POS software development

POS software development

Our POS application development services

Whether you’re considering implementing POS software or already have a deployed POS system that requires redesign or optimization, we will help you hit either of these goals. Our services embrace full-cycle POS system design, development, implementation, migration, and support.


Our team of UI and UX designers thinks out POS software look-and-feel thoroughly to make the final solution visually appealing and ensure end users’ effortless navigation across features.


Itransition creates POS solutions from scratch as well as upgrades legacy POS software. Our team also helps businesses migrate their POS solutions to alternative platforms and more advanced hardware.


We connect POS software with CRM and ERP solutions, databases, analytical and reporting systems to let companies dive deeper into their POS data and transform it into ready-to-use operational and customer insights.


Our team offers ad-hoc and ongoing support and maintenance for deployed POS solutions. We solve technical and user-related issues to ensure POS software’s successful functioning and use.

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All-in-one POS software

Choosing POS system development with Itransition, our customers get the opportunity to implement software covering a variety of business processes, without being limited to transaction processing only. We give you the freedom to decide on the feature set and design of your solution, consulting you every step of the way.

Payment processing

Our solutions ensure quick and secure processing of cash, card and digital payments made through contact and contactless payment methods, mobile devices, and web applications. POS software from Itransition also helps businesses centralize financial transactions and keep control over cash flows across all channels.

Inventory management

Our point of sale software development company implements features for efficient inventory and stock management. These features allow users to monitor quantitative and qualitative characteristics of products, avoid out-of-stock and overstock situations, plan pricing and promotions, and maintain delivery schedules.

Staff management

At Itransition, we also know how to turn POS software into an employee management tool. We pack our solutions with time tracking, individual performance, and productivity features to let supervisors distribute workload optimally, assign rewards, or promptly patch gaps if needed.

Customer management

With a comprehensive sales history at hand, business managers can use POS solutions as valuable sources of customer data, essential for understanding customers’ lifetime value, preferences, and expectations. Fed into analytical tools, POS data can also reflect how adequate and effective the current offering, service model and payment strategy are.

Sales management

POS software is a powerful sales enabler when built right. We equip our solutions with relevant analytical features that provide companies with accurate insights into their state of sales, allowing business decision-makers to take data-driven steps towards more effective sales strategies.

Point-of-sale software development options

Itransition offers various types of POS software deployment for effective management of sales-related workflows on our customers’ target platforms.

On-premises POS

We develop and deploy on-premises POS solutions for companies that prefer having full control over their infrastructures and hosted software, as well as the pace and timing of development, customization and maintenance activities.

Cloud POS

We recommend cloud POS solutions to companies looking for more flexibility regarding payment models, the number of business users, and features. Cloud POS systems can be accessed remotely, which can be a critical factor for distributed businesses.

Mobile POS

With proven skills in mobile app development, Itransition’s team delivers mobile POS (mPOS) systems that bring together comprehensive POS capabilities and the convenience of mobile technologies. Our solutions for smartphones and tablets help businesses speed up their customer services and increase sales.

Self-service kiosks

Itransition’s point of sale software developers design self-service kiosk software that enable customers to order products and services without assistance. To ensure a positive customer experience and frictionless transactions, we focus on the user-friendliness, faultless performance and security of self-service kiosk applications.

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POS software in the business ecosystem

When getting engaged in POS design and development, we always think about its place in corporate infrastructures and established workflows. We put together our cross-domain expertise to seamlessly incorporate POS solutions into our customers’ digital environments.

Digital commerce environments

Digital commerce environments

Our portfolio includes dozens of successful projects in which we demonstrated our expertise of building digital commerce infrastructures, including those featuring POS software. It’s high time we make your POS project a success too.

CX consulting

We love delivering solutions that help businesses improve their customer-centricity. Itransition’s team will help you turn your POS software into a powerful driver of service excellence and a valuable source of customer analytics.


Itransition assists companies that plan to implement POS software as part of broader business automation strategies. We provide our consulting services to make these strategies a reality on both operational and technological levels.

Enterprise resource planning

With our in-house ERP Center of Excellence, Itransition keeps expanding their experience in digitizing enterprise workflows. By tailoring POS software, we help you make yet one more step towards making your enterprise truly digital.

Retail data analytics

By cooperating with Itransition, you will not only get a ready-to-use POS solution, but you will also learn how to make use of versatile POS data, integrate it into your business intelligence sources, and apply it in everyday decision-making.

Our POS development priorities

Operating at the forefront of customer service, POS solutions should be able to convey positive experiences. To help our customers maintain the highest servicing standards, we build POS software on these three pillars:


As experts in Microsoft business intelligence consulting, we help organizations adopt and manage their Power BI systems with their impressive out-of-the-box BI capabilities.


We tailor Tableau solutions to help companies excel in data management and visualization. We set up Tableau systems to accelerate everyday reporting and decision-making while making these tasks less labor-intensive.

Industrial focus

We make sophisticated data analytics easy to manage and use with Qlik-based solutions. We use Qlik’s native capabilities or add custom features to make BI solutions perfectly equipped for their owners and end users.