Salesforce CRM Implementation

For Bruntwood, a UK real estate company, Itransition delivered a Salesforce CRM solution utilizing both built-in Salesforce functionality and its connected packages, including CPQ, DocuSign, SMS Magic, and creating custom pages and business logic.



Bruntwood is a UK real estate company offering virtual offices, coworking spaces, serviced, managed and leased offices, as well as retail spaces and meeting rooms. The company owns over 100 commercial office buildings, develops, manages and operates its own portfolio and offers a number of additional services, including office design.


The customer had a Salesforce-based CRM that was outdated and hardly used by the company employees. The objective was to create a brand-new Salesforce CRM solution that would automate existing business processes and become a convenient tool for employees and real estate agents.


Upon analyzing the customer’s requirements and business workflows, Itransition team performed an end-to-end implementation, configuration, and customization of the Salesforce CRM solution and its connected packages, including CPQ, DocuSign, SMS Magic, etc. To cover the customer’s requirements, our team both utilized built-in Salesforce functionality and created custom pages and business logic.

The configured functionality covered the whole sales process and cooperation with tenants. It allowed the customer’s employees to automate existing processes, including:

  • Lead qualification and management
  • Opportunity tracking and management
  • Creation of reminders, milestones, and appointments
  • Preliminary price calculation and creation of detailed commercial offerings
  • Contract management and signature processing
  • Generation of new quotes based on the clients’ aggregated contract history
  • Case management during contract approval
  • Customer experience management

Commercial and sales data gathered within the system is automatically integrated with accounting software that ensures invoice tracking and processing.


To enrich built-in functionality with additional features, our team integrated the CRM solution with third-party systems:

  • FinancialForce for invoice processing and tracking
  • DocuSign – electronic signature solution for contract signature
  • SpringCM for document and contract lifecycle management
  • GetFeedback for customer surveys after an interaction with agents
  • SMS Magic to create and send reminders via SMS
  • CheckFront for online booking and reservation of meeting rooms

Development Process

As a development approach, we used Scrum with two-week sprints, daily meetings, and discussions with the customer. To ensure stable, predictable, and repeatable delivery process, during the project we set up and followed continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) practices with continuous code review and quality assurance. This approach and effective teamwork ensured rapid development.

We also established a reliable development process with separate branches for each change. All changes are stored in source control, pass code review, and are automatically deployed by means of Jenkins-based CI.


Itransition team has created the first version of the brand-new Salesforce CRM solution tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements. We performed Salesforce CRM implementation and configuration from scratch, created custom pages and business logic. The project is still in progress, and we are planning to add new features that will automate other processes and workflows.