Machine learning


Built on the intersection of data mining, reporting and visualization technologies, recognition APIs and advanced ML models, machine learning apps by Itransition provide you with 360-degree view of your customer and business performance, while generating inferences, recommendations and automating business processes.

Cognitive insight

From transaction logs and customer records to social media postings and geospatial data, our solutions comb through fragmented data to unfold trends and patterns, provide actionable visibility into the former, current and future operations, develop prescribed actions and detect critical events before they hurt the bottom line.

Cognitive engagement

We augment customer-facing applications with virtual personal assistants and recommendation engines empowering you to provide personalized services. Cognitive agents address the incoming customers’ requests and questions about product options and stock availability, billing and account interactions, tech support, escalating to human operators if necessary.

Cognitive automation

Itransition delivers solutions automating business processes on different levels, from complex decisions and trade-offs about resources to routine tasks like email sending and form filling. We implement scheduling and planning algorithms that generate a list of actions to meet business goals and avoid constraints, based on the real-time data and pre-trained models.

Machine Learning Solutions

Data mining

Using statistical and mathematical techniques, we develop algorithms that analyze a variety of raw data sources to discover meaningful correlations and patterns, and support business decision-making.

  • Association
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Anomaly detection
  • Inference

Natural languageprocessing

Itransition machine learning experts deliver solutions that derive sematic information—entities, keywords, concepts, relations and emotions—from human speech and language on social media, and websites.

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Spam filtering
  • Voice UI
  • Speech-to-text conversion
  • Semantic analysis

Computer vision

Implementing image processing and ML algorithms, Itransition experts develop optical character, image and video recognition solutions that understand and predict the visual input.

  • Face recognition
  • Scene understanding
  • Biometric verification
  • Visual search
  • Visual identity

Robotic process automation

Itransition develops bots that perform routine rules-based tasks through the UI, mimicking human interaction with software applications and enabling you to focus on high-level tasks.

  • Application configuration
  • Data entry & load
  • Data validation
  • Data search
  • Report generation

Recommendation engines

Our team implements recommender engines based on collaborative filtering, user demographics and preferences. We utilize ready-to-use services like Strands, Azure Machine Learning and Google Cloud, and build the solutions from scratch with Hadoop, Spark and Python deep learning libraries.

Recommendation Engines



Because of its multicore architectures and data science libraries like Pandas, Theano, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow and others, Python is the language of our choice for web applications on distributed servers with integrated machine learning engines.


A friendly technology for statistical computing and graphics, R offers built-in packages that we use to develop tailored machine learning algorithms, interactive plotting and reporting tools, as well as to do exploratory work.


We rely on third-party pre-trained services that offer image, gesture and video processing, speech recognition, text analytics and sematic search, as well as bot functionality. Ready-to-use interactive canvas coupled with preconfigured components enable us to jumpstart custom classification and regression models development for your particular business case.

  • Azure
    • Azure Machine Learning
    • Azure Cognitive Services
    • Language Understanding Intelligent Service
    • Chatbot Framework
  • AWS
    • Amazon Machine Learning
    • Amazon Rekognition
    • Amazon Lex
    • Amazon Polly
  • Google Cloud
    • Cloud Machine Learning Engine
    • Cloud Vision API
    • Cloud Natural Language
    • Cloud Speech API
    • DialogFlow

Model development

Relying on third-party machine learning models by platform providers, Itransition builds, trains, validates, and deploys tailored solutions that discover patterns and learn from examples and historical data. Our team also fine-tunes and trains custom ML models according to specific business requirements.


Itransition enriches standard ML models with custom data pre-processing scripts vectorising data, removing outliers and correlations. Uploading the prepared dataset, we configure the ML model in line with your objectives.


Itransition runs training algorithms that find dependencies across disparate datasets, including structured and unstructured human-generated and system-provided data.


Our engineers evaluate the results generated by the ML model and fine-tune the model parameters continously until the results get acceptable.


Our team wraps the ML model source code into a separate container, publishing it to the required platform, so you can start inference on new data.

Machine learning consulting services

Itransition machine learning consultants provide strategic guidance throughout any ML development project.

Starting with the goal definition and analysis of your business processes and data sources, we offer scenarios for business process optimization with machine learning algorithms, define the expected results, select technologies and outline the development scope.