Viktoriya Shamkina

Viktoriya Shamkina

ML Engineer

I design and develop ML algorithms for natural language processing, computer vision, and data mining solutions.

About Viktoriya

Viktoriya is an expert ML engineer who joined Itransition in 2020 and, since then, has become a key member of Itransition’s AI/ML development team. With a strong background in statistics, data science, math, and programming, Viktoriya develops efficient machine learning-powered software for natural language processing, computer vision, and data mining. 

Victoria has comprehensive expertise in shaping and building ML applications for various use cases from the ground up. She has participated in Itransition’s numerous machine learning development projects for clients across the retail, real estate, healthcare, insurance, and marketing industries.

Examples of her recent project work include the following:

  • Real estate value prediction solution that uses open data and changing environmental factors to predict property valuations.
  • Goods recommendation platform with a video player that allows you to buy products on the screen and a computer vision engine to help find similar products from shops. 
  • Brand recognition system that checks the number of advertisements in a video and recognizes certain brands.

In addition to her main work responsibilities, Viktoriya participates in AI technologies research and adoption under the guidance of our in-house AI/ML Center of Excellence. Viktoriya is passionate about helping customers gain tangible value from ML solutions and makes sure to stay abreast of emerging machine learning technologies and trends.


  • ML algorithms and tools research
  • Data collections preprocessing
  • PoC creation
  • ML models development and deployment
  • ML models comparison and selection, training, testing, and evaluation
  • Ml models transfer learning and fine-tuning, ensembling
  • ML solutions quality evaluation 
  • ML solutions monitoring, support, and maintenance
  • Resources optimization and comparison across different environments
  • Technical documentation creation

Belarussian State University
BA, Computer Security