Dedicated development team

Dedicated development team

Our dedicated development team models

Itransition builds dedicated development teams for businesses that need to create a product with minimal overhead, to scale rapidly, or to augment their team with highly qualified professionals. We provide our partners with access to our technological, business and infrastructure resources, adjust our development processes to the requirements and methodologies in place, and assume complete responsibility over every aspect of the development process.

Full-service development

This full-fledged development team model implies access to a dedicated offshore development center, specifically set up for the customer’s project. The customer can fully oversee team selection and communication or reduce engagement to a project manager while still enjoying process transparency and visibility. At all times, we ensure efficient team operation and take full responsibility for deliverables.

In-house team augmentation

Our company can maximize your in-house resources by complementing your team with our engineering, testing and support specialists. Our experts keep refining their domain-specific expertise and can seamlessly integrate into established processes and methodologies. This cooperation model enables you to leverage our R&D and engineering competencies while benefitting from the synergy of our combined resources.

We engage our DevOps team to efficiently build, test, ship, run and monitor IT assets and deliver scalable products faster and with minimum hold-ups. It is also possible to hire our DevOps experts and leverage their command of a specific tech stack to automate each stage of your in-house software delivery, such as infrastructure management, CI/CD, or deployment, and speed up the product’s time-to-market.

Dedicated development center



Team productivity

Knowledge accumulation


Technological skills

Domain experience






Test automation





Process optimization


Seamless communication

Methodologies adjustment

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Our dedicated developers’ skillset

Itransition’s dedicated developers have mastered niche technologies and platforms, which makes them qualified for highly demanding projects across domains while allowing flexibility in matching your needs.

Customer voice

Our current relationship with Itransition allows Revolv3 to scale faster than before, with higher quality work, better documentation, and excellent Scrum processes. Moreover, Itransition’s specialists are dedicated to the role and hungry to understand the vision of the company/product to deliver on the roadmap. They have gone above and beyond the job description to recommend updates to our tech stack to make a more manageable environment.

Frank Arellano

Frank Arellano

Founder & Chief Executive Officer Revolv3

Project setup stages

With a vast experience of setting up teams for global projects as well as providing extra resources to support customers’ in-house development, we have polished our setup procedure and worked out the following algorithm:

Project setup stages

Requirements analysis Scope definition Expertise mapping

Process outlining Roadmap development

Team composition

Candidates approval Team setup Knowledge acquisition

Infrastructure setup Methodology definition

Team integration

Knowledge sharing Performance optimization Progress reporting

Team scaling KPI control

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Distributed teams: collaboration practices

Working in distributed teams, we have refined our cooperation and project management processes and mastered leading industry practices and methodologies. We are able to overcome geographic, language and cultural barriers and seamlessly integrate into globally distributed multi-vendor team environments.

Common infrastructure
  • Integrated codebase
  • Single CI server
  • Hourly automated builds
Inter-team alignment
  • Technology alignment
  • Tool matching
  • Knowledge transfer
Multi-team management
  • Accountable roles matching
  • Project progress tracking
  • Completed phases analysis
  • Project management tools
  • Wikis and blogs
  • Shared mailing lists
  • Sprint planning
  • Regular standups
  • Retrospectives
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