Hospital management software

Hospital management software

Get full control over your hospital operations

We create custom hospital management software (HMS) that coordinates and automates clinical, inventory, patient and contract management and serves as a cross-departmental platform for data-driven decision-making, business management, and collaboration.

$122 billion

in costs avoided annually by the US healthcare industry through automating administrative transactions

2020 CAQH Index

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Types of hospital management systems we deliver

Types of hospital management systems

We build software systems that classify and manage essential data from across the hospital, spanning patient, laboratory, pharmacy and equipment information, and assist with efficient facility operation and evidence-based decisions.

To help hospitals drive patient loyalty, Itransition creates web and mobile solutions that facilitate interaction with patients and aid healthcare providers with improving patient experience and journey.

We develop secure systems to collect and store complete patient or medical staff information, allowing healthcare providers to streamline care coordination as well as workforce management based on 360-degree profiles.

Itransition can deliver software that will help to properly distribute the workload for designated hospital staff and then assist them with performing their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities faster and error-free.

We build systems integrated with e-payment, claims management and insurance providers’ platforms that help streamline payment and insurance collections workflows, manage patient revenue cycles, and keep track of the cash flow.

Hospital management system components

Depending on your clinical needs, we can shape your hospital management system with modules for efficient workflow management.

Patient management

Our team can develop dedicated solutions to centralize and coordinate patient health and personal information across the hospital and its partner organizations, support unhindered clinical communication, and drive better patient outcomes and improved engagement.

  • Care delivery cycle tracking
  • EHR and EMR
  • Treatment planning
  • Healthcare CRM

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How we ensure your HMS security

To ensure confidentiality, integrity, and exchange security of your patient health information, we build clinic management systems in full compliance with HIPAA and other relevant industry standards. We also conduct rigorous functional, compatibility and security testing throughout the software development. Here are the common security mechanisms we reinforce HMS with:

  • Unique user identification
  • Role-based access controls
  • Emergency access procedures
  • Encryption and decryption of EPHI
  • Audit controls
  • Integrity of EPHI
  • Secure transmission

HMS benefits you get

HMS digitizes previously paper-based and manual hospital workflows, improving efficiency and minimizing human error.
By optimizing workflows and providing visibility into inventory, HMS enhances overall hospital performance, resource management, and cost allocation.
Improved patient care
HMS ensures patient data accuracy and completeness, allowing physicians to deliver more personalized treatment and preventive care based on patient data trends.
Data security and compliance
An HMS operates in line with data security and privacy guidelines, so that patient data is protected and properly managed at all times.

Advanced clinical process automation with RPA

Applying RPA technologies, we create smart bots to help providers make administrative tasks error-free and speed up their execution. RPA tools also help streamline clinical workflows and improve patient experience through reduced wait time, 24/7 availability, and swift operation.


of US healthcare providers will invest in RPA in the next three years.


RPA for hospitals
Claim submission
Appointment scheduling
Insurance verification

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Building your hospital management system with Itransition

Custom HMS development

We are well-qualified to build a proprietary HMS from the ground up, starting with technical requirements elaboration and UX/UI design and proceeding with software development and QA. We can also embed HMS into your hospital infrastructure and perform necessary configurations.

HMS module development

You may have your hospital management system up and running yet want to enhance it with lacking functionality. Our health tech developers are ready to review your digital environment, build, and integrate the required components into your HMS.

Legacy HMS modernization

We offer to upgrade your legacy hospital management system according to your evolved needs. Our team can migrate your software and data to a more powerful environment, revamp outdated features or introduce new ones, or optimize inefficient workflows.

HMS development Q&A

Can our HMS communicate with other healthcare software in place?

When implementing the HMS into your hospital ecosystem, we can connect it to other clinical software through appropriate integration methods to facilitate secure and seamless data exchange.

Can our staff work with the HMS from mobile devices?

At your request, our team will develop a mobile-optimized HMS for users to access data, perform administrative tasks, and collaborate with each other from their mobile devices.

Can we scale up or extend the HMS in the future?

We build hospital management systems scalable by design, able to sustain increases in users, traffic, and stored data. To extend the solution’s functionality, however, you would need a development team’s assistance, which you can always find at Itransition.