Client types

Educational establishments
Education content providers
Corporate training centers
E-learning software vendors


Itransition delivers custom and platform-based Learning Management Systems for end-to-end education process support. We provide both educators and learners with easy-to-use learning content creation, omnichannel consumption and multi-level analytics tools.

Courseware authoring

We deliver editors for creating explanation videos, illustrations, presentations on top of the imported content and recordings, along with calendars, scheduling assistants, triggers and states for course management.

Content delivery

We implement content distribution platforms to ensure access to digital education assets from any device, empowering users to view, download, upload and print files according to their access rights at any time and place.

Social learning

Itransition builds collaboration and communication tools for group study, including virtual classrooms, telepresence and live-recording, threaded discussions, instant messaging, screen sharing and content co-editing.

Skills assessment

From quiz tools for classroom formative check to survey engines for common interim and benchmark assessment, we deliver solutions that provide a holistic view of learners’ performance in different visualization forms.

Learning personalization

Itransition provides for tailored education content delivery by developing customized dashboards, configurable UI and personal space, notification rules, personal activity feeds and context-aware targeted content.


Our team develops badges, points, levels, rewards and leaderboards to encourage competition, and augments learning process with interactive dialogue simulators and branching stories that imitate real life situations.

Standards & specifications


We apply content package and data exchange protocols recommended by Shareable Content Object Reference Model, to make your LMS work well with other E-learning software.


Referring to Experience API specification, we provide you with quantifiable insight into learning experiences beyond web browsers: mobile, simulations, virtual worlds, games, offline learning etc.

Section 508

We ensure the learning software is accessible for people with disabilities by supplementing interactive content with Alt text and transcripts of the courses being articulated.


We rely on CMI5 that combines the features of AICC and SCORM specifications to enable plug-and-play LMS-to-content interoperability and migrate your current training operation to xAPI.

All-round analytics

We embed intelligence to ensure every constituent of the education process is on track. Auto-grading and reporting features developed by our team save your efforts and time, allowing you to focus on training, while remaining aware of learners’ progress.

Learner mastery

Integrating open-source visualization libraries, we implement dashboards and graphs providing a 360-degree profile of every learner: scores, preferences, activities and more.

Group performance

Opt for Itransition’s expertise to get valuable insight into the learner group progress, assess average attitudes and compare learners’ scores on the consolidated graphs.


We develop survey engines, converging data on educators’ professional development and learners’ performance in a visualized report, to support strategic decision-making.


Corporate training

Whether you require a custom onboarding course or systematic multi-level employee certification, Itransition builds enterprise-ready solutions, taking into account sensitive aspects of enterprise-grade e-Learning implementation.

  • Learning branching

    We engineer LMS that segment your learning environment into standalone instances with different users and courses.

  • Certification management

    We configure certification paths, certification awarding and decertification processes in line with your requirements.

  • Security

    Itransition implements secure communication channels, and IP protection features like automated media file watermarking.

  • Enterprise integration

    Connecting LMS with corporate mail, calendar etc., we enable uninterrupted learning experience across your organization.

Connected education


Bring in new opportunities of interaction in the classroom and provide users with seamless learning on the go, relying on our mobile development expertise. Itransition delivers both mobile-first apps and mobile-ready e-Learning web products featuring:

  • Location-based & context-aware learning
  • Offline learning in case of connection loss
  • Microlearning-based course segmentation
  • Community & collaboration features
  • Experience data collection and analytics

Educational AR & VR

We help you to augment formal learning with immersive scenarios and simulations, enhanced visualization of complex structures and just-in-time supplemental information. Leveraging ready-to-use libraries, API documentation, samples and design guidelines, we develop solutions overlaying computer-generated images and videos in real‑time environment.

  • Google VR SDK
  • Oculus Rift Development Kit 2
  • Windows SDK & Unity

Learning content management

For education content providers we develop and customize white-label LCMS, providing splendid tools for content creation, curation and delivery. End-to-end content lifecycle coverage is ensured by the following features.

01 Author

  • Template-driven, collaborative content development

  • Version control-based content import, export, online editing

02 Publish

  • Custom workflow integration

  • Integration with LMS

03 Deliver

  • Scheduled rule-based publishing