Tableau consulting

Tableau consulting

Our Tableau development expertise

We combine Tableau’s data visualization capabilities with our multi-industry BI consulting experience to deliver device-agnostic analytics solutions able to interpret data, deliver insights, and foster data-driven decisions for individual users and teams alike.

Individual users
Teams and organizations
Tableau consulting

Within the scope of our Tableau consulting services, we start by analyzing your business environment. We then go through suitable options and develop a strategy that aligns with your current business state, needs and plans.

Tableau implementation

Our Tableau BI experts and consultants assist in the implementation of any Tableau product, setting it up for correct and efficient use. We can install your solution on premises or deploy it in the cloud as well as securely integrate all the necessary data sources.

Embedded Tableau

Our team will augment your app, platform or portal by embedding Tableau’s interactive dashboards. We can further customize the solution as well as enable secure report sharing with your customers and partners.

Tableau migration

We help migrate from legacy reporting and data visualization tools to Tableau. When providing a smooth transition, we assign user permissions, set up automatic data updates, and customize the tool to foster its faster adoption.

Tableau user training

Itransition’s Tableau consultants share best practices in analytics and report design as well as train users to use Tableau correctly, master dashboard development and customization, publish data sources, and automate data flows without coding.

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Data storytelling with Tableau

We leverage Tableau for transforming data into a visualized story and create intuitive solutions that engage users, make them explore and understand their data. We set the platform for collaboration where users can access up-to-date data and share their own insights.

1. Data prepping

With the help of Tableau Prep and third-party tools, we restructure, combine, clean, and normalize heterogeneous datasets to turn them into a quality material for analysis. We set up necessary permissions to connect prepped data to your database. We also apply automation scripts to cut on repetitive cleaning and grouping tasks. As a result, you will be able to supervise data preparation, interact with data views, edit values, and immediately see how your changes impact data in real time.

2. Data source integration

In order to create a single source of truth for everyone in the organization and make data visualizations holistic, we connect data sources such as external apps, legacy platforms, IoT devices, or other. To enable smooth data flow and synchronization, whether on-premises or in the cloud, we leverage Tableau’s native connectors or build custom ones.

Data source curation

Data source curation

Our team curates data sources to let users interact with Ask Data, Tableau’s NLP feature. It allows querying your data by typing questions and receiving immediate answers as visualized data. To help Ask Data interpret intent at all times, we:

  • Customize the semantic model with more synonyms, definitions, calculations, etc.
  • Improve the performance of connected data sources through a simplified data field structure, field defaults, and meaningful field names
  • Set up logical hierarchies
  • Tailor data to anticipated questions
  • Add fields with anticipated calculations
Data source curation

4. Big data analysis

We leverage Tableau’s Hyper data engine for analyzing millions of data rows. What’s more, by connecting Tableau to big data processing frameworks and data warehouses, we cross-examine multiple large sets of raw data and create interactive visualizations thus helping you spot previously unseen trends and patterns.

Raw data





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Business intelligence consulting

Itransition builds entire BI ecosystems as well as standalone BI solutions to turn data into a critical instrument supporting business operations.

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Itransition delivers custom predictive analytics solutions to help companies estimate and manage risks, evaluate opportunities, and react to emerging trends.

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Analytics & data science consulting

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Tableau customization

Itransition’s team is equipped to go beyond Tableau’s out-of-the-box functionality and deliver custom analytical solutions that are adjusted to your needs, responsive to changes, and ready for scaling.

Custom dashboards

Tableau’s versatile built-in visualizations coupled with our proficiency in Python and SQL scripting let us build eye-catching dashboards fit for any analytical purpose. We create the foundation that supports reusable dashboards, filters, and real-time editing display. We leverage a full range of Tableau’s visualization types, such as charts, heat maps, and box plots.