A dedicated SAP training center

A dedicated SAP training center

Itransition created a proprietary training program to prepare an in-house team of ten SAP Commerce engineers from scratch in one month.

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Our customer is one of the leading professional services providers based in Ireland. They deliver a wide range of IT services to clients from 120+ countries, from business strategy consulting to systems engineering and business process outsourcing.

One of the customer’s focus areas is SAP Сommerce solutions implementation. With the rapid growth of requests for SAP-based projects, the company lacked in-house SAP engineers to carry out all their projects and had to systematically reach out to subcontractors, including Itransition, an SAP Silver Partner. Implementing ecommerce systems with the in-house developers, our engineers demonstrated outstanding SAP Commerce expertise and shared it effectively with the projects’ newcomers. 

Satisfied with the speed and outcomes of newcomers' onboarding, the customer asked Itransition to organize an employee training process and thus increase the company’s SAP Commerce expertise.


Itransition established a dedicated SAP Commerce training center aimed at rapid education of in-house developers and their introduction to real-life SAP-based projects. We created a proprietary 40-hour training course that covers all aspects of developing full-scale solutions on SAP Commerce. We also provided expert SAP engineers to tutor and then assist the developers in real projects.

Course program and flow

When creating the course program, we relied on the official SAP documentation and study materials, as well as our 5+ years of experience in SAP projects for different industries. Itransition’s training course is a practice-oriented, 40-hour program, individually tailored to the trainees’ skill levels and the project tasks they are assigned. 

Though aimed at software engineers with zero knowledge of SAP systems, the course still required confident Java and Java Spring skills and an understanding of database concepts.

The training course had three parts:

  1. Introduction to SAP Commerce 
    The theoretical part included a series of online introductory lectures and tests covering the architecture and functional aspects of the SAP Commerce ecosystem.
  2. Sandbox project
    In the practical part, the trainees and Itransition’s tutors created an end-to-end SAP Commerce installation for a fictitious company based on SAP Commerce 123 — an open-access training project provided by SAP. This part included cloud-based production setup and configuration check with a final load test, as well as a number of custom exercises from Itransition to master the core features of SAP Commerce.
  3. Real-life project 
    The trainees joined production projects under the supervision of our tutors. Since then, the tutors assisted them with every stage of real-life implementations, helping each developer depending on their progress and the project’s complexity. 

With each learning process step, the degree of the tutors’ involvement and help decreased, while the trainees’ autonomy and skill level increased:

Training course steps

The content of Itransition’s SAP Commerce course covered the following topics:

Architecture and platform basic concepts

Modules, layers, extensions, add-ons, type system, data manipulation, data import and export (impex), task automation (business processes and cron jobs), navigation and search (Apache Solr), catalogs, classifications, etc.

Design and development

Data modeling, converters, populators, cache and cluster ops, integration with third-party systems and modules.

Back-office operations and administration

Administration console, back office, cockpit management frameworks, WCMS, system configuration, initialization/update.

Monitoring and troubleshooting

Working with log files and HAC perspectives, debugging, profiling, and APM basics.

Best practices

Codestyle, typical mistakes, unit and integration tests, advanced GIT operations, basic security concepts.


Itransition’s training center prepared ten pilot SAP Commerce developers from scratch in one month. After the test ride proved successful, the customer has been using Itransition’s training course to prepare in-house SAP Commerce engineers.