Patient portals

Patient portals

Enhance medical care with patient portals

Patient portals are instrumental for health service providers in enhancing care, improving staff productivity, and promoting health awareness to the general public. With our secure platform-based and custom portals, patients can make more knowledgeable decisions, medical professionals deliver better care, and health organizations expand their influence.

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Better experiences for patients and providers


of US adults prefer a care provider that offers a patient-facing technology



reduction in contact center transaction costs can be achieved with digital patient services


Accessible PHI

  • Stricter treatment adherence
  • Better recovery rates
  • Lower readmission rates

Condition monitoring

  • Adverse event prevention
  • Fewer complications

Health education

  • Fewer support requests
  • Healthier habits
  • Higher life expectancy

Preventive medicine awareness

  • More regular checkups and screenings
  • Better quality of life

Key capabilities of patient portal solutions

Patient portals are developed with a wide spectrum of essential features that support each step of a patient’s medical journey.

Key capabilities of patient portal solutions

Secure access to PHI and PGHD

The results of each health examination, interactions with medical professionals, self-recorded symptoms, data from wearables, and other medical devices are securely stored in the system and are only accessible to authorized users.


Medical consultations in the audio or video format can be conveniently conducted via a patient portal, guaranteeing the confidentiality of medical data with high security standards in place.

Patient self-service

Patients can schedule an appointment, submit a request for e-consultation, prescription refill or customer support, enter their health data, and sign up for a trial program online.

Educational resources

A patient portal can serve as an educational hub to promote a healthy lifestyle, help patients understand their condition and treatment better, and alert them to potential health risks.

Feedback aggregation

Survey forms can be integrated with the portal to obtain feedback from patients and care providers. Medical and marketing research can also be conducted through them.

Insurance and payment management

Patients can view and manage their insurance claims and payments for each medical event thanks to built-in payer and payment systems integration.

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Hallmarks of a successful patient portal

Secure and compliant

We apply modern cybersecurity principles during patient portal development to ensure operational and data safety. Our custom software complies with major regulatory standards, including those of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, FDA, HIPAA, DICOM, and IEC 62304.

Intuitive for patients

We make sure to provide our patient portals with friendly and straightforward UIs for end-users and thus mitigate the risks of low patient engagement that is persistent across legacy patient-facing solutions.

Easy to use for medical professionals

Our team develops portals that take the workload off health professionals’ shoulders through automating routine tasks and intuitively guiding them when interacting with the interfaces to minimize click fatigue.


Itransition’s custom solutions are designed to handle growing volumes of traffic to accommodate expanding patient bases. They are also easy to upgrade in case you will need to add more functionality or integrations. They are device-agnostic by design and can be run on all OS of your choice.


The effectiveness of patient portals should be easily measured. We will equip your solution with built-in tracking and analytic tools so that you can determine how much value it brings to your organization in terms of patient engagement, cost reduction through optimization, and return on investment.


Our solutions come with feature-rich and easy-to-use admin areas for organizations to manage content, user accounts, permissions, and other essential background functions of the portals on a daily basis.

Top signs a legacy patient portal needs to be redesigned

Your organization might have a patient portal in place yet it fails to deliver. Our team can help you assess the effectiveness of your current solution against essential benchmarks and redesign it in line with your present-day requirements.

Consider revamping your solution if:

  • The user experience is poor and fails to engage
  • There are no tools to track and measure portal performance
  • The portal lags or crashes under heavy traffic
  • The maintenance costs run high because of the outdated technology
  • Security certificates have expired or the portal otherwise lacks rigorous security controls
  • There is no data synchronization between the portal and other medical software in use

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Integrations for a holistic patient experience

Patient portals work best if integrated into the digital healthcare ecosystem. Together, these tools can deliver a seamless user experience.

Healthcare CRM

Create a more effective sales and marketing strategy

Internet of medical things

Monitor patients’ condition with data from wearables

Medical image analysis

Improve diagnostic precision and conduct more thorough research

eRx software

Let patients request, prescribe and purchase medication via the portal

Healthcare analytics

Make your patient portal a source of medical insights

Mobile health apps

Access the patient portal on the go

VR and AR

Provide patients with an immersive experience

Online payments

Receive payments for medical services conveniently and securely


Conduct secure e-consultations anywhere anytime

EMR/EHR systems

Converge all clinical data sources

Patient portal development options

With Itransition, you will get the solution that fits your business seamlessly. If you are not sure which portal development option would work best, our experts are always here to consult you.


Our team works with the most reliable and innovative web platform technology providers to build patient portals.