Predictive analytics consulting

Predictive analytics consulting

Custom predictive analytics software

Our predictive analytics consulting company excels at helping businesses find insights that nurture evidence-based decision making. Whether you want to accurately analyze the scope of business risks, predict customer behavior, identify market trends, or improve pricing strategies, Itransition is up to the job.

Demystify churn

Demystifying churn factors is the main step toward higher customer loyalty. Our software helps understand the underlying reasons for churn, enabling organizations to optimize their customer journeys based on these workable insights.

Recommend smarter

We assist businesses in expanding their product exposure and encouraging repeat purchases with custom recommendation engines that help personalize product suggestions, increase average order value, and deliver exceptional customer experience overall.

Calculate LTV

Itransition delivers predictive analytics software enabling companies to calculate their customers’ lifetime value, nurture long-term relationships, increase marketing effectiveness, and retain most valued customers in the long term.

Predict demand

We help companies optimize inventory management, decrease operational costs, and anticipate demand fluctuations by delivering predictive analytics and forecasting software. We enable our partners to build strategies based on actionable data and set up resilient workflows in response to changing market conditions.

Segment customers

Itransition assists companies in classifying customers based on their demographic features and spending habits with the help of intelligent customer segmentation applications. Granular customer segmentation allows our partners to personalize their offers down to individual customers and craft their marketing campaigns accordingly.

Personalize pricing

Our company builds predictive analytics software to deliver dynamic pricing models for companies to adjust their prices in real time based on customers’ shopping patterns and market conditions, including competitors’ pricing strategies. This technology enables B2C and B2B companies to automate pricing personalization and maximize their revenues.

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Predictive analytics software development stages

1. Strategy

Our predictive analytics consultants will work closely with you to outline your unique business goals and challenges, and identify how exactly predictive analytics can fit in to add value to your business.

2. Data audit & cleansing

We assess your current data aggregation and processing workflows to find efficiency gaps and opportunities for growth, suggesting improvements to your data management setup. Along the way, we help detect and address any quality and consistency issues with your existing datasets to ensure only accurate data is used in the predictive computing process.

3. Predictive data modeling

Our predictive analytics consultants will work closely with you to outline your unique business goals and challenges, and identify how exactly predictive analytics can fit in to add value to your business.

Data organization

Based upon our audit, we identify and connect required data sources and adjust the ways you aggregate and process data to ensure it suits your specific business needs.

Model building

We deliver machine learning models tailored to your specific business requirements or choose relevant ready-made predictive analytics frameworks using such methods as clustering, outliers, forecasting, and classification, among others.

Data visualization

We create data visualization applications tailored specifically to your business needs to help you identify trends and get a clear overview of your important metrics.

4. Deployment

We deploy predictive analytics models and provide data visualization tools for your end users to conveniently extract insights across the organization. You can also rely on us to make continuous post-deployment improvements as needed.