Ecommerce CRM

Ecommerce CRM

Ecommerce CRM accumulates customer, sales and marketing data in one place to help retailers improve existing customers’ experience and attract new clients. Itransition provides holistic ecommerce CRM services to let online businesses tap into all the benefits a tailored CRM can bring.

Develop your ecommerce CRM with Itransition

We implement ecommerce CRM for companies of various business models to automate their customer data management, provide a personalized user experience, act on cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and make digital communication with customers more to-the-point.


sales growth due to using a CRM system



of companies with 10+ employees leverage CRM systems

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How ecommerce CRM addresses your needs

All-in-one ecommerce CRM systems connect multiple touchpoints and bring departments together within your business environment, providing seamless control over sales, marketing, customer service, and more from a unified customer management center.



Customer service

Customer data



Communi - cation logs

Approval automation


Operational needs

A unified customer data repository

A single customer data management channel

Personalized customer experience orchestration

Automated customer service

Analytical needs

Cross-channel customer behavior analysis

Customer segmentation and leads ranking

A buyer profile builder

Sales and marketing performance reports

Collaborative needs

No-silo data sharing

Real-time cross-departmental collaboration

Centralized customer information access

Team productivity tools

Ecommerce CRM capabilities

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, our team will orchestrate the development and implementation of a full-featured CRM system tailored to your business needs and performing the following core functions:

Customer management

Ecommerce CRM software assists you in collecting customers’ data and creating their detailed profiles for a better understanding of their needs and preferences. With such a unified customer view, it is easy to engage them throughout the sales pipeline across touchpoints.

Experience personalization

CRM systems with a built-in ML option can use the collected data on customer behavior including search, views, and purchase history to provide timely and relevant recommendations. Such a personalized approach enables cross-selling and upselling while creating a unique shopping experience.

Marketing, sales and service automation

With CRMs you can automate marketing, sales, and service processes to manage all interactions throughout the lead-to-deal cycle, track customer status and upselling opportunities, optimize the sales pipeline, as well as create targeted promotional campaigns.


Ecommerce CRM software analytics allows analyzing collected customer data, predicting marketing campaign effectiveness, identifying valuable customers and the best channels to generate them. You can also fine-tune the CRM analytics to measure the KPIs by sales, marketing and support teams.

Ecommerce CRM integrations

By integrating ecommerce CRM systems with other business solutions, Itransition’s team helps companies leverage a robust ecommerce environment and scale its efficiency.

The integration of your ecommerce portal with a CRM system allows you to track customer interactions, create personalized portal content for each customer, connect the live chat with the CRM, and generate more critical data for smart customer behavior analytics.