Data management & analytics

Custom BI solutions

Custom BI solutions developed by Itransition contain specific functional features in line with your distinct vision of BI methodology, and do not stand the limitations of ready-made solutions.

Platform-based BI solutions

We customize BI solutions, modules and plugins developed by third-party vendors, integrating them into the enterprise infrastructure and ensuring cost reduction on custom development.

Embedded BI modules

We integrate analytical and reporting capabilities into your software applications and business processes, to make business-critical data accessible without switching between systems.

BI services


Environment assessment

Requirements gathering

Consulting on BI suites

User & required metrics definition

Reports & dashboards design

Data preparation

Data cleansing

Creation of custom connectors

Implementation of ETL processes

Data integration

Data quality management

Data architecture

Design of scalable data stores

DWH design

Data modeling


DWH redesign

Migration to cloud

Optimization of ETL processes


DWH development


Embedding reports into existing apps

BI testing

ETL testing

Data quality & warehouse testing

Reports & dashboards testing

Business intelligence platform implementation

Itransition develops engines that aggregate data from heterogeneous systems according to user-defined parameters and provide executives with comprehensive reports of any level of detail, from employee productivity and customer satisfaction to overall business performance. Our business intelligence development services span the delivery of decision-engineering modules that generate action scenarios in the form of forecasts, optimization algorithms, simulations and decision trees based on data, documents and personal knowledge.

Power BI

  • Lowest price
  • Easy implementation
  • Built-in ETL engine
  • 70 built-in data connectors
  • Easy integration with MS products
  • Intuitive for non-technical users


  • Leader in intelligent visualizations
  • Simple interface
  • Multiple data source connectivity
  • Requires already prepared data
  • Community support
  • Best in class analysis & forecasting


  • In-memory analytics capabilities
  • Built-in ETL engine
  • Advanced API command sets
  • Requires well-trained users
  • Affordable pricing options

Data analysis

Itransition employs OLAP analysis, data mining and machine learning algorithms to analyze historical and real-time data from disparate sources, reveal hidden patterns and define trends and forecasts.

  • Predictive analytics
  • Data segmentation & clustering
  • NLP & speech recognition
  • Context-aware computing
  • Statistical models & OLAP analysis
  • Pattern recognition & anomaly detection

Data visualization

We implement algorithms that transform structured and unstructured data into charts, diagrams, dashboards, scorecards and spreadsheets with interactive visual exploration and self-service data preparation options.

Data visualization

Data warehousing & ETL

Our experts deploy and tune scalable and secure BI infrastructures, design DWH solutions, prepare and integrate data contained within various types of storage platforms, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Data sources
  • Aggregation
  • Cleansing
  • Transformation
  • Validation
  • Loading
Data warehouse
BI platform

Business intelligence consulting

Mapping customers’ unique workflows and information systems with analytics technology landscape, we render BI consulting services, suggesting the relevant frameworks and tools for rolling up enterprise business intelligence from the ground up or extending the existing BI solutions. As a result of business intelligence consulting, our BI consultants deliver system and data architecture blueprints and implementation roadmaps.

  • Enterprise-wide reporting
  • Online analytical processing
  • Predictive analysis
  • Data mining
  • Performance management