Salesforce for construction:
features, success stories & payoffs

Salesforce for construction: features, success stories & payoffs

May 23, 2024

Salesforce capabilities for the construction industry

Salesforce offers an extensive set of features to help construction companies enhance customer-related operations and collaboration with partners -  both potential buyers of new properties and larger construction firms searching for subcontractors. Additionally, construction companies can configure and customize Salesforce’s off-the-shelf functionality to adjust it to their requirements.


Customer segmentation

Segmenting leads into cohorts with specific interests and needs based on their browsing patterns and personal information.

Marketing personalization

Engaging leads with personalized property and construction service recommendations, custom email messages, and dynamic content tailored to their preferences.

Marketing automation

Posting on social media and sending email messages automatically based on predefined sets of rules.

Social listening

Monitoring positive or negative comments from leads or customers on social networks to gauge their perception of your brand and services.


Customer profile creation

Gathering customer data to identify their preferences and needs and develop properties matching such requirements.

Lead scoring

Grading leads via Salesforce Einstein based on their interest in your properties and construction services to help sales teams prioritize potential buyers and focus on the best bidding opportunities for maximum profitability.

Lead routing

Rule-based distribution of leads to sales reps based on geography, deal size, workload, and other metrics.

Property visit scheduling

Automatically arranging property viewings based on the availability of sales reps and customers to reduce downtime between appointments.

Sales pipeline monitoring

Tracking the status of prospects as they progress through different stages of the sales cycle, including meetings arranged and contracts signed.

Quote and contract generation

Automating price calculation, generating customized property quotes through CPQ features, and creating contracts via document templates.

Automated billing

Generating and sending invoices automatically to streamline payment collection from customers.

Partner communities

Sharing contacts and leads with real estate agent partners and monitoring their performance for more effective collaboration.

Customer care

Customer portals

Enabling clients to configure their future property (floor plan and other features) to provide the construction company with guidelines for their project, and receive digital receipts and real-time project reports via web portals.

Case management

Recording support tickets received from multiple channels and automatically assigning each case to suitable managers.

Field service scheduling

Planning on-site service appointments for construction, repairs, equipment installations, and maintenance activities based on a task’s priority and availability of construction teams and other professionals.

Analytics & reporting

Marketing intelligence

Monitoring marketing campaigns’ KPIs to fine-tune your media plans, including targeting and budgeting.

Sales analytics

Monitoring conversion rates, prices of properties sold, the average number of calls required for each sale, and other relevant metrics.

Location intelligence

Tracking lead and opportunity location or other spatial data to create more balanced sales territories.

Build your Salesforce solution with Itransition’s guidance

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Real-life examples of Salesforce adoption in construction

Salesforce development for a construction product distributor


generated opportunities

A UK-based multinational supplier of construction products partnered with Itransition to update its Salesforce-based solution through multiple configurations and customizations. Our team set up various automated processes, such as assigning clients to different territories and triggering appointment notifications upon changing their data and location. We also created multiple KPI charts enabling sales managers to monitor visits to clients’ job sites, open opportunities by stage, and conversion rates.

Salesforce adoption to support online house-buying for BPD Europe


lead conversion

Salesforce adoption to support online house-buying for BPD Europe

One of the leading real estate and construction companies in the Netherlands and Germany adopted Salesforce CRM to support their multi-channel customer engagement strategy and facilitate lead management. Salesforce Sales Cloud improved sales pipeline visibility, enabling the organization to monitor active opportunities until contract signing, gather information on customers’ property preferences, and track sales performance. BPD also leveraged Marketing Cloud’s social listening capabilities to gather feedback from customers on social media, along with Service Cloud’s automation features to streamline case management.

Salesforce for sales automation & visibility for MAG Lifestyle Development


faster sales process

Salesforce for sales automation & visibility for MAG Lifestyle Development

This Dubai-based property development and construction firm opted for Salesforce to automate and speed up its sales operations, including generating quotes and calculating commissions and payouts for partnering real estate agencies. Furthermore, sales teams can access MAG’s real estate inventory anytime and anywhere via the Salesforce mobile app to provide qualified leads with property recommendations and answer their questions faster. At the same time, senior management can use the CRM system to monitor the productivity and conversion rates of each sales team in real time.

Customized Salesforce CRM to support company growth for IMKAN Properties


customer meetings managed every week

Customized Salesforce CRM to support company growth for IMKAN Properties

A property developer based in Abu Dhabi and involved in multiple construction projects around the globe implemented a Salesforce-based CRM system to centralize its marketing, sales, and customer care operations. The solution helps sales teams organize meetings with clients, drive negotiations based on customers’ preferences and requirements, and manage follow-ups. It also enables the company to orchestrate targeted marketing campaigns, monitor agent performance via dashboards, and better distribute hot leads to available agents via custom functionality.

The benefits of Salesforce adoption in construction

Create a single source of truth

Salesforce can aggregate data from multiple sources and improve visibility into leads and customers, partners, projects and properties, and business processes, breaking information silos and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Boost productivity

Construction companies can leverage Salesforce to automate time-consuming processes like marketing communications and contract generation and speed up on-site operations through better team coordination.

Increase revenue

Salesforce adopters can access advanced targeted marketing and lead assessment capabilities powered by artificial intelligence to maximize lead generation and conversion, boost sales, and foster business growth.

Improve customer experience

Salesforce enables personalized customer journeys, better staff allocation across your customer base, and support automation, improving the quality and efficiency of your services and contributing to client satisfaction.

Our Salesforce services for construction firms

As a certified Salesforce Partner, Itransition can help construction companies adopt a Salesforce-based solution aligned to their marketing, sales, and customer service workflows.

Our Salesforce services for construction firms
  • Examine your current CRM system, if any
  • Define functional and non-functional requirements
  • Select a suitable Salesforce edition and feature set
  • Plan out Salesforce implementation, including its timeline, milestones, and budget
  • Assist throughout the configuration and customization process
  • Provide integration and migration advisory
  • Offer user training and support
  • Configure and customize the Salesforce solution
  • Integrate Salesforce with your software ecosystem
  • Perform QA and user acceptance testing
  • Deploy the solution to the company’s environment
  • Migrate data from your legacy CRM system to Salesforce

Rely on Itransition for seamless Salesforce adoption

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A unified tool for your customer-oriented operations

The sheer amount of Salesforce’s marketing and sales features and remarkable configuration and customization opportunities make this CRM suite a top option to handle all your customer-centered tasks. These capabilities can help construction businesses get visibility into their operations and optimize them, from bidding to project completion and property selling.

With the help of an experienced partner like Itransition, you can streamline Salesforce adoption and tailor its out-of-the-box capabilities to your workflows to take full advantage of this platform.

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