Aleksandr Ahramovich

Aleksandr Ahramovich

Head of AI/ML Center of Excellence

I lead companies through AI transformations by defining efficient applications of AI technologies and supervising the adoption journeys.

About Aleksandr

Aleksandr is an experienced AI leader with a proven track record of implementing successful AI/ML-driven solutions and managing large-scale projects from ideation to post-deployment support. With a strong background in artificial intelligence, Aleksandr has been directing the work of Itransition’s AI/ML Center of Excellence since 2019. 

He is responsible for managing a unit of over 50 employees from cross-functional teams, providing guidance and mentorship to ensure their professional growth. He also guides companies through their AI transformations, giving advice on how to best introduce AI technologies into their existing tech ecosystems. 

Examples of Aleksandr’s recent projects include the following:

  • A financial system chatbot providing answers to users’ questions from the database
  • A model predicting customer churn for an insurance company
  • A computer vision solution for advertising efficiency analysis and reporting
  • A stock price prediction model for a trading platform
  • A plancton pathology recognition solution


Through his trusted leadership and dedication, Aleksandr is driving excellence in Itransition’s AI and ML technologies, such as computer vision, natural language processing, and data mining, helping multiple international clients achieve their goals and keep pace with the growing trend for applying AI-based technologies in various domains. 



Belarussian State University
BA, Business Administration and Management


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