ICO consulting

ICO consulting

Our ICO consulting services

Our ICO software development company offers technical assistance with a range of ICO development services, including token creation, smart contract development and deployment, website development, and integration of ICO campaign analytics and tracking tools.

Token creation

We create tokens, define their allocation rules, and provide their faultless integration with investors’ wallets. We help companies select the optimal blockchain platform and ensure token compliance with network-specific technical standards.

Smart contract development

We build and deploy secure smart contracts on Ethereum and other platforms that define the rules for ICO transactions as well as support ICO token distribution and dividend payouts. We engineer automated execution of token-related transactions and agreements based on a pre-specified token distribution model and pricing mechanisms.

Website design

We develop compelling websites for ICO campaigns that feature progress report bars and admin panels for tracking raised funds, the number of investors, and the origin of funds. We specialize in delivering visually appealing websites that help communicate the value to ICO investors and ensure crowdfunding transparency.

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ICO development in detail

We deliver the technological foundation for ICO campaigns, tailored specifically to each project, and support all aspects of ICO development, pre-ICO and post-ICO stages included.

Smart contracts
Token distribution
Flat currencies

Multi-currency funding

We develop payment processing mechanisms that allow investors to conveniently buy tokens with both fiat and crypto currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash, to ensure maximum outreach.

KYC integration

In case you want to enforce know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, we can help with integrating KYC verification into token sales for you to verify applicants’ identities, minimize risks, and stay compliant.

Token type selection

Based on the project’s security, compatibility and legal requirements, we help companies choose the most appropriate ICO platform along with the token standard among Ethereum (ERC20, ERC223, ERC777), Bitshares, and EOS.

ICO management

We create and integrate ICO management dashboards together with CRM tools to track token sales, manage investors’ data, and access analytical reports to measure engagement campaign results and ICO success.

Referral & bounty programs

We design and implement automated referral and bounty programs for ICO participants to attract new investors and maximize engagement. We can equip bounty campaigns with multiple tiers of token rewards, released through smart contracts.

Multi-signature wallets

We help companies protect investors from lost and stolen keys by developing multi-signature wallets, setting transaction approval rights and the number of total signatures, which ensures the highest level of security.

ICO security

We offer ICO consulting services to help companies strengthen their code by conducting full-cycle audit to ensure investor funds protection and fulfill security compliance requirements.

ICO security

Multiple addresses

A single ICO funding address provides a centralized point of attack. We develop scripts that generate multiple addresses for every investor. This minimizes the risk of routing funds away from their intended destination, as hackers would need to redirect multiple addresses at once to get access to funds.

ICO monitoring & alerts

We develop monitoring solutions that continuously record and inspect ICO-related activities and transactions, instantaneously detect attacks, and alert in case of hacking, phishing attacks, malicious code execution, and other suspicious events in real time.

Penetration testing

Our team performs penetration testing of ICO websites and networks, as well as conducts social engineering security tests to identify potential vulnerabilities, security breaches, and attack vectors.

ICO website security

We build technically advanced ICO websites in a way that helps protect token sale pages from tampering and malicious modifications, while also ensures your investors send their money to validated funding addresses.

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Itransition’s approach

Code quality

Seeking to ensure code consistency, stability, and maintainability, we utilize code quality inspection tools, such as SonarQube, Checkstyle, PMD, StyleCop, and others, adhere to the SQALE source code evaluation and language-specific conventions, and perform manual code reviews.


While developing technological solutions for ICOs, we ensure compliance with domestic and international legal requirements, AML and KYC regulations, international cybersecurity standards, and location-specific token concepts in line with our customers’ due diligence procedures.