Corporate communication portal

Corporate communication portal

An online platform for a global automobile manufacturer automating and speeding up vehicle selection and contracting operations.

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The customer, a global automobile manufacturer, decided to automate vehicle selection and contracting processes within its retail operations by creating a solution for fleet sales team and external vehicle broker companies. They addressed Itransition for custom software development.


The customer had separate solutions for vehicle selection and deal management. They both were unstable, slow, and complicated. Employees manually entered, managed and shared a large amount of data, that was time and resource consuming, and resulted in communication and version conflicts. 

Aimed at speeding up and optimization of contracting processes and improvement of user experience, the customer approached Itransition to design a unified interactive communication portal automating management of vehicle and broker data. The portal should be intuitive and cohesive for internal and external users, with transparent and consistent structure, ensuring easy onboarding, navigation, and quick vehicle request processing. 


A dynamic solution, comprising a web portal and mobile application, for the customer’s retail group and vehicle broker companies. The solution automates vehicle selection, contracting, broker and deal management. It provides a complete view of the vehicle stock and rates, allows to set custom vehicle model and contract parameters, compare deals and track the deal progress, manage users and their applications.

Main Functionality

  • Matrix—a dynamic vehicle catalogue for brokers to adjust vehicle and contract parameters using filters, compare deal options and choose the most appropriate ones
  • Deal calculator that provides detailed pricing based on the vehicle and contract details selected in the matrix
Matrix/Deal calculator desktop version
  • Application creation and progress tracking 
  • OroCRM-based CRM system for application and user management
Progress bar
  • Reporting engine for internal users and broker companies to track the KPIs.

To provide broker companies with the relevant vehicle data, accumulated within various customer’s systems, we created data import functionality. It enables employees to set data transfer parameters and import only required data speeding up the process thereby.


The corporate communication portal is now at the pre-launch stage. It complies with the customer’s design guidelines and information security policy.


Project stages

Project Vision and Structure

Itransition team conducted business processes investigation, held interviews with stakeholders and subject-matter experts who described the contracting process, required documentation, vehicle parameters, deal options and necessary functionality. After the investigation, we prepared a communication portal logical structure and vision.

The portal logical structure and vision

Design Iteration


A dynamic vehicle catalogue where brokers select vehicles, set contract conditions, and compare prices based on the chosen options.

Matrix/Stock Specials

The challenge was to place a large amount of vehicle and contract parameters necessary to calculate the price and, at the same time, make them descriptive and easy-to-understand. 

In order not to overload the interface while making it informative, we utilized:

  • Drop-down menu to hide or expand additional vehicle information
  • Left-side menu to set all the relevant vehicle filters with an option to hide it
  • Intuitive icons to emphasize key options, reduce the amount of text and accelerate information perception.

In between:

Matrix in between
Matrix stock


Reporting engine to track spending and orders for various periods and locations. The customer wanted to create this part to be eye-catching avoiding common tables and graphics.

To create intuitive visualization, we paralleled reporting elements with vehicle components, as well as a «spending» part with a banking cart.

Management dashboard

In between:

Management dashboard 1
Management dashboard 2

Entity Listing

Entity listing is utilized for user, partner and application management. It was build based on built-in OroCRM functionality with customizations.

User listing

In between:

All users (in between) 1
All users (in between) 2