Healthcare mobile app development

Healthcare mobile app development

Mobile healthcare apps

Our medical app development company uses an innovation-driven approach to help you optimize internal processes, better manage staff and equipment in your organization, and offer a personalized approach to patient care. Itransition develops native and cross-platform custom healthcare apps for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, while offering maintenance and technical support, if required. With our solutions, doctors are able to collaborate across departments, remotely monitor and consult patients while saving time on administrative tasks. In their turn, patients are receiving consultations and support without the need to physically visit healthcare facilities every time.

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For patients

Mobile apps installed on patients’ devices, allowing them to access their medical records and contact physicians remotely. Additionally, we implement IoT and wearables data collection, making remote patient monitoring possible.

Aggregating real-time health data Managing appointments Accessing EHR Receiving medication intake reminders

Viewing educational materials Communicating with doctors remotely Facilitating remote diagnostics Communicating with insurance providers

For medical staff

Mobile solutions for physicians and nurses to deliver highly personalized care to patients wherever they are. Our apps automate routine tasks, freeing doctors’ time for more direct interaction with their patients.

Monitoring patients remotely Accessing clinical records from outside the office Collaborating with team members Consulting patients anytime anywhere

Issuing e-prescriptions Scheduling meetings and appointments Offering video consultations Participating in secure health information exchange

For clinics

Mobile apps to automate clinical workflows, collect data for better facility management, and access patient and clinical information remotely.

Managing blood transfusion and other laboratory operations Automating inventory management Managing insurance claims and invoices Optimizing internal processes

Managing medication stock Tracking equipment and other assets Scheduling shifts Setting up smart hospitals

Integrated mobile app solutions

Integrated mobile app solutions

Telehealth solutions

We deliver telehealth solutions to connect patients and physicians digitally wherever they are. Our custom applications enable patient health monitoring in real time, remote diagnostics, communication between patients and medical staff via text messaging and video calls, prescription management, and care coordination.

Remote patient monitoring

We carry out mobile healthcare application development, targeting patients with chronic and non-chronic conditions. Our solutions come connected to central disease management systems and medical records. They are set to handle data flows between patients and physicians, facilitate health management, speed up post-surgery recovery, and assist in managing treatment plans and prescribing medication.

Patient engagement portals

We develop mobile-first patient portals integrating personal health-related information from multiple sources. They engage patients by granting them access to their medical records, examination results and prescriptions, and educational materials, while also allowing them to schedule appointments and interact with insurance and healthcare providers remotely.

Health data analytics

We introduce mobile dashboards and reporting capabilities for delivering healthcare insights. The analyzed data includes patient flows, completed and cancelled appointments, treatment plans, overall staff utilization and performance, health care quality metrics, staff and patient satisfaction surveys, financial analysis, and more.

Mobile healthcare CRM

A Salesforce Registered Partner, we will customize and integrate the Salesforce CRM to meet your organization’s specific needs in patient management, reporting, direct communication, and interoperability with your existing caregiving tools. This customized solution will help you improve patient experience, attract new patients, and facilitate resource management — all with the full-feature access on mobile devices.

EHR management

In addition to our core healthcare web app development services, we set up mobile EHRs for secure access to and maintenance of your health records. Such apps enable physicians to retrieve and update patients’ EHR without the need to return to the office and log in to the work station. This decreases the time physicians spend on patient data management and improves patients’ experience.

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