Smart contract development

Smart contract development

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We provide comprehensive smart contract development and security audit to help your business maximize its efficiency and improve data security by safely onboarding smart contracts for your operations.

Smart contract development

Our experienced team delivers smart contracts carefully tailored to your business case. Whether it’s an asset exchange or a crowdsourcing campaign, we cover every aspect of digital contract development from use case analysis to deployment.

Smart contract audit

Our smart contract audit company ensures your code works as intended. Our security experts perform platform-specific analysis to ensure optimized resource consumption and protection against cyber-attacks and data corruption.

Smart contract consulting

Our expertise goes beyond smart contract development scope, which allows us to see a bigger picture and give expert advice on how to generate the most value out of digital contracts for your project.

Smart contracts for ICO

From smart contract creation to custom contract administration, management, reconciliation and ongoing code maintenance, we offer a range of services covering all technical aspects of an ICO. We help you build flexible smart contracts that address your requirements, support ICO token creation and distribution as well as dividend payouts, and manage the exchange rate between fiat/crypto currencies and tokens.

Choose your platform

Our extensive experience and technical proficiency in blockchain allow us to identify the best-matching blockchain platform for your business objective. We thoroughly analyze every aspect of your smart contract use case to help you select one of the following:

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What do our smart contracts bring to your business?

We introduce smart contracts as independent, autonomous agents that are immune to human error. Streamline your business processes and save resources by automating tasks with digital contracts.
Trust and transparency
With smart contracts, we enable an unprecedented level of trust between businesses and their customers, as contracts are fully accessible and visible to every participant in the transaction.
Decreased costs
Smart contracts eliminate the need for a third party in transactions. This significantly reduces operational costs and saves time it takes to complete the process.
Security assurance
Smart contracts currently imply the highest level of safety as they get executed through cryptographically secured code, which makes them nearly 100% invincible. We reinforce this by validating the underlying cryptography and transactional algorithms.
What do our smart contracts bring to your business?

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Smart contract development, stage by stage

We follow methodologies precisely selected for each use case. However, you can expect a straightforward process made up of these stages:

Business analysis

At first, we assess the project requirements, study the business case, identify risks and limitations, and prepare the project roadmap.

Technical analysis

After thorough analysis, we conduct a technical overview of your project and select the blockchain platform to support your smart contracts.


At this stage, we connect the dots to define your smart contract functionality, write the code, and deploy it to a public testnet.

Smart contract security audit

At this stage, we ensure bug-free performance and optimal resource consumption by smart contracts as well as validate its immunity to cyber-threats


At the final stage, we deploy smart contracts to the live network. As your project grows, it will be possible to add new features as our smart contract design is flexible and adaptive.