Dedicated Development Centers

Get a perfectly fitting team

Well-balanced, mature and scalable dedicated teams hand-picked to handle your IT project delivery.

Itransition brings together innovation, technology and talent to set up highly productive teams extending your company’s capacity. We offer you a time-proven, individually adjusted cooperation strategy for a win-win result.

Client team extension

By offering on-demand staff augmentation, Itransition empowers companies with their own in-house IT teams and established processes, methodologies and tools to satisfy ad hoc demand in extra resources and domain-specific expertise.

Full-service dev teams

Itransition builds professional full-time dedicated software development teams based on ready-to-use IT infrastructure to handle end-to-end delivery of your IT project. The Customer is granted the flexibility to shift priorities and initiate change requests.

Maintenance teams

We set up dedicated teams adept at guiding your proprietary software product through a series of releases, providing multi-level end user support and evolutionary functionality enhancement in line with your long-term product development planning.

Delivered value

  • Instant access to qualified resources with required technical and domain knowledge
  • Resources available for team rotation and rapid team extension
  • Value-added adjustment to your practices and methodologies
  • Intelligent product knowledge accumulation and retention
  • Preferred degree of monitoring and involvement by the customer
  • Full DDC’s responsibility for the delivered solution
  • Minimum process stabilization overheads

Establishment process

By establishing a dedicated development center with Itransition you get instant access to optimum technology skillset, ready-to-use IT infrastructure and established software development processes.

Customer’s Input

Itransition’s Output

Customer’s InputDemand recognition, scope definition Itransition’s OutputRequirements analysis, expertise mapping, process definition, roadmap development
Customer’s InputCandidates approval, knowledge transfer Itransition’s OutputCore team setup, knowledge acquisition, environment setup, methodology adjustment
Customer’s InputDeliverables acceptance, KPI control Itransition’s OutputReporting on project progress, team adjustment, performance optimization, knowledge accumulation

Why Itransition

One-stop IT vendor

We empower customers at any stage of their software development project, from the concept through implementation to the up-and-running solution. The range of delivered services covers all aspects of software engineering, including security consulting, software prototyping, code auditing, and many more.

Extensive skill set

Itransition offers full-stack expertise in all major technologies, as well as strong domain knowledge to satisfy even the most complex project needs. We have the capacity to draw on our vast pool of experienced IT resources to scale your project team in line with the evolving project needs.

Knowledge transfer

All accumulated project-specific knowledge is retained inside the team, shared consistently with new team members and transferred to the Customer in its entirety upon project completion. This is particularly valuable for engagements around multiple projects or projects of extensive scope and long duration.

Multi-level IP protection

Our customers get exclusive ownership of every single line of code delivered. Itransition has an elaborate security system in place, as well as resources and capacity necessary to protect our customers' intellectual property in full.