Dedicated development centers

Full-service team setup

Itransition builds dedicated software development centers engaged exclusively in the customers’ projects. While offering process transparency and visibility, Itransition is fully responsible for the delivered results. We perform people and project management ensuring efficient team operation. The customer still determines the preferred degree of monitoring and involvement from their side.

In-house team augmentation

With a large resource pool, Itransition extends customers’ teams with engineering, testing and support specialists on as-needed basis to satisfy ad-hoc technology and domain-specific demand. We ensure rapid team ramp-up, painless scaling up and down. As we continuously monitor and adopt industry best practices, our team seamlessly integrates into the established processes and methodology.

Access to people, infrastructure, processes

Once the customers start collaboration with Itransition, they get instant access to our technology and domain skillset, ready-to-use IT infrastructure, and mature software development processes that can be adjusted to the customers’ practices and methodologies.

DDCPeopleInfrastructureProcessesTeamsTeam productivityKnowledge accumulationIndividualsTechnological skillsDomain experienceHardwareDevicesNetworksSoftwareTest automationIDEsIntegrationIn-house/offshoreProcess optimizationAlignmentSeamless communicationMethodologies adjustment

Related projects


brands powered

As a technology partner of a global beverage manufacturer, in the course of 1.5 years Itransition team supported digital marketing activities for 14 customer’s brands. We interacted with geographically distributed customer’s brand and third-party teams.


dedicated teams

We developed and supported a web solution automating housing insurance operations of 800+ PHAs. The collaboration was built on a well-balanced offshore-onsite team distribution model, with flexible onsite presence and development resources based offshore.


years of cooperation

During 7 years of cooperation, Itransition developed 6 versions of an operational management solution for blood centers and lab operations, being used by 100+ blood centers all over the world. There is a 7th version of the solution being developed by Itransition team at the moment.

Cooperation process

Working on projects with globally distributed teams, Itransition has refined cooperation and project management processes applying leading industry practices, including classical Waterfall and modern Agile methodologies.

Team distributionModelsRemote teamMixed teamOnsite team

Multi-vendor distributed projects

Itransition seamlessly integrates into globally distributed multi-vendor team environments applying tried-and-true frameworks and practices, including LeSS and SAFe agile frameworks. Our experience of building dedicated teams helps overcome geographic, language and cultural barriers, accurately communicate across software development lifecycle and manage inter-team dependencies and infrastructure.

Common infrastructure
  • Integrated code base
  • Single CI server
  • Hourly automated builds
Inter-team alignment
  • Technology alignment
  • Tool alignment
  • Development practices
Shared community
  • Project management tools
  • Wiki & blogs
  • Shared mailing list & folder
Active communication
  • Sprint planning & review
  • Daily standups
  • Retrospectives

Project management & communication

To manage collaboration process in a multi-team and multi-phased project environment, Itransition visualizes and tracks project relationship, progress and processes applying tried-and-true practices of account and project management.

  • DMU matrix to visualize decision-making units & their roles on a project
  • Contact matrix to track relations level & issues
  • RACI matrix to ensure every task on a project has a role accountable for it
  • RAG traffic light to measure project progress, indicate & correct problems
  • Communication plan for visual representation of communication
  • Lessons learned to analyze issues & successful experience for future phases


With a cross-functional team of IT consultants, business analysts, software architects and developers, QA experts, maintenance engineers and project managers, Itransition covers all the project stages, from concept through implementation to the up-and-running solution.

Project setup

Itransition has experience in setting up fully staffed teams for large-scale cross-national projects, as well as providing extra resources to develop proprietary products or support ad-hoc development, quality assurance or maintenance tasks.



  • Demand identification
  • Scope definition
  • Requirements analysis
  • Expertise mapping
  • Process definition
  • Roadmap development
  • Candidates approval
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Team setup
  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Tools & environment setup
  • Methodology definition
  • Deliverables validation
  • KPI control
  • Progress reporting
  • Team scaling
  • Performance optimization
  • Knowledge accumulation & sharing