Telehealth solutions

Telehealth solutions

Custom telehealth software

We deliver telehealth service solutions that provide on-demand access to care for patients while reducing workload for medical professionals. With our solutions, patients can connect with a doctor anytime from any location, and providers can allocate their resources effectively and acquire new patients without exorbitant costs.

Benefits for patients

Professional care at a preferred location No waiting in line Streamlined condition management

Second opinions within easy reach No exposure to infections on premises

Benefits for providers

Optimized resource management Reduced readmissions Lower costs of care delivery

Improved care coverage No schedule disruptions Better cross-team cooperation

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Telemedicine applications

Telemedicine applications

As a company developing custom telehealth software, we create safe regulatory-compliant environments that enable patients to reach doctors from home or another location via secure video conference applications. Our turnkey telemedicine solutions encompass clinical features to provide complete health information for informed diagnostics and decision making.

Telemedicine applications

With our mobile telehealth clinic software, diverse healthcare services become available to patients at all times. Our native and cross-platform apps help clinicians provide due care at the right time while continuously monitoring patients’ health dynamics.

  • Patient centricity in care and prevention actions
  • Patient health risk management
  • Barrier-free accessibility
  • Health education and prevention options
  • Wider coverage through telenursing

Our mobile technology stack

Native & cross-platform

We create mobile telemedicine apps for Android and iOS devices, as well as cross-platform software that provides native experience.

We synchronize apps with sensors and wearables to ensure concurrent monitoring of health data as well as medical gadget tracking.

We create AR and VR experiences to facilitate correct diagnostics, aid in treatment, and offer a new channel for engaging patients.

Provide on-demand consultations with our custom mobile telemedicine solutions.

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Remote patient monitoring software
Remote patient monitoring software

Remote patient monitoring software

Bringing together IoMT, wearable tech, and medical data analytics, we create comprehensive software applications for remote patient monitoring.

  • Secure data storage and processing environments
  • Synchronized patient data monitoring
  • Improved care quality scores
  • Better outcomes through well-timed intervention
  • Increased patient engagement

Patient data integration

We connect remote patient monitoring solutions with clinical data sources (EHR, patient CRM data, and more) and sensor data to allow for consistent real-time monitoring.

Storage and processing

To store your data safely and allow managing it at scale, our data architects and engineers will deploy an optimal solution with data security leverages in place.

We set up analytical tools that monitor patient data continuously. In case of sudden spikes or drops in benchmark values, such tools can notify authorized care providers and/or emergency lines.

Our web and mobile-first patient portals are full-fledged telehealth online software solutions that help patients and doctors cut down on time and effort needed for reaching positive care results. We equip our custom-designed patient portals with the functionality for online medical consultations, health awareness promotion through educational resources, and condition management.

  • Patient information always at hand
  • Improved treatment adherence
  • Patient education
  • Health event promotion
  • Fostered patient engagement and proactivity

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Chronic condition management software

We create web and mobile software that helps practitioners and patients deal with chronic conditions efficiently. To deliver a 360-degree view of a patient in one place, we integrate our chronic condition management software with clinics’ core disease management solutions, internal systems, and external sources (labs, clinical research centers, public health data, etc.)

  • Connected EHR and CRM profiles
  • Continuous health data monitoring
  • Personalized data-driven prevention strategies
  • Condition management with alerts and notifications
  • Historical and predictive data analysis

Related services

Healthcare solutions

Healthcare solutions

We provide a range of secure and regulatory-compliant applications for the healthcare industry, from clinical process automation systems and patient-centered software to complex ML-powered solutions.

Healthcare CRM

We create medical CRM systems that help deliver personalized care, reduce paperwork and operational load, and bring patient experience to a new level.

Medical image analysis

We deliver custom ML-powered image analysis solutions to help you leverage non-invasive diagnostics and enhance the quality of medical research.

Patient engagement solutions

Patient engagement solutions

We create secure web and mobile solutions that help patients take control over their health data, get access to diverse educational materials, and interact with medical teams on demand.

As telehealth software providers, we ensure data protection at three levels to shield your critical data and prevent cybersecurity breaches on time.

Solution level

We create clinic telehealth software that follows best security practices in the industry. Our security experts also carry out penetration tests and provide security recommendations.

Environment level

We create secure environments for data storage and transmission, with apt security mechanisms for each deployment type, be it on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid infrastructures.

Compliance level

To protect you from data compliance-related penalties, we implement solutions in line with HIPAA, IEC 62304, DICOM, ICD-10, and other industry-specific standards as necessary, and observe FHIR and OWASP requirements.