Java appdevelopment

Engineering of platform-agnostic web, embedded applications and enterprise software.

Project rescue

We analyze and assess a partially completed Java solution, prepare a plan and get it up and running.

App porting to Java

Cross-technology migration of disparate components to Java, in order to get a unified solution.

Maintenance & support

All-round maintenance, troubleshooting and enhancement of Java-based applications.

Enterprise solutions

With Java for Enterprise, its set of APIs, application servers, and various Java frameworks on top of it, we build enterprise systems automating workflows and business processes, facilitating collaboration and data management. Our Java-based solutions meet enterprise demands in scalability, portability and security.

We implement Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), hub-and-spoke model and message queues, develop custom ETL and master data management solutions to connect heterogeneous applications and automate enterprise processes, attach isolated ones and transform messages from source systems into formats readable by target applications.

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Integration services
Java API development
Data connectors
Enterprise service bus
Messaging middleware

Android development

  • Mobile applications

    Utilizing Android SDK and third-party tools, we deliver custom applications for Android-based mobile devices. We also help you to upgrade legacy mobile software.

  • Wearable applications

    We build standalone applications for wearable devices with Android Wear that help access a wide range of sensors and other hardware directly from the wearable device.

  • Desktop applications

    Android point-of-sale solutions with sales, payment processing, and inventory support. We transform devices into multi-purpose information terminals with Android Kiosk.

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Java for internet of things

Java hardware programming

As a Java development company with extensive hardware expertise, we utilize Java Embedded Platform, including Java SE Embedded and Java Embedded Suite, to create portable IoT applications for edge devices. With device and OS agnostic Java Platform supporting popular IoT protocols (MQTT, IETF CoAP, OMA Lightweight M2M) and gateways, our solutions ensure device connectivity, management and remote control capabilities.

IoT backend

Itransition creates software systems receiving, organizing and processing streams of device data, integrates it with enterprise applications. Using Java Client Library, we ensure interaction of Java-enabled devices with cloud and analytical platforms.

Client application development

Utilizing custom IoT backend solutions or Java API of existing IoT platforms, Itransition delivers mobile and web applications for customer and industrial IoT enabled through SDKs and APIs.

IoT applications with android things

We create applications for connected things with Brillo and Weave communication protocol that allow users to control multiple consumer and industrial devices through one application.

  • Rest API
  • MQTT
  • CoAP
  • Custom
  • Rules logic
  • Storage

Cloud enablement

Cloud-native Java app development

We deliver custom cloud applications targeting private, public and hybrid cloud platforms.

Java app migration to cloud

We migrate any Java application across a global network of cloud platforms.

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Java for business intelligence

BI infrastructure engineering

Itransition setups and configures scalable and secure BI infrastructure, including Big Data component with Hadoop and Spark, integrates data contained within various types of storage platforms, both on premises and in the cloud.

  • Data warehouse engineering
  • Near real-time data analysis
  • Data integration from distributed sources
  • Development of OLAP systems
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Machine learning

Considering existing Java-based libraries and toolkits for machine learning, we select appropriate ones for the customer’s needs. Using Java API, we develop analytics solutions with custom algorithm parameters for data segmentation and clustering, predictive modelling, pattern recognition and anomaly detection in large evolving datasets, speech, sound and text.

  • Natural language processing
  • Computer vision

Platform-based services

At Itransition we offer customization of Java-based platforms from different vendors. We analyze and assess your existing environment, prepare a deployment plan and implement a Java-based solution. Then, we integrate it with enterprise infrastructure and existing applications, adjust custom workflows and develop plugins if necessary.