Healthcare ecommerce

Healthcare ecommerce

We help you tap into healthcare ecommerce

Our experts equip healthcare organizations with ecommerce solutions to help them capitalize on new business opportunities and enhance patient satisfaction. We develop comprehensive online retail infrastructure, streamline back-office and front-office retail processes with automation, and integrate tools for seamless customer experience.


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Our range of medical ecommerce solutions

We implement custom or platform-based healthcare ecommerce software tailored to your organization’s line of business.

Our range of medical ecommerce solutions

We develop e-pharmacies equipped with digital prescription features and integrated with payment gateways, marketing and customer support tools.

We create responsive online stores for selling medical supplies and equipment, powered by back-office automation features and analytical and customer care tools.

We deliver ecommerce solutions that enable patients to purchase healthcare services you offer, including care packages, insurance plans, doctor appointments, or lab tests.

We build platforms equipped with video and audio conferencing tools to connect patients and medical professionals from anywhere.

We develop comprehensive retail hubs that can aggregate offers from healthcare services and medical equipment providers in one place.

Main features of medical ecommerce solutions

We deliver dedicated ecommerce tools equipped with functionality that streamlines sales operations, facilitates fast and proactive customer service, and automates mundane tasks for your staff.

Order management

  • Orders and reservations placement
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Automated order processing
  • Returns and claims management
  • Online payments, and more

Product management

  • Customizable product catalogs
  • Product information including FDA and other certifications
  • Product categorization, search, filtering, and comparison
  • Inventory management, and more

Customer relations and marketing

  • Customer segmentation
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Loyalty programs
  • Experience personalization
  • Customer community, and more

Omnichannel customer service

  • Customer support
  • Self-service bots
  • Store locator and availability radar
  • Social media integrations
  • Product recommendations, and more

Essential healthcare ecommerce integrations

Based on your business requirements, our experts can integrate tools from your hospital ecosystem or third-party modules with your medical ecommerce solution.

Payment gateways

We connect your medical ecommerce solution with a variety of secure payment options to make the purchasing process more convenient for various customers.

Patient portals

Through this integration, we enable your customers to obtain information about their health, schedule an appointment, receive prescriptions, and consult specialists in one place.

Logistics and delivery services

We make the supply chain activities smoother and faster by setting up data transfer between your back-office ecommerce system and third-party delivery providers.

Insurance management systems

We carry out integrations with insurance management systems to optimize the cash flow and streamline the settlement process with insurance companies for your customers.

Social commerce

Through integration with social media platforms, Itransition will help you attract new audiences, build a strong online presence, and deliver omnichannel customer support.

Analytics systems

This integration enables you to gather and process vital data, analyze customer’s behavior and assess your solution’s performance to make more informed business decisions faster.

The advantages of healthcare ecommerce

Expanded area of business
Attract new customers through online touchpoints without setting up additional offline medical stores or points of service.
Improved customer convenience
Provide patients a unique opportunity to purchase medication, equipment, or doctor consultations online, without leaving their home.
Direct-to-consumer sales channel
Cut the costs for third-party marketing or sales platforms by reaching out to customers directly and take full control over your medical business development.
Cost optimization
Speed up sales and order management and get rid of human factor mistakes by setting up automated retail workflows.

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Staples of Itransition’s medical ecommerce solutions


We design your solution to evolve alongside your business, allowing you to easily add new functionality to capitalize on new business opportunities.


We develop healthcare ecommerce solutions according to the major security standards and regulations of the retail and healthcare industries.


Our development team will design your medical ecommerce solution to operate without fail even under high loads.

Easy to integrate

We build healthcare solutions to be easily connected with your other medical or ecommerce software and provide secure data exchange.

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