Systems integration

Enterprise APP integration

We deliver ample integration solutions to ensure data interchange across your CRM, ERP, ECM, corporate mail and custom apps in distributed environments.

Point-to-point integration

Itransition offers ad-hoc middleware development to make particular applications interoperate or attach isolated systems to the integrated environment.

Heterogeneous data integration

We develop custom ETL, data federation, replication, data quality, master data management solutions and tailored interfaces for core information assets.

API integration

We supplement solutions with third-party functionality: payment gateways, ecommerce platforms, geolocation, social networks, streaming platforms etc.

ESB enablement

For large businesses that require end-to-end integration across multiple automated processes, Itransition implements an intermediate communi­cation layer connecting dissimilar systems.

We implement, deploy and stabilize Enterprise Service Buses (ESB), providing full technical documentation, further system improvements, support and maintenance and IT team training. With message brokers, ESB transforms messages coming from source systems into formats readable by the target ones, accurately routing data to appropriate destinations via SOAP, HTTP and REST protocols.

Third-party web services
B2B connection

Integrated microservices

As your business grows, together with the need for code scalability, and as disposed structure and technologies support come to the forefront, Itransition helps you smoothly embark on the microservices journey.

We decompose monolithic architectures into loosely coupled collaborating services, each one assigned with a single functional responsibility, database, interface and logics. To provide for consistency across databases, we implement inter-service communication using database replication mechanisms and application-level events.


Thanks to distributed and independent components, lightweight microservice- based architectures are easy to maintain and change towards reshaping and growing business demands.

  • Scaling

    Elastic scalability, workload orchestration.

  • Agility

    Faster iteration cycles, bounded code and data.

  • Resilience

    Easy change due to reduced dependencies.

  • UI
    Feature 1
    Feature 2
    Feature 3
    Feature 4
    Monolithic architecture
    Feature 1Database 1
    Feature 2Database 2
    Feature 3Database 3
    Feature 4Database 4

    End-to-end integration process


    Existing infrastructure review, requirements elaboration.


    Compiling the project plan, outlining the timelines and deliverables.


    Bottom-up and top-down testing. Delivering trouble reports.


    Selection of integration patterns, assembly tools and procedures.


    Bringing components together, providing integration reports.


    Integration health monitoring. On-demand modification.

    IoT end-point integration

    Accumulated experience of Enterprise Apps Integration (EAI), cloud migration, APIs integration and embedded development enables Itransition to link up numerous IoT end points — devices, apps and services. We provide for real-time combination of data from smart consumer and industrial devices, enterprise systems, custom data analytics solutions and cloud platforms through a blend of services:

    • IoT gateway programming
    • IoT data integration and analytics
    • Edge devices management
    • IoT security and connectivity management
    • IoT system configuration
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    Cloud-based integration

    We use advanced cloud storage and computing capabilities provided by top cloud integration platforms to connect your on-premises technologies with external SaaS solutions and establish highly reliable, affordable fault-tolerant architecture. Our cloud-based integration services embrace:

    • Transition from complex application integration architecture to simple and agile integration platforms
    • Custom development of communications brokers and adapters for data interchange across heterogeneous systems
    • Ongoing health monitoring and on-demand modification
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    Integration testing

    We perform integration testing to expose units’ interaction faults ASAP. Itransition’s QA specialists conduct bottom-up and top-down testing on component and systematic levels correspondingly and Big Bang system validation before acceptance. For efficient and thorough code analysis, we leverage both black box and white box testing methods, as well as test automation practices.

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