Enterprise analytics

End-to-end data solutions specifically tailored to the needs of asset-intensive industries.
  • Enterprise performance management
  • Risk management
  • Customer analytics
  • Profitability analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Asset analytics

Consumer analytics

Turning terabytes of transactional consumer data into actionable insights and frontline actions.
  • Customer journey analytics
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Targeting & personalization
  • Predictive support
  • Pricing optimization
  • Fraud detection

Data visualization

We develop data presentation layers on top of reporting and analysis frameworks, including analytical dashboards, special-purpose visuals and highly interactive personalized data analysis tools.

BI portals

Connecting data sources and applications under a unified user interface, we enable end users to discover, share, collaborate and act upon insights in real time.


We build solutions delivering insights to mobile and tablet devices in publishing and/or interactive modes while taking advantage of mobile devices' native capabilities.

Data visualization

Geospatial visualizations

Advanced visualizations of data coming from the physical world: geographic maps, 3D physical models and structures, data-dense geospatial analytics, etc, integrated with other data from diversified sources, with drill-down capabilities.

Geospatial vizualizations

Smart data & machine learning

Depending on the size, quality, and nature of your data, we apply different machine learning algorithms to deliver custom solutions that help your reach your business goals.

  • Predictive data modeling & behavioral analytics
  • Optical character recognition
  • Context-aware computing & virtual personal assistants
  • Recommendation engines & collaborative filtering
  • Image & video content recognition, including face recognition & visual search
  • Natural language processing & speech recognition

IoT analytics

Sensor, machine-to-machine and network data present significant challenges related to data volume and diversity, as well as predictive modeling. Itransition builds complex IoT solutions that blend operational device data with data from other sources to deliver intelligent insights to those who need them most.

Analytic engines
  • Human / machine learning
  • Services / cloud
  • Networked sensors
  • Actuators
Data stores
  • Data
  • Models / analyses
  • Text
  • Videos
  • Images

Big data platform engineering

Itransition renders big data consulting services, as well as designs, develops and refines big data solutions on top of diversified data infrastructures. From applications for asset-intensive industries to data-driven software products, we help businesses to redefine how data is processed, transformed, exposed, and utilized. We handle implementation of both cloud-based and on-premises data refineries.

Fast data
  • Streams
  • Events
  • Action
Data management
  • Reservoir
  • Factory
  • Warehouse
Data lab
  • Data sets
  • Discovery
  • Data science
  • Custom
  • Packaged
Business analytics
  • Reports
  • Visualization
  • Data services
  • Smart things
  • People
  • Knowledge
  • Decisions

Integrated analytics

We help you integrate analytical capabilities into existing software solutions and applications.

Data architecture

Data models, policies & standards


Custom connectors for external data sources

User interface

Customized dynamic dashboards

Access control

Single sign-on, roles & rights

Big data solutions roadmap


  • Big data consulting
  • Platform assessment
  • Tools & services selection
  • Evaluation criteria


  • Scalable data stores
  • Cross-platform ETL processes
  • Data visualization


  • Data quality & consistency
  • Real-time data processing
  • Data migration


  • Performance optimization
  • Platform scalability
  • Availability
  • Security