Enterprise application integration

Enterprise application integration

On-demand services

Itransition’s team solves integration challenges across on-premises, cloud and hybrid software deployments. With our enterprise application integration services, we can revamp integration solutions in place, eliminate integration gaps and inconsistencies, as well as facilitate associated maintenance activities of in-house tech teams.

Integration consulting

We provide application integration consulting to assist our customers in selecting suitable technologies and approaches to their integration projects. We analyze systems and their components to be integrated as well as examine the functioning connections to offer a solution aligned with the rest of the infrastructure.

Integration optimization

After the preliminary evaluation of implemented integration solutions and testing activities, we draw up and carry out a feasible integration optimization plan. Our goal is to make integrations more lightweight, less resource-intensive, and more protected.

Enterprise application integration solutions

We help businesses across the globe to build connected ecosystems through software integration services. By bridging custom and platform-based solutions, we shape well-coordinated environments that are easy to orchestrate and scale.

Point-to-point integration

We perform point-to-point integration when we need to connect few standalone systems or small deployments with few components. We also develop custom connectors within nodes.

Hub-and-spoke integration

We develop integration hubs (brokers) used as the central command point of an integrated environment. We prioritize the hub’s security to ensure the deployments are fully impregnable.

Enterprise service bus (ESB)

We implement ESBs as part of SOA architectures. We leverage the ESB advantages to integrate complex networks with multiple endpoints, communication protocols, and messaging formats.

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Full-cycle integration process

Full-cycle integration process

  • We assess current infrastructure and gather requirements.
  • We draw up a project plan, define timelines and deliverables.
  • We visualize integrations with all the components and communication flows.
  • We integrate systems or their components and fine-tune deployed integrations.
  • We evaluate integration stability and deliver performance reports.
  • We monitor the integrated environment continuously and troubleshoot if necessary.
Full-cycle integration process

Middleware development

Itransition’s team applies their enterprise software integration expertise to deliver custom middleware for non-trivial integration challenges. By designing multiple types of middleware, we connect applications and platforms that lack native integration capabilities or have critical technological differences that make direct integration impossible. Here are a few scenarios when you can benefit from our middleware development skills:

  • To bring together legacy and new systems
  • To integrate solutions with critical technological differences
  • To set up an integrated infrastructure after a merger
  • To incorporate smart technologies in a settled environment

Intelligent middleware

Database- oriented middleware

Remote procedure call

Application servers

Messaging systems

Application Programming Interface (API)

Packaged applications

Transaction systems

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Content-centric middleware


API development & integration

  • Open Partner
  • Internal Composite
  • Web OS
  • Remote Database

System integration via RPA

  • Connect legacy software while avoiding spaghetti integrations
  • Integrate relatively simple systems of software components
  • Reduce programming effort when developing code-centric integrations
  • Cut down integration costs and speed up integration projects

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We leverage our experience in cloud consulting and the capabilities of fast-evolving cloud platforms to build integrated cloud-centric ecosystems. Our team handles cloud-first integration as well as connects on-premises and hybrid solutions to cloud-based ones. Our portfolio includes, among other services:

  • Transfer of on-premises deployments to the cloud and their reintegration in line with the cloud specifics.
  • Development of custom connectors for platform-based cloud apps and microservices architectures.
  • Cloud integration optimization or its complete redesign and modernization.
Cloud integration

Microservices integration

We assist companies that have already adopted microservices-based software or are just getting ready to shift to this model. Apart from designing microservices layouts and implementing them, we zero in on microservices integration, which is essential for the entire solution to operate smoothly. By introducing cloud software with autonomous components integrated according to custom scenarios, we will help you make your infrastructure:

Monolithic architecture

Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature 3
Feature 4

Easy scaling of every component; well-adjustable integrations

Faster delivery of fully-integrated features and new components

Service-centric security and protection of independent integrations


Feature 1
Database 1
Feature 2
Database 2
Feature 3
Database 3
Feature 4
Database 4

Well-versed in IoT development, Itransition’s team takes up complex integrations of IoT ecosystems that comprise numerous endpoints—devices, apps, and services. We coordinate devices by streamlining message transfer and data flows between IoT network actors, bound together with individually designed connectors. Our IoT integration service portfolio is a blend of multi-level services:

  • IoT gateway programming
  • IoT system configuration
  • IoT data integration and analytics
  • Edge device management
  • IoT security and connectivity management
An SAP Commerce-integrated mobile app for a retail chain

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