Medical app development

Medical app development

Mobile health (mHealth) applications enable users to access or provide health services from mobile devices. We can help your healthcare organization evolve by developing custom mHealth apps that can be integrated with other medical systems and wearable devices.

Itransition as a healthcare mobile application development provider

25+ years of experience in healthcare IT

Forrester's 2022 Modern Application Development Services report recognition

HIPAA- and FDA-compliant software development

Adherence to OWASP, IEC 62443 and other app development security criteria

Working knowledge of DICOM, ICD-10, CPT and other major healthcare standards and coding systems




Private practitioners

Research organizations

Patient self-check

Wellness centers

Rehabilitation facilities

We develop mHealth apps for

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Types of mHealth apps

For patients

Itransition develops mobile apps that can be installed on patients’ devices and allow them to access their medical records, contact physicians remotely, order prescribed medication, and access information about their condition. Additionally, we implement IoT and wearables data collection, making remote patient monitoring possible.

  • Aggregating real-time health data
  • Managing appointments
  • Accessing EHR
  • Receiving medication intake reminders
  • Viewing educational materials
  • Communicating with doctors remotely
  • Facilitating remote diagnostics
  • Communicating with insurance providers

For medical staff

We create mobile solutions for physicians and nurses to help deliver highly personalized care to patients wherever they are. Our apps automate routine tasks, freeing healthcare professionals’ time for more interaction with their patients.

  • Monitoring patients remotely
  • Accessing clinical records from outside the office
  • Collaborating with team members
  • Consulting patients anytime anywhere
  • Issuing e-prescriptions
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Offering video consultations
  • Participating in secure health information exchange

For organizations

We help automate clinical workflows, collect data for better facility management, and access patient and clinical information remotely by implementing mobile apps for organizations.

  • Managing laboratory operations
  • Inventory management
  • Managing insurance claims and invoices
  • Optimizing internal processes
  • Managing medication stock
  • Tracking equipment and other assets
  • Scheduling shifts
  • Supporting smart hospitals

Healthcare app development benefits

Medical app development companies help healthcare companies to improve patient care and gain numerous advantages to get ahead of their competitors.

Process and cost optimization

The apps we develop allow medical specialists to provide care from anywhere, which frees them from routine tasks and optimizes their workday. Our mobile apps also enable staff to solve or prevent possible issues quicker, streamline everyday operations, and use equipment and resources more efficiently.

Improved health outcomes

Itransition implements mHealth software that encourages patients to become more involved in managing their own health which leads to healthier lifestyles and therefore better health outcomes. Automated treatment reminders also enable more continuous and correct treatment resulting in fewer readmissions to the hospital, urgent cases, and adverse reactions.

Enhanced patient engagement and loyalty

By developing mHealth apps we help providers facilitate convenient and clear communication between patients and health professionals, which improves patients’ trust, loyalty and willingness to participate in treatment and research procedures.

New business opportunities

We create mobile apps to enhance your existing services or expand your service offer with mobile care. Healthcare apps can also attract new patients or convince loyal clients to sign up for more advanced care options.

Our health app development success stories

Itransition proves that virtually any mobile application vision can be turned into a working solution. We find the most fitting solution for each individual case that meets our client’s requirements perfectly.

A remote patient monitoring telehealth suite
A remote patient monitoring telehealth suite


faster case creation

An adverse event reporting app
An adverse event reporting app


more submitted reports

Essential integrations for mHealth apps

Our medical app development services include integrating your medical app with other solutions from your healthcare ecosystem.

Essential integrations for mHealth apps

We help providers enhance their interaction with patients with high-quality video and audio conferencing capabilities, which creates an opportunity for remote consultation, examination, and diagnosis.

Our experts design apps to be compatible with the popular remote patient monitoring equipment (ECG and heart rate monitors, glucose meters, fitness trackers, etc.) that collect and store patient health data for further processing by the healthcare professionals.

Itransition’s healthcare app developers enable patients to access all functionality of the patient portals, including scheduling appointments, rating visits, and accessing test results or educational information, from their mHealth app.

Our experts connect mobile apps to sophisticated analytical algorithms to process healthcare data, make data-based conclusions and predictions, and visualize the results via user-friendly mobile interfaces.

Through healthcare mobile app-CRM integration we enable healthcare staff to easily access patient information and deliver high-quality medical care on the go.

Our team can deliver mobile apps compatible with your EHR/EMR software for patients and medical personnel to manage patient health records, schedule an appointment, and view treatment prescriptions anytime from anywhere.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and offer personalized care with our healthcare app development services

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Pharmacy management software

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Medical device software development

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Our custom mHealth app development cycle

Itransition’s mobile health app developers can provide a full-cycle implementation of mHealth solutions, spanning business analysis, development, and post-deployment assistance and maintenance.

Research & analysis






Research and analysis

We conduct business analysis for your organization to decide on the main requirements for the application and handle market research and target group study. We also provide software security consulting at this stage to ensure the future app’s safety and compliance.

Our experts set up estimations, work out a roadmap, select the tech stack, and assign project roles. UI/UX designers develop wireframes and product design. Then, a working prototype is built and run by the decision-makers and a focus group to get fast feedback.

Itransition’s team begins by adopting the development methodology that fits best with the particular case. During the development of the app’s required functionality, we also ensure its user-friendliness, scalability, and integrability.

We finalize our mobile healthcare application development process with continuous quality assurance to not only access the functionality and reliability of all app components but also to ensure its security at all levels, compliance with the relevant regulations, productivity and reliability under pressure.

After the successful app implementation, Itransition can provide varying levels of support including a 24/7 dedicated service team for all kinds of challenges that may arise, upgrades and integrations with other software if needed, performance monitoring, and other services according to the client’s needs.

Healthcare mobile app development services: common questions

As a healthcare app development company with years of experience, we have had the privilege to clarify many questions to our clients at the beginning and during our partnership. Here we shortly answer the most popular ones.

How much does it cost to develop an mHealth app?

The estimated budget for mobile medical app development varies significantly depending on its functionality, the type of information the application handles, the tech stack needed to cover all of the features, the variety of platforms it has to operate on, and the number of existing systems it has to be integrated with.

Why hire medical app developers instead of using a ready-made solution?

One-size-fits-all can not fit your organization perfectly. Opting for a custom mobile health app development, you ensure that the application meets all of your company’s unique requirements and regulations of a particular region, works flawlessly with your other healthcare equipment and software, and is fully personalized, enhancing your patients’ experience and satisfaction.

Do you create healthcare apps for enterprises only?

Itransition is a medical app development company that provides services to enterprises, SMBs, and startups based on their requirements. Talk to us to learn how we can become partners.

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