Customer experience & engagement

Core expertise

From small businesses to enterprise brands, from separate modules to the entire customer experience management (CXM) ecosystem, Itransition creates turnkey solutions to cover every stage of the CXM cycle.


Cross-channel data collection

Automated cross-channel collection of online, offline and mobile customer data on the past experiences and transactions, recent behaviors and issues, as well as real‑time actions. With a unified view, data is available in real time and distributed to responsible employees and cross-channel marketing endpoints.

Voice of the customer

Cross-channel automated feedback aggregation from structured and unstructured sources to identify trends, patterns and spikes in comments, root causes driving all the conversations, detect sudden deviations and issues.

Personalized customer satisfaction surveys

Email and website surveys, customer interviews, feedback collected in enterprise and commercial systems, etc.

Feedback analytics

Product reviews on third‑party websites, comments on social media, customer support inquiries, agent notes, etc.

Structured sources
Email and website surveys
Customer interviews
Feedback collected in enterprise and commercial systems
Transactional data
Unstructured sources
Product reviews on third-party websites
Comments on social media
Customer support inquiries
Agent notes

Real-time CX analytics

Based on the aggregated CX data, our analytics solutions with embedded BI reports and dashboards help define trends and successful scenarios, segment customers and detect satisfaction issues, predict customer behavior and plan future activities.

Analytics & reporting

  • Customer segmentation and clustering by various criteria
  • Behavior pattern recognition and anomaly detection
  • Predictive and prescriptive models
  • Brand health monitoring
  • Customer journey visualization
  • Performance and frontline reports

Social intelligence

  • Identify influencers and measure awareness
  • Categorize mentions, define topics and sentiments
  • Spot root causes, interpret meaning from every source

Personalized communication & engagement

With a unified view of the customer and built‑in analytics capabilities, our solutions track customer experience history, monitor where customers are in their journeys, and, based on this data, help create personalized messages.

Content management

Consistent and dynamically rendered content across channels and devices based on the customers’ context. We employ automated mechanism for content planning, scheduling and publishing.

  • Visitor segmentation
  • Content personalization
  • Content performance analytics


Solutions for marketing programs management from start to finish backed by powerful predictive analytics, behavior patterns recognition, and complete data management capabilities.

  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Digital messaging
  • VR/AR experience for customers

Loyalty management

Our integrated loyalty solutions support all areas of the loyalty system operations, including customer acquisition and retention, rewarding and discounts mechanism, feedback aggregation.

  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Customer self-service portal
  • In-built performance analytics

Omnichannel customer service & support

A unified customer information database containing full conversation history, profile details, notes and tags ensures delivery of personalized interactions starting immediately from the point where the last communication has been stopped.

Customer service & cross-channel support

Customers can learn the desired information, as well as get support from a variety of channels and self-service options whenever they need.

Communication tools

Social channels, web chat, click-to-call, phone, email, mobile messaging

Self-Service options

Interactive voice response, virtual assistant, self‑service customer portal

Case management

We design automated scenarios for addressing revealed customer issues, as well as workflows for customer issues tracking with automatic escalations and alerts as needed.

Employee performance analytics

As customer experience directly depends on the service speed and quality, we deliver performance tracking solutions to monitor, analyze and optimize employee performance.