Business process management

Itransition provides business process management consulting and development services. We help you integrate off-the-shelf business process management solutions, tailoring their functionality to your business environment and delivering custom modules to meet ad-hoc requirements.

BPM integration

We integrate out-of-the-box BPM solutions into your existing infrastructure, thus ensuring data flow optimization along with data synchronization and integrity.

BPM customization

We analyze your requirements, perform gap analysis and identify problem areas to customize the capabilities of BPM solutions according to your needs.

We leverage ready-made business process management solutions, including Appian, Pega, Bonita, and Odoo, to help you streamline your organization’s workflows, increase business agility, and improve KPIs.

Operations automation

Our team will help you minimize manual entry, increase operational consistency and expedite a wide range of workflows by mapping out your operational processes and implementing Robotic Process Automation to replace repetitive, rule-based activities with a virtual workforce. We have experience automating the following workflows:

  • Inventory & procurement management
  • Order processing & invoice generation
  • Document approval
  • Scheduled & event-based email sending
  • Data import, export & backup
  • Compliance testing

Digital asset management

We ensure that your vital digital assets are securely stored, retrieved and distributed in line with business, technical and legal requirements. We deliver digital asset management solutions, ranging from personal libraries to scalable ECM and EDM systems that feature the following functionality:

  • Asset sharing & collaboration
  • Master data management
  • Documents versioning
  • Data backup
  • Electronic records management
  • Multi-tenant data warehousing

Resource management

From custom add-ons to full-stack ERP systems, Itransition implements configurable business dashboards, KPI charts, notification triggers, and resource schedulers to provide executives with a complete picture of employee performance, production rates, equipment state and expenditures.

Customer relationship management
Inventory management
Accounting/ Finance
Human resources

Business intelligence & reporting

By delivering analytics and reporting modules, we empower business users to make information-based decisions and automate critical operations monitoring.

Aggregating and analyzing data from disparate systems and sensors in real time, our solutions detect actionable insight, such as deviations from target thresholds, run trigger-driven actions, explore patterns of spending habits, market volatilities and other metrics.

  • Real-time data analytics modules
  • OLAP tools
  • Data visualization dashboards
  • Data mining solutions
  • Configurable reports generators
  • Predictive analytics

Mobile & wearable enablement

With Itransition, you empower desk-free personnel to access business apps on mobile devices, be they corporate owned wearables or personal smartphones, in line with BYOD security policies. You obtain a real-time enterprise, where employees receive just-in-time notifications on the go and respond to new opportunities faster.

Enterprise data

BPM delivery


We analyze your existing workflows, mapping interrelations and dependencies, further identifying problem areas.

Business process modeling

Our business analysts evaluate and codify your current operating processes and develop a plan for digitizing and automating them, using common business process modeling notations, including BPMN and UPN.


Based on the created models, we deliver CRM, ERP, ECM, EDM systems, by modifying your existing solutions, using out-of-the-box products, developing custom applications from scratch, or combining all the three scenarios.


Seeking to ensure your business continuity while modifying business processes, we implement visual tools and provide on-demand code extension.

Zero-code visual tools

Itransition puts business users in charge of workflows orchestration by developing wizard-driven and drag-and-drop interfaces for setting custom rules for notifications, alerts, role privileges and more.

Custom programming

Relying on Itransition, you focus on value-adding operations, while our engineers keep track of your workflows and asset changes and adopt business rules to fluctuating strategic priorities.