Dedicated development team

Dedicated development team

Our dedicated development team models

Itransition builds dedicated development teams for businesses that need to create a product with minimal overhead, to scale rapidly, or to augment their team with highly qualified professionals. We provide our partners with access to our technological, business and infrastructure resources, adjust our development processes to the requirements and methodologies in place, and assume complete responsibility over every aspect of the development process.

Full-service development

This full-fledged development team model implies access to a dedicated offshore development center, specifically set up for the customer’s project. The customer can fully oversee team selection and communication or reduce engagement to a project manager while still enjoying process transparency and visibility. At all times, we ensure efficient team operation and take full responsibility for deliverables.

In-house team augmentation

Our company can maximize your in-house resources by complementing your team with our engineering, testing and support specialists. Our experts keep refining their domain-specific expertise and can seamlessly integrate into established processes and methodologies. This cooperation model enables you to leverage our R&D and engineering competencies while benefitting from the synergy of our combined resources.

We engage our DevOps team to efficiently build, test, ship, run and monitor IT assets and deliver scalable products faster and with minimum hold-ups. It is also possible to hire our DevOps experts and leverage their command of a specific tech stack to automate each stage of your in-house software delivery, such as infrastructure management, CI/CD, or deployment, and speed up the product’s time-to-market.

Tap into the unique expertise of Itransition’s dedicated development teams

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Our dedicated developers’ skillset

Our dedicated developers’ skillset

Itransition’s dedicated developers have mastered niche technologies and platforms, which makes them qualified for highly demanding projects across domains while allowing flexibility in matching your needs.