Web portal development

Web portal development

Our web portal expertise

Itransition transcends the common scope of portal development to offer full-range services. Our company will take your solution from the concept stage through iterative delivery to onboarding.

Audit & consulting

Our consultants will map out a web portal solution that’s right for your business case. Through analyzing your corporate environment, project requirements, and end users’ needs, we pick the best-fitting technologies and elaborate the portal’s architecture, features, and required integrations.

Web portal design

Drawing on the portal objectives, target users and intended functionality, Itransition’s team delivers user-friendly web portal design. We will prototype your future solution step by step, starting with user behavior research and information architecture and proceeding with creating a unique look and feel of the portal, reinforcing it with brand-inspired graphics.


We will bring to life your platform-based or custom-made web portal, meticulously following the outlined concept, architecture, and design prototype. Adopters of DevOps practices, we ensure process transparency, fast-paced delivery, and reduced quality-related risks.


Our team will embed your web portal into the corporate environment, seamlessly connecting it with the associated solutions and services, be it your internal systems such as ERPs, CRMs, POS, etc. or third-party modules to enhance your portal functionality.


Our engineers will revitalize your outdated web portal, taking away all the irrelevant, botched or cumbersome features while preserving its signature functionality. Depending on the project needs, we can also refactor the portal’s code to strengthen its fault tolerance and overall performance.


When a legacy solution no longer sustains your evolving business needs, we will help migrate your portal to another more relevant and higher-capacity platform. Following a carefully laid-out migration strategy, Itransition’s developers will transfer the portal data, set up the destination environment, and run comprehensive testing to assure against version conflicts, errors, and data loss.

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Related services

SaaS development

SaaS development

When you want your portal to become a full-fledged subscription-based product, we offer our expert assistance as technology consultants and engineers every step of the way.

Web application development

We offer to deliver custom or platform-based web applications equipped with industry-specific features to help you improve customer experience or digitize business operations.

B2B portals

We serve B2B businesses with versatile portal solutions, such as those for partners, trade, self-service and more, making these online hubs stand out with cross-platform usability and data security.

Building for your business vertical

For each portal, Itransition’s team assembles a set of industry-specific features to shape a solution that accommodates the full scope of enterprise needs.

Building for your business vertical


We help digital retailers maintain 24/7 online presence and foster their customer relationships through ecommerce portal development for particular business models:

  • B2B and B2C marketplaces
  • Trade portals
  • Auctions and bidding platforms
  • Ecommerce aggregators


Our web portal developers create learner-centric portals for children or adults, emphasizing user engagement via the following features.

  • Self-study
  • Social learning
  • Simulation learning
  • Game-based learning
  • Microlearning

Banking & finance

Itransition delivers smart digital hubs where users can source relevant financial information and keep track of personal business performance.

  • Banking account management
  • Interactive comparative charts
  • Financial calculators
  • Integrated customer support
  • Application submission


We streamline medical service delivery and raise care efficiency with patient-oriented web portals. The key features include:

  • ERP integration
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Embedded communication channels


Our team builds online portals for multimedia content distribution and live broadcasting. At the core of such apps are:

  • CDN integration
  • Digital rights management
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Video conferencing

Travel & hospitality

We build interactive portals for travelers to research, plan and book their business or leisure trips. To maximize the portal value, we enhance it with:

  • Payment integration
  • Price comparison
  • Advanced search filters
  • Embedded support channels

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Web portal essentials

We lay down solid capabilities for our portals, in order to ensure their fault-free performance and sustainability in the long run.

Web portal essentials


We create future-proof solutions with performance and availability that don’t falter with higher traffic or more features added.


Itransition’s engineers ensure consistent user experience across platforms, devices, and browsers by optimizing web portals for compatibility.

Easy to manage

We build in functional admin areas with a variety of web content and user controls, facilitating modifications with no coding required.

Secure and compliant

We apply proven cybersecurity protection measures during portal application development to ensure infallible user and corporate data safety in line with regulatory standards.

Platforms we work with

Our development team applies the most powerful platforms and technological solutions when creating custom web portals, be they for internal or external users. In addition, we are constantly adding new design and development know-hows to the toolkit to keep pace with the web development trends.