Consumers, employees and partners utilize diverse channels to reach their objectives — be it researching product information, completing transactions or collaborating.

With all these channels come immense opportunities and tough challenges given that customers order through multiple channels and through multiple locations. Whether you're taking your first steps into ecommerce development or building on existing foundations, we help you meet these challenges by providing you with integrated and scalable technology solutions for retail.

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Store
  • Social
  • Devices
  • Call center
  • Merchandising
    • Personalization
    • Product information
    • Pricing & promotion
    • Search management
  • Order management
    • Order & reservation
    • Store fulfilment
    • Inventory management
    • Real-time tracking
  • Customer care
    • Customer service
    • Queries & feedback
    • Claims & returns
    • Tech support
  • CRM & marketing
    • Customer insights & segmentation
    • Loyalty programs
    • Campaigns
  • Supply chain
    • Shipping & delivery
    • 3PL & 4PL management
    • Reverse logistics (returns)
    • Warehousing & storage management
  • Finance
    • Billing & payments
    • A/R & A/P
    • Taxation
    • Refunds
Predictive analytics & big data

Continuous customer experience

With a tailored approach, consumers can make their purchases via their choice of sales settings: they can channel‑hop among online and physical stores, smartphones, tablets, social media, and call centers. We help you make all your channels connected, integrated, and consistent thus ensuring seamless customer journey.

  • Mobile

    • Augmented/virtual reality
    • Location-aware functionality
    • Product availability
    • Mobile payments
    • Self-service bots
  • Web

    • Product catalogs
    • Product comparison/personalization
    • Inventory look up
    • Store locator
    • Support/FAQ
  • Social

    • Profile-based personalization
    • Loyalty programs
    • Product reviews
    • Community
  • Call center

    • Customer support
    • Claims & refunds
    • After sales services
    • Self-service (IVRs)
  • Store

    • Interactive digital displays
    • Internal sales tools
    • POS & kiosks

Comprehensive analytics

Customers, cross-channel and cross-device, generate clues every day as they search, browse, friend, like, tweet, blog, shop, and buy online.

The challenge for retailers is to find these answers hidden within those massive data sets from diverse sources, and we deliver comprehensive analytics solutions to help you here.


Integrate, enrich and store all multi-device and contextual customer data.



Extract insight on what each customer is most interested in at any moment in time.



Present your offerings to the right target audience, exactly when and where they are needed.



Build and continuously update
360-degree customer profiles in real time.



Segment and predict customer behavior, and build and target new offers accordingly.


Enterprise-grade retail platform by Hybris

We help you leverage commerce, marketing, billing, service and sales capabilities of Hybris Commerce Solution that integrate all digital and physical customer touchpoints onto a single platform, including online, mobile, point‑of‑sale, call center, and social media.

Hybris has extended the comprehensive commerce functionality every retailer needs with capabilities aligned with specific retail vertical needs – such as fashion, department stores, sporting goods, hardware and do-it-yourself stores, electronics, books, home furnishings, and specialty food and grocery stores.

Built on modular and open architecture, Hybris covers the entire bunch of B2B/B2C selling and fulfillment needs. With Itransition and Hybris you receive the flexibility of bespoke ecommerce development with the cost‑effectiveness of packaged applications.

  • Marketing & merchandising
    • Marketing & merchandizing Insight
    • Merchandise planning & assortment management
    • Pricing & promotions
  • Sourcing & private Label
    • Sourcing, vendor management & insight
    • Buying
    • Private label
    • Collaborative retail
  • Supply chain
    • Supply chain insight
    • Demand & replenishment planning
    • Inventory & order response
    • Logistics & fulfillment
  • Customer experience
    • Customer insight
    • Commerce orchestration
    • Customer engagement & personalization
    • Store & digital commerce

Corporate functions

  • Human resources
  • Finance

Platform & technology

  • Enterprise tech
  • Analytics
  • Mobility
  • In-memory platform