Artificial intelligence services

Artificial intelligence services

Holistic AI software development

At Itransition, you will find the expertise to carry out a full-cycle development project and shape your ideas into ready-to-go solutions. We follow you all the way to AI adoption, from the early assessment phase to full deployment and beyond.

Consulting and data audit

Use case


Data quality

Software development


Digital infrustructure


User adoption

Continuous improvement

AI consulting: at your side

Our team of AI consultants will help you define your goals, select a proper solution, and integrate it into your business.

We understand your expectations

We will clarify your targets and requirements, and analyze the corporate weaknesses or bottlenecks you expect artificial intelligence to solve.

We choose the right use cases

We'll help you identify the business functions that may take full advantage of AI implementation and drive long-term value.

We orchestrate the best solution

Artificial intelligence is a vast realm and you may feel lost. We will guide you in choosing the most suitable technologies and development approach for your organization.

We help you scale AI

We'll set a roadmap to scale your AI transformation. The ultimate goal? Creating a coherent AI-powered ecosystem to ensure a wider and rewarding impact on your business.

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AI solutions to achieve your goals

Our AI solutions find their way into businesses’ digital portfolios for enhancing the quality of products and services, improving efficiency, strengthening corporate security, and more.

I want to streamline repetitive, time-consuming business tasks while minimizing human error.

Process automation

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Data entry and extraction
  • Report generation
  • Data management, and more

I want to meet my customers' needs quickly and 24/7, offering a more interactive experience.

Chatbots and cognitive assistants

  • Call routing
  • Technical support
  • Customer requests processing
  • Smart tutors, and more

I’d like to analyze multimedia content to collect useful insights that humans couldn’t grab so fast and accurately.

Image and video analysis

  • Medical diagnostics
  • Contextual shopping
  • Surveillance
  • Product categorization, and more

I need to know what my customers want to offer them the products or services that best suit their needs.

Real-time personalization

  • Customer segmentation
  • Customized recommendations
  • Targeted advertising
  • Tailored retention strategies, and more

I expect AI to help me predict future trends, set a long-term business strategy, and avoid missteps.

  • Demand fluctuations
  • Fraud detection
  • Investment and trading
  • Risk management, and more

Itransition's case study: shoppable video AI

Take a look at Itransition’s custom AI solution for a video ecommerce platform provider, AiBUY, operating on a convolutional neural network. Our solution detects and highlights specific products within online videos, allowing users to make purchases without leaving the content. This innovative approach ensures an interactive and non-intrusive shopping experience and reshapes the way of connecting consumers to brands.

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Our AI development tech stack

Our AI developers' expertise encompasses a wide array of technologies that can be combined and leveraged to forge solutions tailored to your requirements.

Machine learning

Our custom machine learning solutions can process massive amounts of data, detect recurring patterns, and provide insights both in real time and for the future to boost decision-making.

Robotic process automation

Itransition develops AI-enhanced robotic process automation solutions to support employees in performing time-demanding activities and turn bots into smarter assistants in everyday tasks.

Computer vision

Computer vision

Our experts build and train AI-driven systems to recognize characters, faces, and objects in images and videos, identifying elements with superior speed and accuracy and assisting professionals across industries.

Cloud computing

We leverage the cloud's full potential for training and implementing machine learning systems, deploying smart chatbots, or enabling data mining, building solutions on top of major cloud platforms.

We make AI the safe way

Implementing AI is a challenge, but it doesn't have to be a leap of faith. Leverage our experience in artificial intelligence consulting and development to avoid any missteps or to address your employees’ and stakeholders' concerns.

Data quality and availability

Our experts will evaluate your business data to assess if it fits your needs in terms of quality and availability. In case these datasets are not up to par with your future AI solution, Itransition will take care of reorganizing and cleaning them to ensure their reliability.


We develop AI solutions in strict compliance with ethical standards and international regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and other. These rules are part of our corporate policies and drive each phase of Itransition’s artificial intelligence software development.

Algorithm explainability and accuracy

For the moment, the black-box nature of AI, particularly deep learning algorithms, is yet an unsolved issue for the professional community. However, we can ensure careful data preparation, bias-free ML model training, transparent technical specifications, and algorithm accuracy of over 98% to make your AI solution reliable and auditable.

Staff and stakeholder buy-in

Itransition can help your workforce grasp the new AI solution easier by assisting with demoing, user training, and ongoing support. We can also draw up a progressive AI implementation plan for your stakeholders, outlining an incremental adoption roadmap.