Logistics software development

Logistics software development

Streamline logistics with our custom software

Itransition enables logistics vendors and departments to harness the power of digital to refine workflows, decrease running costs, and gain a competitive edge. From route planning and supply chain automation to data analytics, our solutions can handle every task to help logistics professionals enhance their day-to-day operations.


better data quality


business processes automated


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Supply chain management automation

We create custom software to help logistics professionals master all rounds of processing and managing orders and freight easily and transparently. Our logistics management software solutions enable teams to administrate multiple shipment channels and build strong partner relationships while staying confident about supply chain consistency.


Order processing

Customer data management

Customer service optimization


Billing and payments processing

Fees and taxes calculation

Invoice generation

Integrated accounting


Vehicle load planning

Cargo status tracking

Route optimization

Automated scheduling


Rule-based claims and returns

Warehouse selection

Rule-setting for reselling and recycling


Storage and stock management rules

Inventory tracking

Order pickup and dispatch

Load control

Fleet management

We implement real-time communication, GPS integration, and other features aimed at helping managers ascertain that cargo arrives on time, customers are satisfied, the transport is intact, and legal regulations such as HOS and IFTA are met. Using these automation capabilities, professionals can focus on finding inefficiencies to reduce expenses and tracking KPIs to measure overall fleet productivity.

Freight management

Itransition develops logistics management software supporting industry professionals in all freight management processes, including vendor, carrier, finance management, and compliance. With our assistance, you can ensure ceaseless coordination between all supply chain participants and decrease risks during freight storing, delivering, and receiving.

Warehouse management

With our custom software, a logistics company can cover everything required to make its warehouses work as unified and consolidated systems. With our support, companies gain visibility into their inventory across locations while making labor management, inventory tracking, storing, and shipping more efficient.

Smart supply chains

Itransition helps logistics providers to make use of the next-generation digital supply chain model to reach new levels of performance efficiency. Empowered with RPA, AI, IoT, or blockchain, professionals can achieve an unparalleled level of work automation, as well as tracking the entire supply chain and the status of specific goods in real time.

Enterprise logistics software solutions

Business process automation

Business process automation

We help professionals automate such logistics processes as shipment progress tracking, invoicing, and pickup requests, among others. As team members don't have to waste their time on routine and labor-intensive tasks, our logistics software development services allow enterprises to enhance employee productivity, mitigate human factors, and improve customer relations.

Customer management

Itransition’s experts believe that proper customer data management is the backbone of any robust supply chain and outstanding customer service. Our digital products help logistics companies gain a complete view of their customers and foster collaboration between teams, resulting in increased customer acquisition and satisfaction.

Enterprise resource planning

Our logistics software company supplies enterprises with centralized solutions for all resource planning activities, including determining the number of raw materials and labor needed, order processing, and freight tracking. Additionally, our logistics software development specialists can implement AI-powered functionality, enabling professionals to analyze past trends and predict future demand.

Digital workplaces

Implementing a digital workplace, your enterprise can gain a unified hub that enables its employees to communicate, collaborate, and do any tasks efficiently from any location. We offer logistics providers multiple variations of digital workplace adoption so that you can choose the most suitable option for your business.

Portals for customers and partners

With our custom B2B web portals, enterprise customers and partners can leave requests, ask for assistance, and interact with corporate data, solutions, and knowledge bases at their convenience. We can develop such a digital hub and ensure that your partners always find what they need when they need it.

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Logistics data analytics and reporting software

Our custom analytics solutions can provide logistics providers with insights that drive business outcomes. With analytics and self-service reporting tools at hand, enterprises can increase control and real-time visibility into their shipping flows and focus on KPIs, which helps make supply chains transparent, reduce costs, and meet partners’ accountability requirements.

Route optimization
Sorting the order of destinations to find the fastest and most efficient itinerary
Freight visibility
Real-time cargo status checking and estimating time-of-arrival
Warehouse optimization
Gaining insights into warehouse operations, stock levels, and layout
Telemetry insights
Analyzing vehicle telemetry, behavior, speed, location, and other critical metrics
Preventive maintenance
Inspecting fleet in real time and scheduling preventive maintenance procedures

Platform-based solutions for logistics

Besides building custom solutions from scratch, Itransition provides enterprises with software development based on top of specialized digital platforms. Our team can help you choose the most relevant technology for your business case, come up with an adoption and development strategy, and customize the software later on.

Platform-based solutions for logistics

Itransition helps logistics companies adopt the open-source Odoo platform to access such capabilities as fleet management, accounting, billing, inventory management, and CRM. If the default functionality is not enough, we can customize Odoo and tailor it to your unique business workflows and processes.

Fleet control
Track your vehicles' operating conditions and fuel log entries, and minimize unpredictable vehicle downtime with Odoo Fleet.
Warehouse management
Utilize multi-warehouse governance, cross-docking, drop-shipping, and other Odoo warehousing capabilities.
Invoice management
Gain visibility into contracts and bill timesheets, as well as analyzing your sales history via Odoo invoicing tools.
Resource planning
Use Odoo for managing resources, tracking allocated materials and labor, and reducing the time spent on routine activities.

Salesforce enables logistics providers to digitize their supply chains, leverage omnichannel logistics, and build stronger connections with customers and partners. As certified Salesforce experts, we help our customers embrace the power of the world’s top CRM while ensuring safe data migration and the maximum possible ROI.

Salesforce for sales
Visualize your sales funnel, analyze historical trends, make well-informed business decisions, and sign up new customers.
Salesforce for marketing
Gain a comprehensive view of your customer journey and run personalized marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
Salesforce for service delivery
Establish frictionless customer service by providing your logistics managers with continued access to contract and legal data.

With Acumatica ERP, enterprises can integrate most of their supply chain and logistics activities, resulting in enhanced productivity, lower operating costs, and advanced customer satisfaction. Using a wide range of Acumatica modules, professionals can expedite logistics workflows on the fly, streamline order fulfillment, and accelerate shipping and invoicing processes.

  • Order and contract management
  • Financial management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Warehouse management
  • Service management
  • Analytics and reporting

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Why make Itransition your logistics software provider?

  • Full-cycle software engineering competencies
  • Robust tech consulting expertise led by our CTO Office
  • Established processes for software quality assurance, Agile development, and DevOps
  • Flexible project team scalability, with an opportunity to set up your own dedicated development center
  • Ability to deliver services in any mix of offsite, onsite or remote models

The Itransition team has a long-standing experience in the industry, including ERP, supply chain automation, business intelligence, and logistics tracking software development, in addition to other advantages you can access by partnering with us:

Do you develop SaaS products for the logistics industry?

We do develop custom SaaS products for a wide range of industries, logistics included. To get an insight into whether SaaS development fits your business requirements, let’s start with a consultation so our analysts can estimate the sustainability of SaaS for your unique business case and model.