Power BI integration

Power BI integration

Power BI implementation

Itransition’s certified developers unlock the capabilities of Microsoft’s business intelligence platform. We address the challenges of Microsoft Power BI integration, customization and post-deployment support, thus ensuring trouble-free performance and maximal user adoption of the solutions built on top of it.

Business analysis

To ensure correct implementation and optimal performance, we analyze the enterprise infrastructure, business and user requirements. These insights serve as the foundation for the platform’s successful deployment and configuration.


We help businesses launch Power BI, activate its out-of-the-box capabilities, and fine-tune essential settings. We connect the system to enterprise solutions and data sources through Power BI API integration, ready-made and custom connectors.


We provide continuous and on-demand post-deployment maintenance of Power BI solutions. Our services include a broad range of activities, from the platform upgrade and troubleshooting to Power BI custom visuals development.

Power BI customization

Microsoft Power BI developers at Itransition tailor all versions of the platform to let enterprises set up as efficient and practical analytics solutions as possible.

Cloud-based Power BI

Our team combines their knowledge of the Microsoft cloud and BI technologies to customize Power BI in the cloud. We help our customers fine-tune the platform in line with the cloud logic and security standards.

On-premises Power BI

We leverage the capabilities of Power BI Premium and Power BI Report Server to enable on-premises enterprise analytics and deliver customizations on request, including those impossible in a cloud environment.

Mobile Power BI

We extend your users’ analytical capabilities by setting up Power BI for Android and iOS. Positive user experience, data synchronization with the desktop Power BI app, and data security are our priorities here.

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By launching Power BI solutions at enterprises, we automate different stages of data-centric workflows. We design these solutions to deliver accurate and understandable information to all the users who rely on data in their daily activities.

Data aggregation and storage

By integrating Power BI with enterprise systems, disconnected data warehouses and sources, we ensure centralized data accumulation within a single platform. Considering generated data volumes, we help our customers choose a Power BI subscription with the optimal storage capacity, as well as configure their infrastructures accordingly.

Data processing

We make data processing within Power BI easily manageable. We leverage the platform’s out-of-the-box dataflows and augment them with custom solutions to ingest, map, cleanse, transform, and refresh data. As enterprise processes and data sets expand, we scale up Power BI deployments to align them with the new requirements.

Data visualization

Through Power BI dashboard customization, we make the platform’s built-in visualization capabilities even stronger. We equip end-users with all types of charts, maps, tables, Q&A visuals, and matrixes for enterprise-grade reporting. We also ensure that the enabled visualization features are easy to modify and tune as needed.

Power BI solutions

Itransition’s Power BI development team builds software for a variety of use cases. We design solutions that are equally effective for enterprise-wide operational diagnostics and specific data-related tasks, such as evaluating customer engagement, planning promotions, or gathering employee performance statistics.

Power BI solutions

Enterprise analytics

We implement Power BI as a core enterprise BI system responsible for aggregating, processing, and visualizing a full range of enterprise data essential for error-free business decision-making.

  • Operational analytics
  • Enterprise security
  • Financial reporting
  • HR analytics
  • Internal auditing
  • Staff productivity and engagement
  • Production metrics
  • Business planning

Customer analytics

Our Power BI applications become hubs for customer-centric data analysis. Equipped with the right answers to their inquiries, businesses can rethink their sales strategies, improve customer communication, and increase brand loyalty.

  • Sales and marketing KPIs
  • Personalization efficiency
  • Loyalty management
  • Customer behavior monitoring
  • Voice of the customer
  • Communication analysis

Analytics by industry

Our industry expertise allows us to adjust Power BI to the needs of companies operating in different verticals. We integrate Power BI into healthcare, retail, automotive, construction, telecom, banking, and other industries’ operations.

  • Medical data analytics
  • Fraud detection
  • KYC
  • Risk management
  • Medical research
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Patient analytics
  • Production line analytics
  • Capital markets reporting

Predictive analytics

Our solutions help businesses gain an unbiased view of their performance and use generated insights to plan resource extension and investments, modify product ranges, launch targeted promotional campaigns, win new audiences, and stay ahead of the market changes.

  • Revenue planning
  • Employee and customer churn prediction
  • Market fluctuations
  • Demand forecasting
  • Risk assessment

Innovation-driven analytics with Power BI

We tailor Power BI as a data-centric platform that can deal with impressive data volumes and transform them into applicable action plans.

Power BI can absorb data from scattered on-premises and cloud sources, make it homogenous, and find important data relationships. The processed data becomes a valuable asset in data and business analysts’ work.

We bring real-time data processing to companies running their IoT networks. We set up streaming datasets in Power BI to enable ongoing accumulation, interpretation, and visualization of data from all types of IoT devices.

We adapt Power BI to machine learning needs and provide data analysts with a platform for training ML models, assessing training results, tuning or changing training methodologies, and applying algorithms in the business context.

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Consulting beyond Power BI

In the Microsoft Partner Network since 2008, Itransition has built up its expertise in delivering solutions on top of Microsoft's products. Typically, our customers working with Power BI also look to solve other challenges of implementing, using, or managing their stack of Microsoft solutions. We are well-qualified to fulfill these tasks.

We provide consulting and development for companies using Microsoft platforms and services. Our goal is to adapt the Microsoft technology stack, including Power BI, to the business reality, as well as ensure its long-term operation and user buy-in.

We leverage Microsoft Azure as a reliable basis for cloud-based Power BI solutions. We set up cloud data warehouses and lakes, integrate Azure with third-party data sources, as well as utilize Azure services for data processing and visualization.

As part of Office 365, Power BI is a suitable solution for businesses that want to instill analytics into everyday teamwork. We couple Power BI with SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and other apps for collaborative business analytics.