Stock trading software development

Stock trading software development

Solutions for institutional and private investors

Itransition specializes in developing solutions for banks, stock exchanges, hedge funds, and brokerages to optimize their trading operations. Depending on your goals, we can implement standalone modules or build custom full-featured trading platforms from scratch.

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Our stock market software development expertise

Our stock market software development expertise

We develop stock market software solutions equipped with tools that help financial industry players analyze real-time stock data from multiple sources and make informed buying and selling decisions.

  • Fundamental and technical data analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Stock market forecast software

We help organizations better interact with the market and streamline decision-making by building data visualization and stock market pattern recognition software that transforms stock data sets into interactive charts and graphs.

  • Charting tools
  • Real-time market data streaming
  • Customizable dashboards

Itransition develops custom portfolio management solutions to help asset managers, institutional and private traders to make better investment decisions, equipped with forecasting engines, autonomous stock trackers, investment calculators, and notification systems.

  • Forecasting engines
  • Autonomous stock trackers
  • Investment calculators
  • Multi-brokerage portfolio integration

We help companies implement various trading algorithms for both stock and cryptocurrency markets, enabling bias-free decision-making, operational cost savings, and efficient trading automation.

  • VWAP calculation
  • Arbitrage opportunity identification
  • Trade execution algorithms
  • Market making algorithms

We deploy specialized pre-trade control systems that help traders manage risks with required accuracy while ensuring that latency requirements are met.

  • Fat-finger error checks
  • Trade netting
  • Fraud prevention
  • Customizable alert systems

We help trading companies achieve maximum efficiency by automating various back-office tasks that involve user verification, commission calculation, data reconciliation, compliance, reporting, and more.

  • User verification / KYC
  • Accounting
  • Document management
  • Regulatory, internal and client reporting

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Stock market data API integrations

We integrate stock trading solutions with leading capital market intelligence platforms, data aggregators, financial news feeds, and brokerages to allow access to real-time and historical data, portfolio synchronization across user accounts, and market data analysis based on verified information.

AI for trading automation


of venture capital and early-stage investor executive reviews will be informed by AI and data analytics by 2025


Based on historical data, social media comments, news, and current market trends, our custom artificial intelligence stock trading software can forecast market fluctuations, allowing you to make better trading decisions. Our time-proven ML and fintech expertise help us adjust algorithms to highly volatile stock markets, ensuring that no trading signals are missed.

Algorithmic & high-frequency trading

To rule out the human factor in decision-making and enable trading at the highest speed possible, we equip our digital trading solutions with algorithmic trading modules. Maximize your exposure to the market by allowing algorithms to monitor the stock prices and place orders on your behalf based on preprogrammed set of rules.

Trend prediction
Data mining
Pattern recognition
Cognitive assistance
Risk simulation

Fraud detection

We help companies combat wrongdoers by implementing advanced data mining methods to detect both known and new fraudulent strategies. Whether it’s insider trading, churning, boiler rooms, Ponzi schemes or any other market manipulation technique, we know how to make your business fraud-free.

Learn what Itransition’s AI engineers and data scientists can do for your business by orchestrating intelligent solutions beyond stock trading automation.

Cryptocurrency trading solutions

Exchange platform development

We develop crypto exchange and trading platforms that can be connected to third-party liquidity providers and equipped with high-throughput matching engines while fulfilling compliance requirements.

Wallet development and integration

Whether it’s multi-currency, coin-specific, mobile, desktop or hardware wallet, we ensure that users can securely store and trade their virtual assets via our custom solutions.

We guide our customers through the technical side of their ICO campaigns, providing assistance with strategy, token creation, web development, analytics integration, and more.

Integration with crypto exchanges

We help companies connect their existing trading systems to any cryptocurrency exchange, allowing users to trade from a single interface.

We assist with streamlining asset exchange, minimizing risks, and eliminating human-related errors by deploying smart contracts on the blockchain of choice.

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Our tech set for trading digitization

Machine learning

Machine learning

Itransition builds, trains, and deploys custom ML models that detect patterns and enable better understanding of the market, accurate forecasting, trend prediction, and data-driven decision-making.

Data analytics

We help organizations reveal the full potential of their data and identify growth opportunities by developing data-centric solutions from scratch, as well as preparing and cleaning data.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Depending on your requirements, we can migrate your existing software to the cloud along with redesigning its architecture, or develop a custom solution from the ground up, ensuring maximum performance and device compatibility.