Data analytics services

Data analytics services

We turn data into value for your business

Itransition delivers analytics solutions that help you process and interpret your data assets and shed light on key business dynamics, replacing the guesswork with informed decisions. Building on our comprehensive experience in data management, data processing algorithms, and data visualization, we will enable your organization to optimize its business processes, enhance customer relationship management, and mitigate market unpredictability.

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Why partner with Itransition

  • Expertise in Tableau, Qlik and Power BI platforms.
  • Adherence to major data protection laws and standards such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.
  • We craft hacker-proof data analytics solutions featuring advanced cybersecurity measures and monitoring tools.
  • Throughout our 20+ year history, we have accumulated a rich data analytics portfolio, with some collaborations lasting over a decade.

Our data analytics services in context

Stock trading software


Faster AIS message processing

We developed a suite of stock trading tools for individual investors, equipped with powerful analytical algorithms for risk optimization, investment profitability tracking, and profit chance improvement.

Pharmaceutical data analytics suite


Faster market data processing

We reengineered the pharmaceutical market data analytics platform for a US-based multinational company, providing them with superior data processing capabilities.

Data analytics capabilities by type

From entry-level solutions relying on descriptive analytics to the most advanced data investigation systems powered by prescriptive analytics capabilities, Itransition can configure data analytics platforms ranging in scope and complexity according to your business goals, budget, and requirements.

Data and computing power requirements

Potential business impact

Descriptive analytics
Diagnostic analytics
Predictive analytics
Prescriptive analytics
Descriptive analytics

What happened?

We leverage this relatively simple form of data analytics to describe events that have occurred over a given period of time. This may include analyzing your sales volume data to identify the most successful products or services.

Diagnostic analytics

Why did it happen?

Our team can apply diagnostic analytics to explain the reasons behind a certain trend. For example, we might clarify if an increase in sales is due to the effectiveness of your latest marketing campaign or external factors.

Predictive analytics

What may happen?

Itransition deploys predictive analytics systems fuelled with machine learning algorithms to process data and forecast upcoming trends or scenarios, including market fluctuations, peak demand, or potential cyberattacks.

Prescriptive analytics

What should be done?

Drawing on this advanced data analytics branch, we create software solutions capable of predicting future developments and suggesting the best course of action, such as corporate resource allocation based on the expected service usage.

Data is a priceless asset

Make the most of it with our data analytics solutions

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How we unlock your data’s full potential


We define your goal

Business environment assessment

Framing of requirements and challenges


We set a data strategy

Data analytics use case identification

Selection of a proper data analytics model


We find suitable data

Audit of corporate data assets

Integration with additional data sources


We gather data

ETL pipeline setup

Data warehouse and data lake setup


We prepare datasets

Data cleansing

Data reengineering via feature selection


We analyze your data

Design of statistical and ML algorithms

Pattern recognition and data modeling


We interpret the results

Identification of trends and dynamics

Data visualization (dashboards, graphics, etc.)


We offer ongoing support

Post-release software fine-tuning

Continuous user support and training

Itransition’s tech stack to investigate data

We design and train machine learning systems to process data with algorithms and reveal the underlying dynamics driving relevant trends.

We orchestrate cloud solutions to enhance your data extraction, data storing, and data processing performance while protecting your data assets from cyberattacks.

Itransition equips your data analytics tool with data visualization features turning numbers into dashboards and charts to facilitate data interpretation and storytelling.

Itransition provides end-to-end services covering the entire data science life cycle, including data mining, data cleaning, feature engineering, and data modeling.

We deliver a full range of big data solutions tapping into data analytics, data science, and other technologies or disciplines to get the most out of your big data assets.

We offer a comprehensive set of services to properly manage your data assets, such as data warehousing, data integration, data migration, and data governance.

Oncology treatment platform

Case study

Oncology treatment platform

Learn how we developed an oncology treatment platform that streamlines therapy order creation and facilitates evidence-based patient treatment decisions.

Cloud business intelligence system for vehicle manufacturers

Case study

Cloud business intelligence system for vehicle manufacturers

Find out how Itransition migrated a BI suite to the cloud and delivered brand-new cloud business intelligence tools for the automotive industry.

Vehicle data platform for an automotive startup

Case study

Vehicle data platform for an automotive startup

Learn how Itransition helped a German automotive startup launch a SaaS platform to tracking and selling vehicle data, scoring 12M+ registered vehicles.

BI platform with AI and computer vision for a fashion retailer

Case study

BI platform with AI and computer vision for a fashion retailer

Learn how Itransition delivered retail BI and deployed an ML-based customer analytics solution now processing 10TB of data.

Healthcare analytics applications revamp for a US multinational

Case study

Healthcare analytics applications revamp for a US multinational

Itransition helped the customer bring their solutions up to speed and further secure their leading position in the healthcare analytics app market.

Real-time big data analytics: use cases and implementation options


Real-time big data analytics: use cases and implementation options

Take a look at our overview of the top use cases, benefits and implementation scenarios of real-time big data analytics.

Data analytics strategy: the reactive approach


Data analytics strategy: the reactive approach

Itransition’s BI team presents the reactive data analytics strategy for uncertain times. Learn more.