Sharepoint coverage

Deploying a corporate portal or enterprise content management solution is part technology, part business process transformation. Microsoft Sharepoint provides the core engine and toolset that, in the hands of Itransition’s analysts, developers and architects enable to create state-of-the-art collaborative workspaces and user-centric websites.

Sharepoint deployment

Get a fully operational, carefully designed Sharepoint solution that is configured, customized and tuned to accelerate your business processes by facilitating teamwork, simplifying data access and automating routines. We advise on proper solution identification:

  • To use Sharepoint functionality as is
  • To perform Sharepoint customization
  • To buy third-party components
  • To use custom development for building a cost-effective business solution

From business and technical consulting to development and support stages, you get professional services for your Sharepoint project implementation.

Sharepoint development

Willing to consolidate investments into your Sharepoint infrastructure while introducing functionality not covered by the platform out-of-the-box components?

Itransition's Sharepoint developers are highly proficient in .NET Framework, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Silverlight technologies to deliver custom web parts and workflows and advanced system features and capabilities. Emphasizing high integrity of the resulting solution, we have an extensive track record delivering:

  • Full-featured solutions for vertical markets
  • Separate web parts
  • Custom workflows
  • Web services extending Sharepoint API
  • Custom receivers
  • Bidirectional connectors for external systems

Sharepoint migration

Itransition will ensure a painless transition of your legacy system (or several systems) to SharePoint. We offer a smart and secure approach that focuses on careful planning and ensures uninterrupted business processes.

  • Migration of large volumes of data
  • Semiautomatic migration
  • Complex migration based on our proprietary data migration framework including a distributed asynchronous core, and a set of import and export connectors (e.g. Sharepoint, FileNet, Documentum, OpenText, Java Content Repository, etc.)
  • Simultaneous support period for both source and target platforms and step-by-step migration ensuring seamless adoption of the new solution.

Enterprise solutions

Corporate intranet

We perform Sharepoint customization to deliver comprehensive enterprise intranet/extranet solutions that comply with your business objectives, content taxonomy and organizational structure. Depending on the focus and underlying business processes, we build highly flexible and scalable SharePoint solutions that effectively support corporate information flow and combine content search, access and delivery with collaboration features and automation of related routines.

Document management

From simple well-structured document storage to document routing, related workflows and policies Itransition will provide you a SharePoint-based DMS to process your legal, financial and technical documentation in the most cost-effective and convenient way. Using our broad expertise and technology skills we’re able to build a comprehensive SharePoint-based DMS tailored to you individual needs and scalable for future business growth.

Business intelligence

Itransition helps companies to setup a single data access gateway and visualize their stats by implementing SharePoint-based business intelligence solutions. We deliver all-round BI solutions, starting from the higher-level presentation layer and down to data mining and data quality management, ensuring a smooth ETL process.

Digital asset management

Itransition treats DMS and portal solutions mentioned above as an integral part of enterprise content management. Taking advantage of SharePoint technology we offer DAM implementation bringing your corporate information system closer to the ECM level. We make available cost-effective knowledge management, improved collaboration and higher content availability.

Internet portal

Dealing with huge volumes of internet-focused content or plan to launch new online service? Itransition is a one-stop vendor for designing, developing and maintaining your SharePoint internet portal.

Sharepoint consulting, development & support


Before embarking on a Sharepoint implementation project, you have to make sure your Sharepoint initiative is bound to reap a sizable ROI rather than transform into a cumbersome mechanism with unreasonable TCO. Itransition provides Sharepoint consulting services, helping companies to determine most beneficial ways of deploying or extending their Sharepoint solutions to meet specific business needs, defining:

  • How exactly Sharepoint will meet business requirements
  • What is total cost of ownership (TCO) of Sharepoint implementation
  • How to maximize ROI of Sharepoint implementation
  • What are functional and non-functional requirements
  • What are business and user requirements

Architecture & design

Our Sharepoint consultants & engineers carry out information design, logical architecture planning and network topology design, including legacy solutions considerations and integration with existing infrastructure (e.g. Active Directory, e-mail servers, firewalls), all with future growth in mind:

  • Determination of basic content types (metadata, workflows, forms, etc.), search design, content taxonomy, site collection policies, etc.
  • Multiple deployments configuration, Shared Services Providers, Web applications, site collections and sites, etc.
  • Configuration of perimeter network, domain trust relationships, etc.
  • Advanced considerations including security hardening and disaster recovery
  • Custom graphic design (both from scratch or based on the client’s corporate identity)


Itransition provides Sharepoint solution integration with enterprise applications on technological (e.g. .NET, Java, C++, Delphi, PHP, Ruby) and software product levels (including SAP, Oracle EBS, IBM FileNet, EMC Documentum, OpenText, Alfresco). Sharepoint connectors developed by Itransition include:

  • Bidirectional JCR-Sharepoint connector (level 1+ compliance, including XPath and SQL queries)
  • EMC Documentum bidirectional connector
  • IBM FileNet bidirectional connector
  • IBM Rational ClearQuest connector


The Sharepoint deployment service includes preliminary hardware and software setup (including network, Windows domains, firewalls, etc.), production platform roll out (authoring and staging if applicable), setup of high availability if required, and testing (e.g. trial run of the Disaster Recovery Plan, performance and load testing). Depending on the project budget and complexity, we can provide the following deployment models:

  • Remote deployment
  • Onsite deployment
  • Partner’s data center deployment using shared, collocated, unmanaged or managed hosting


To ensure that every person involved has the right knowledge and skills to take advantage of Sharepoint environment capabilities, Itransition provides in-house training courses tailored to specific groups of users:

  • IT Specialists and Administrators require in-depth knowledge of Sharepoint structure and available tools. Itransition provides administrator guides and carries out training for this group of users to help them in future customizations and development of your Sharepoint environment
  • End Users: active consumers of Sharepoint solutions are provided with thorough system documentation (in multiple languages), audio and video education materials as well as remote and onsite training courses

Post-implementation support

Upon project completion Itransition provides additional services for the solution administration and support:

  • Performance monitoring setup (highly recommended in the case of anticipated solution modification or load rise)
  • Continuous security audit process setup
  • Backup & restore procedures setup
  • ROI analysis
  • Second-level solution support (“working hours” or “24x7”)
  • Third-level solution support