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BI solution enhancement for relies on Itransition’s expertise in BI software development to evolve its market-leading financial & operational reporting solution — InsightUnlimited™.

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Established in the UK in the early 1990s,, Ltd. is the provider of the market-leading reporting, budgeting and reconciliation software solution — InsightUnlimited™. The company assists large businesses relying on Oracle ERP solutions — JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite — in solving complicated productivity challenges. Rapidly increasing its global presence, the company services an impressive client roster, including Hallmark, University of Oxford, BIC, Avon and over 650 others.

To secure pronounced customer business impacts, beating those of its Oracle stack competitors, the — InsightUnlimited™ software requires continuous evolvement. Thus, regular system releases are essential to extend system functionality and add new supported platforms.

To perform the required solution upgrades,, Ltd. needed an expert in business intelligence services to team up with their in-house distributed development team.


Itransition’s Input

Besides minor improvements, Itransition worked on the application functionality enhancement in the following directions:

  • The developed advanced commenting engine enables to add context-dependent comments to a set of report columns/the data contained in them.
  • Report variables framework is used to define a set of report variables of different types (flag, text, date & time, etc.) that can be accessed from filters, report titles, etc. Using report variables, one can use calculated values to reckon subsequent values.

Pixel perfect reporting is the most significant feature embracing:

  • rich text formatting in report titles;
  • advanced reusable formatting in report headers;
  • custom style sheets defined when exporting reports to Word: users can customize fields’ layout or add objects to the exported report (text, company’s logo, additional tables, charts, etc).

Having selected Itransition as a strategic technology partner,, Ltd. has released several versions of their award-winning BI product, with a number of releases scheduled to come.

The system is currently leveraged by more than 50,000 corporate end-users and outperforms its market competitors.