EMR/EHR system integration into the hospital ecosystem and performing data migration

Advantages of a customized EMR/EHR

Some healthcare facilities choose off-the-shelf EMR/EHR solutions because they can be launched quickly and have a standard set of features as well as guaranteed customer support. But there is a number of unique benefits that can only be achieved with a customized EMR/EHR system development:

Implement only relevant features

Avoid overwhelming your employees with functionality that they don’t need and wasting money and resources on redundant EMR integration services.

Integrate with selected applications

Proceeding from your budget, specialty, and partnerships, create a connected EMR/EHR ecosystem that works best for you.

Ensure the solution’s scalability

Expand your EHR or EMR as you see fit and have it evolve along with your clinic instead of adopting a new system to cater to the growing needs.

Have highly competent support

Hire your EHR/EHR development partner for on-demand maintenance and support so that any arising issues could be solved most efficiently.