Logistics software development

Logistics software development

Streamline logistics with our custom software

Itransition enables logistics vendors and departments to harness the power of digital to refine workflows, decrease running costs, and gain a competitive edge. From route planning and supply chain automation to data analytics, our solutions can handle every task to help logistics professionals enhance their day-to-day operations.


better data quality


faster AIS message processing


faster item returns

Logistics ERP

We implemented an Odoo-based ERP for a group of rig transportation providers to control delivery processes, rig tracking, and courier communication. The system allowed the client to automate operation planning and management and increase the overall workflow transparency.

Returns management SaaS

A UK startup turned to Itransition to create a web-based return management application. Our team developed a web app that automates return requests, warehouse selection, item exchange, and recycling processes and provides intelligent reporting.

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Supply chain management automation

We create custom software to help logistics professionals master all rounds of processing and managing orders and freight easily and transparently. Our logistics management software solutions enable teams to administrate multiple shipment channels and build strong partner relationships while staying confident about supply chain consistency.