Retail ERP

Retail ERP

Retail ERP software to support growth

We build retail ERP systems that bring together data from across the departments of your online and offline business, provide real-time visibility into processes, and help you make smarter, evidence-based decisions.

Inventory management

Our team develops solutions to provide an updated view of stock availability and order delivery statuses, enable perpetual cycle counting, and improve inventory planning accuracy.

Warehouse management

Our solutions can facilitate smooth exchange of stock input, output, and movement information between your warehouse and front-office systems, and alert managers about order status changes.

Order management

To expedite your order-to-cash process, we can build a tool that syncs product information, sales and stock availability data in real time and provides order fulfillment visibility.

Our custom CRM solutions provide marketing and sales teams with a unified view of customer and supply-side data, assist with customer segmentation and targeting, and enable predictive demand forecasting.

Finance management

To enable effective management of financial data, we can build a tool to unite it from across your retail operations into a centralized storage and generate accounting reports in a few clicks.

Loyalty management

We deliver solutions that capture customer behavior across touchpoints, help you identify returning customers, and create meaningful loyalty programs to reward them.

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Retail ERP

We will integrate retail ERP into your established software infrastructure and facilitate real-time data exchange between the systems, making the ERP solution a single source of truth for your business. We will use available APIs and integration tools or develop custom connectors to tie in enterprise software with the ERP.

Your choice of retail ERP platforms

Itransition holds an official partner status with Acumatica, Pega, and Odoo. This makes us fully qualified to advise you on the retail automation suite that meets your needs and implement it with the help of our certified consultants and engineers.

Our team can adjust the platform to your processes and integrate it with your existing Acumatica or third-party solutions to enable:

  • Stock levels optimization
  • Shipping automation
  • Streamlined order processing
  • Centralized real-time retail data management, and more
Have your retail ERP custom-made

Have your retail ERP custom-made

If you want your retail business powered by a proprietary ERP, Itransition is well-equipped to deliver it. Our team of business analysts, designers and developers will architect and build a retail ERP system from the ground up in line with your expectations. On your demand, we can provide other ERP-associated engineering services, such as data migration and management, intelligent automation, and others.

Have your retail ERP custom-made

Stepping up retail ERP solutions

For retailers who want to overhaul their current ERP systems, Itransition takes up the challenge and introduces meaningful improvements in terms of the feature set, UI, workflow orchestration, and more.

Legacy ERP migration

Itransition helps you move away from the outdated homegrown ERP to a more powerful environment. We are ready to take on the entire scope of migration tasks, from deployment and data migration to integrations and customizations, and perform post-migration ERP testing and continuous support.

ERP customization

We offer to bring your retail ERP in line with your evolved needs and business context through system customization. Our team can make changes to source code to enhance or modify the existing functionality, as well as optimize user experience, workflows, and integrations.

ERP module development

Our team can custom-build ERP modules to support and automate back- or front-office functions in your retail business. We also help with implementing new modules or add-ons into your retail ERP and connecting it with the rest of your digital ecosystem.

Mobile ERP

To give your employees on-the-go access to the ERP data, we can build a mobile ERP equipped with all major capabilities of the web platform. Our team can also extend your ERP app’s functionality with relevant mobile-specific features, including geolocation, fingerprint authentication, and more.

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Automating your retail business end to end

In addition to retail ERP, Itransition can deliver a wide range of software solutions tailored to your needs and upgrade your business infrastructure further.

Customer experience consulting

Customer experience consulting

We help you streamline customer service, communication, and data analysis with custom or platform-based CX solutions.

Digital commerce

We digitize your front- and back-office operations to help your business make its digital presence competitive.

Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation

We integrate RPA bots into your workflows to automate manual data handling, customer support, and reporting tasks.