Smart contracts

Smart contract audit

We deliver smart contract audit services to ensure your smart contract does exactly what you intend it to do and nothing else thus complying with your functional and business requirements. We verify all your smart contract transaction rules to ensure they follow your business flows, and are executed securely with minimal costs.

Smart contract performance audit

As smart contracts grow more complex, they require more resources to execute. We identify the most resource-intense operations and methods and deliver optimized alternative solutions.

Smart contract security audit

Our security experts analyze the logic of your smart contract application for backdoors and discrepancies to the declared behavior while mitigating the specific and unintuitive environment quirks.

Smart contract optimization

We perform platform-specific analysis of the way your contract affect the network—e.g. gas analysis for Ethereum-based smart contracts—to ensure optimum resource consumption and TCO reduction.

Related project

Smart contract audit
resulted in gas use reduction

Our customer is a team of patent experts who are building a blockchain-based patent platform run on Ethereum. The goal of the project is to make patent transactions (buying/selling/licensing) easier, introduce new types of patent transactions (patent-based financing, crowdsourcing R&D, and more) and enable patent owners to generate more revenue.

The customer turned to Itransition with the request to perform one of their smart contracts audit. We performed expert code review to identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities. We checked the modifiers access on methods, the possibility of accidental transfers and changing the ownership. As far as the smart contract functionality is concerned, we checked the rewriting of registry items that caused unique key collision.

As the result of the smart contract audit project, we proposed and implemented a number of improvements and tested them within a private network. We re-structured the code to improve its readability and—which is more important—found out the way to significantly reduce gas use.


We help you make a fully informed decision on blockchain platform, either public or private, to deploy your smart contracts on. We analyze your smart contract use case and help you select the optimum blockchain platform with adaptability, abuse-preventing mechanisms, performance limitations and platform-specific smart contract creation and management features in mind.

ICO technology consulting

From smart contract creation to custom contract administration, management and reconciliation and ongoing code maintenance, we offer expert services for all technical aspects of an ICO.

We help you build flexible smart contracts that perfectly match your requirements and support ICO tokens creation and distribution, dividend payouts, and manage the exchange rate between currencies and tokens. We also develop custom wallets, ICO landing pages and their admin parts along with the ICO campaign analytics and tracking tools.

Smart contract development & deployment

After you agree on the objectives and content of your smart contract, we help you turn this agreement into code and deploy it to your target blockchain platform, either public or private. We also pay attention to specific clauses when smart contracts involve external information or real assets.