Healthcare Software Development Company - Itransition



We deliver technology solutions and services for healthcare organizations, care providers, medical ISVs and device manufacturers.

  • Custom Healthcare Solutions

    From prototype development to implementation and deployment, we offer a complete range of product engineering services.

  • Integration with 3rd party systems

    Integration of custom applications with 3rd party systems installed, whether it’s an EHR, PACS, HIE or claim management system.

Healthcare Solutions

We build healthcare infrastructure and consumer-facing technology solutions for interconnected healthcare environment, from the back office to the physician’s office.

  • Solutions for personalized patient experience that bring care closer to where the patients are.

    • Consumer Health Applications

      Applications synchronized with health tracking tools, such as wearables, sensors and medical devices for remote patient monitoring. We back them with cloud-based data collection, monitoring and analytics capabilities.

      • Instant glucometers and smart thermometers

      • Blood pressure and heart rate monitors

      • Fitness and sleep monitors

    • Patient Portals

      Mobile and web patient access to health records and resources needed for daily disease management.

      • Treatment plans

      • Personal health records and lab results

      • Appointment scheduling

      • Interactive health education

      • Consultations from doctors and nurses

      • Feedback and assessment forms

  • Healthcare software solutions that help streamline clinical workflows, maintain patient information, remotely track patient progress and deliver personalized care.

      • Clinical content management

      • Chronic disease management

      • Laboratory management

      • Blood operations management

      • E-prescribing

      • Health monitoring and diagnosis

      • Medication tracking

      • Location tracking (patients, staff, equipment)

      • Patient identification

      • Healthcare information exchange

  • Software solutions that manage internal procedures, track equipment and facilities.

      • Healthcare CRM and loyalty

      • Healthcare supply chain management

      • Hospital asset and equipment tracking

      • Medical billing

      • Insurance claims management

      • Inventory and procurement

Digital Healthcare

Digital solutions for “anytime, anywhere” mode of care delivery and effective care management.


Implementing IoT and wearable technology, we deliver turnkey telemedicine solutions with integrated clinical features to digitally connect patients with healthcare experts, provide remote monitoring, diagnostic and treatment, manage people living with chronic diseases.

Mobile Health

We create mobile solutions for doctors and patients, mobilize enterprise solutions, including EHR, laboratory and practice management and others, integrate mobile solutions with existing applications and systems.

  • Mobile Applications for Doctors

    Applications for doctors and nurses that automate daily routine and enable care coordination.

    • CRM on the go

    • Staff productivity and collaboration

    • Hospital administrations

    • Rostering

    • E-prescribing

  • Mobile Applications for Patients

    Applications to schedule appointments, track and share health, lab results and medications.

    • Health tracking

    • Nutrition applications

    • Reminders and alerts

    • Online consultations

    • Educational applications

  • Medical Image Management and Analysis

    We create vendor neutral medical imaging software solutions for research and clinical needs, that analyze different medical image modalities, facilitate early diagnostics and help reduce the number of misdiagnosis cases, medical errors and repetitive imaging.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

    We integrate 3D imaging with VR and AR devices to ensure advanced diagnostics, provide interactive experience for health specialists, educational capabilities for patients and medical students.

Healthcare Analytics

Itransition configures scalable and secure data warehouses, employs OLAP analysis, artificial intelligence and data mining algorithms to analyze vast amount of medical data, including data from traditional systems, cloud and IoT data, patient-generated health data.

  • Data Segmentation and Clustering

  • Pattern Recognition and Anomaly Detection

  • Performance Reports and Cost Analysis

  • Financial Management

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Using data mining, artificial and machine learning, natural language processing, we create predictive algorithms and statistical models to search through a massive amount of health-related data, analyze it, predict outcomes for individual patients and support clinical decision-making.

    • Warning algorithms to predict and prevent readmission and post-operative complications, identify at-risk patients

    • Matching patients’ files with clinical expertise and external researches to identify personalized treatment plans

    • Accurate diagnosis based on mass of historical data

    • Self-service symptom calculators for patients

Analytic Solutions for Precision Medicine

We create analytical software for precision medicine platforms that analyze huge data sets of genetic information and medical records, and help predict which treatment and prevention strategies will work for specific diseases and groups of people.

Compliance and Security

Our team implements latest technologies and tools, such as identity and access management, SIEM, blockchain technology, to address challenges related to security and privacy with personal health information.


Itransition creates software solutions compliant with HIPAA, IEC 62304, DICOM, ICD-10, HL7, GMP, FDR 21 CFR Part 820 policies, supporting healthcare-specific interoperability protocol FHIR and implementing OWASP requirements.

Pre-Certification Testing

With more than a decade of experience, we offer pre-certification testing to ensure software compliance with healthcare regulations and standards. Our services include:

    • Review of system compliance, feedback on detected issues and delivery of compliance roadmap

    • Verification and validation for use

    • Penetration tests and vulnerability scanning

    • Improvement recommendations on compliance and certification procedures.