Digital engagement

Digital ecosystem

Whether customer or business-oriented, we create digital engagement technology solutions for consistent, contextual and personalized experiences across multi-channel environment.

Smart devices

Digital experience

From separate modules to the entire digital experience ecosystem, Itransition creates technology backbone for personally relevant experiences across multiple channels.

  • Digital experience connected with physical interactions
  • Real-time analytics at every touchpoint
  • Unified view of a user journey and feedback analytics
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Digital customer

Manage customer experience across connected channels throughout the whole customer journey.

Digital enterprise

Provide role-specific employee and partner experiences to ensure connection with relevant enterprise information.


Itransition delivers custom solutions for smooth commerce experience backed by reliable infrastructure and built-in analytics capabilities, as well as integrated with the corporate environment.

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  • Merchandising
  • Order management
  • Customer care

Back Office

  • CRM & marketing
  • Supply chain
  • Finance

Social technologies

We embed social technologies into digital experiences and corporate environments, create niche community portals, marketplaces and social networking applications, as well as enrich your existing solutions with social features.

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Content-driven engagement

Custom content platforms, including mobile solutions, for creation, distribution, storage, and management of unstructured digital assets of various formats; transformation into relevant and engaging experiences across multiple channels.

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Personalized communication

Consistent and dynamically rendered digital content based on the end user’s context (location, activity, role, interests, needs, behavior, etc.) — in different formats, with varying granularity, and with different actions exposed.

  • User-generated content solutions integrated into ECM
  • Synchronized, complementary content across existing channels
  • Visitors segmentation and content personalization
  • Content performance analytics

Content delivery orchestration

Our solutions utilize content delivery networks to provide users with near-immediate access to information, services, and digital assets wherever they are.


Whether for personal or business tasks to be done, Itransition builds custom productivity solutions or implements platform-based ones.

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AI for productivity

Itransition utilizes artificial intelligence techniques to develop custom productivity solutions that learn from all your historic data to provide context-based information and facilitate decision making.

Enterprise productivity

Access to real-time analytics for decision support, assets and resources, workflow automation scenarios, team collaboration solutions, etc.

Personal productivity

Online and offline cross-device access to productivity data analysis, progress tracking, ToDo’s and time management.