SharePoint consulting

SharePoint consulting

Our services

Through our SharePoint consulting services, we help businesses implement, customize and manage multifunctional and user-friendly SharePoint solutions. We also enhance SharePoint performance, security, and usability along with lowering the deployment’s TCO and ROI.

SharePoint from the ground up

If you don’t have SharePoint yet and are just starting your project, our SharePoint consultants will help you:

  • Choose optimal licensing and deployment models
  • Prepare your IT infrastructure for SharePoint implementation
  • Select the suitable hardware and software stacks
  • Understand how to build custom SharePoint solutions

SharePoint improvement

If you want to elevate your existing implementation, our SharePoint specialists will help you define whether your SharePoint implementation:

  • Fits the needs of all the user groups and contributes to your business operation
  • Functions correctly and demonstrates high performance, steadily
  • Meets users’ expectations and has a positive user buy-in
  • Ensures secure internal and external collaboration on all connected devices

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Planning & implementation

At the pre-deployment stage, our business analysts will deliver a detailed project plan of your future SharePoint solution aligned with your requirements. With the solution roadmap on their hands, our technical team will help you design an appropriate SharePoint architecture with a suitable server topology to ensure the platform’s correct operation. Apart from handling on-premises SharePoint deployments, we also help companies set up their cloud and hybrid SharePoint environments.

Out-of-the-box configuration
  • Services
  • Metadata
  • Search
  • User profiles
Security controls
  • Access & identity management
  • User permissions
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Data leak prevention
Security assessment
  • Farm stabilization
  • Server backups
  • Server hardening
  • Firewall configuration
SharePoint governance
  • User roles & responsibilities
  • SharePoint management rules
  • User guides
  • User adoption strategy
SharePoint development & customization

SharePoint development & customization

Our SharePoint development services aim at transforming the out-of-the-box platform into a custom solution in line with your corporate style, team structure, and collaboration patterns. We also perform SharePoint customization to extend the functionality of deployed solutions, optimize them, and make them easier to manage and use.

  • Custom SharePoint design (corporate branding, responsive templates, mobility)
  • Custom SharePoint components (sites, subsites, web parts, add-ins)
  • Custom workflows, including timer jobs and event receivers
  • Custom SharePoint solutions tuned to your business specifics
SharePoint development & customization

Migration & upgrade

We perform SharePoint upgrades and migrations of different complexity using manual, semi‑automated and automated approaches coupled with ready-made and custom migration tools. Our SharePoint consultants and developers will help you move between on-premises versions of SharePoint or relocate your solution to a cloud or hybrid environment. They will also improve the migrated solution by optimizing its structure, functionality, and effectiveness.

  • Migration or upgrade to a newer SharePoint version
  • Migration to SharePoint Online or Office 365
  • Migration from any third-party system to SharePoint
  • Migration to a hybrid deployment


We integrate your SharePoint solution with enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, BI, ECM, ITSM, etc.) to ensure smooth data flow between SharePoint and third-party systems, continuous business processes, and uninterrupted organization‑wide collaboration.

  • Integration with platform-based enterprise solutions (SAP, Oracle, IBM, OpenText, Alfresco, Salesforce, Power BI, Atlassian Jira, and more)
  • Integration with custom server-based and cloud solutions
  • Hybrid integrations of SharePoint Server with Microsoft cloud platforms (Office 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure)
  • Integration with Itransition’s proprietary connectors (Bidirectional JCR-SharePoint connector, EMC Documentum bidirectional connector, IBM FileNet bidirectional connector, IBM Rational ClearQuest connector)
API-based integration
Integration via BCS
Custom/ESB untegration
Proprietary connectors

Integration services

Maintenance & support

Itransition helps you maintain sustainable SharePoint performance and robust security in the post-deployment period. Our Microsoft SharePoint developers can offer on-demand SharePoint support on your request. We also provide ongoing long-term assistance for companies that run large SharePoint deployments but don’t have in-house resources to carry out regular maintenance and support activities.

  • Performance analysis
  • Security audit
  • Security upgrades
  • Timely backups
  • Functional upgrades
  • Feature development
  • Solution development
  • Mobility
Maintenance & support

Training by experienced SharePoint consultants

Your SharePoint developers

We ensure your IT staff gains an in-depth understanding of SharePoint deployment and its peculiarities. We share recommendations with other SharePoint professionals to help them manage their implementations correctly, customize solutions, and extend SharePoint environments.

End users

We will help your employees use your SharePoint solution efficiently. We provide detailed multilingual user guides, educational materials, remote and onsite training courses of various complexity, as well as personalized sessions for selected departments and teams on request.

Our solutions

When businesses choose SharePoint as their enterprise system, our team helps them adopt multipurpose SharePoint solutions to automate and centralize organizational processes, foster employer-to-employee communication, and unite teams across geographies.

Our solutions

As a SharePoint consulting company, Itransition helps their customers build SharePoint solutions that truly foster corporate collaboration. We build team and communication sites, launch communities and blogs with content and user ratings, tailor discussion boards and forums that support:

  • Multi-channel and device-agnostic communication
  • In-house and external collaboration
  • 24/7 connection between distributed offices
  • Corporate social initiatives

Assisting enterprises in their digital transformation, we design SharePoint-based digital workplaces. Our applications enable managing teams, time, tasks, projects, individual and team-wide professional development, and contain tools for productivity tracking and assessment.

  • Desktop and mobile employee portals
  • Corporate learning management
  • Organization-wide knowledge management
  • Employee engagement and productivity

We can transform the out-of-the-box SharePoint platform into an apt content management system that enables users to store, classify, and rank content in different formats, as well as to improve and reuse this content anytime. Our solutions offer scalable content storages, media libraries, intuitive content publishing dashboards, and sharing features.

  • Centralized content storages
  • In-app content viewing, editing, and publishing
  • Built-in policies for compliant content maintenance
  • Easy content distribution

We develop and customize document management solutions (DMS) on top of SharePoint to set up automated document-centric workflows. Our SharePoint DMS supports document co-authoring and versioning, guarantees access to files from mobile devices and quick document search through SharePoint metadata.

  • Structured document repositories and archives
  • Custom document workflows
  • Integration with third-party DMS
  • Secure document access and sharing

We bring SharePoint to enterprises, expertly

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Corporate portals

We build SharePoint intranets and extranets to support the working activities of various user groups and ensure their smooth collaboration on different devices. SharePoint intranets. We deliver both business‑oriented and engagement features to help employees keep the right balance between their work and social life. SharePoint extranets. We focus on secure content sharing and flawless performance regardless of the number of active users.

Secure collaboration

Real-time coworking

Employee productivity

Content uniformity

Secure collaboration

Quality assurance

Resource management

Customer relationship management

Office support

SharePoint-based BPA

Apart from delivering ready-to-go custom solutions, we help organizations automate a variety of business processes with SharePoint. At this level, our goal is to facilitate daily business operations, transform manual routine into well‑coordinated automated processes, and ensure flawless collaboration in an integrated enterprise environment. Our solutions reduce employees’ effort on repeated activities, shorten workflow cycles, and contribute to higher productivity.

SharePoint add-ins

SharePoint add-ins

Itransition develops custom SharePoint add-ins to enrich the functionality of implemented solutions and make them even more powerful. We build add-ins using SharePoint components (lists, pages, web parts, workflows) and external data sources (databases, web apps, and services). We handle both SharePoint- and provider-hosted add-ins and design them as full-page solutions, add-in parts, or UI commands.

SharePoint add-ins

Beyond SharePoint

SharePoint isn’t an isolated platform but operates within a complex IT ecosystem, where SharePoint deployment and customization might go with broader challenges. Our team is ready to address them.

Office 365 consulting

Office 365 consulting

We help businesses plan, implement, and fine-tune their cloud collaboration solutions on top of Office 365 and Microsoft 365. Custom branding, design of SharePoint Online sites, tailored add-ins and workflows make part of our offering.

Business process management

We streamline scattered business processes and orchestrate workflows, digital assets, and human resources with dedicated BPM solutions to improve operational efficiency and staff performance.

Enterprise application integration

We integrate disparate enterprise systems to enable their uninterrupted operation and consolidate business processes, ensuring the security of transferred data and end users’ greater convenience.