Salesforce consulting:
our service scope and solutions expertise

Salesforce consulting: our service scope and solutions expertise

Salesforce consulting services help companies make the most of their Salesforce platform. As a Salesforce partner, we advise on the implementation, configuration or optimization of various Salesforce products to improve your sales, marketing and customer service processes.

Why Itransition

10+ years providing Salesforce consulting services

Established Salesforce Center of Excellence

98 Salesforce certifications

Expertise in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, and other Salesforce products

Included in Top Salesforce Consulting Companies by Clutch

Client spotlight

Salesforce optimization

100% visibility

into sales KPIs

We helped optimize sales workflows in a legacy Salesforce system with the help of targeted customizations, process automation, and reporting improvement.

Salesforce CRM audit


CRM configuration and integrations

We conducted a Salesforce audit for an EDI solutions provider, conducting stakeholder interviews and evaluating current workflows. Our experts also introduced automation rules to simplify tasks and data processes.

Our Salesforce consulting services

Our experienced Salesforce consultants can guide you through a wide range of implementation and improvement tasks.

Our Salesforce consulting services

We help you select the Salesforce products most suitable for your business needs, ensuring that you don’t overpay for unnecessary features. Our team will study your requirements and business processes and interview future Salesforce users to recommend a solution and edition that will prove a perfect match.

Our consultants can support you through all the stages of Salesforce implementation. We will help you define goals for the Salesforce implementation project, define its timeframe and budget, allocate project resources, and advise on configurations/customizations or integrations. Post-implementation, we can conduct employee training for better user adoption and ensure seamless change management.

Our certified Salesforce consultants can recommend appropriate improvement strategies for your existing Salesforce solution. Drawing on your emerging business needs and user difficulties, we will suggest a configuration, customization or integration strategy to expand Salesforce functionality and improve its efficiency.

We ensure a smooth and error-free data transfer from legacy data sources to your Salesforce solution with minimal interruptions to critical working processes. We will create a migration plan to mitigate potential risks, prepare the data, and validate it after the transfer.

If your users report numerous errors and inefficiencies, we can conduct an in-depth inspection of your solution. Ultimately, we draw up a detailed analysis of your Salesforce tools, identify all the existing or potential technical, security and configuration errors, and provide basic recommendations for their resolution.

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Salesforce products we work with

We provide consulting services for all the main Salesforce solutions, helping the owners achieve long-term success with their use.

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Community Cloud

B2C Commerce

CPQ Salesforce

Salesforce Einstein

Sales Cloud

We advise you on the implementation and setup of Sales Cloud solutions and help make your sales management workflows easy to maintain and scale.
  • Optimize sales strategies and pipeline
  • Maximize user productivity
  • Track only relevant customer and sales metrics

The benefits of Salesforce consulting

Hiring a certified Salesforce consulting partner can bring your company a range of tangible advantages:

Get an unbiased opinion

Salesforce consultants can provide companies a professional outside view on their platform, its issues and missed opportunities, assess business processes and user feedback, and give advice based on their expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Take more effective actions

Armed with vast experience and best practices, Salesforce consultants will work out a strategy for their client’s specific case or objective, allowing them to save time and resources by fixing critical errors and streamlining operation processes.

Increase Salesforce ROI

With the help of implementation consulting, companies can make the most out of their Salesforce products, seeing tangible improvements in performance faster and receiving greater returns on Salesforce investment.

Accelerate business growth

Salesforce consultants will draw on the client’s specific sales, marketing or customer service business goals and take necessary measures to ensure the Salesforce platform is instrumental in attaining them exactly.

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If you are looking to step up Salesforce’s capabilities without majorly overhauling the system, we can modify objects, fields, user permissions, and other aspects using out-of-the-box tools or declarative automation instruments.

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