Data management services

Data management services

Make data drive your business success

Itransition’s services are directed at creating an efficient data management framework and turning your data into an asset by making it unified, clean, secure and analytics-friendly.

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Become a data-centric company with data management solutions by Itransition

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Our data management services

Our data management company can offer you both full-cycle and standalone services based on your needs and business processes. We have a team of data engineers, scientists, analysts and developers who have a field-proven expertise in the most advanced data management areas.

Data management services

We will audit your data and its structure, consolidate data from different sources to further clean and modify it, and render thorough quality checks.

We will develop a data strategy, define and visualize data assets relationships, and create a map of how data should flow between data points and systems.

We can architect scalable data warehouses and configure them for your business units. We can also create data lakes for storing raw big data that can be used for predictive modeling, ML algorithms training, and more.

We can extract data distributed across different environments, transform it, and load to a target location, setting up real-time data loading if necessary.

We can migrate your data safely between various storages. In case of cloud migration, we prepare a migration roadmap, build a cloud infrastructure, and deploy it to the cloud platform of your choice.

We will develop a comprehensive data governance framework that will define how your data assets are stored, used, and protected across the company and help ensure data quality, consistency and availability.

As a data management company, Itransition can integrate various visualization tools or develop custom solutions to make your data highly interactive through data storytelling tools, storyboards, and customizable dashboards.

We ensure data security, from generation to disposal, by applying advanced security solutions, helping you avoid internal data misuse, data privacy breaches, and regulatory compliance issues.

AI-driven data management solutions

Our data scientists know how to match data management and AI to automate data tasks in a smart way, provide accurate forecasts, and interact with data in real time.

Augmented data management

We can apply augmented data management techniques to help you simplify, optimize, and streamline data cleaning, quality verification, and more.

fewer manual data management tasks achieved through augmented data management.


Autonomous databases

We can pair database management with AI to automate such tasks as database backups and updates, security control, performance tracking, and more.

Augmented analytics

We can implement augmented analytics tools to alleviate a large share of data analysts’ work by streamlining such tasks as data consolidation, processing, classification, and more.

Intelligent queries

We apply natural language processing to create solutions for your data users to communicate with the analytical system by querying it with natural-language questions and get relevant and insightful information without requiring IT help.

Unlock the potential of your data assets with Itransition

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More data-centric capabilities

Our data management company is ready to offer you a full range of services should you require specific data-centric solutions.

Data science

We are ready to offer you a full-cycle data science consulting, from developing a strategy to algorithms implementation and ongoing improvement.

Big data services

We implement advanced big data solutions from strategy consulting and storage setups to modeling and visualization.


We can implement Tableau to drive intelligent decision-making within your company and customize it to match it exactly to your needs.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

We can implement standalone BI tools or build BI ecosystems to optimize your operations, streamline compliance, and identify your growth points.

Power BI

As a certified Microsoft partner, our data management company knows how to unlock the full potential of Power BI and align it with your requirements.

The focus of our data management services

Data democratization

We create solutions for non-tech users to access and interact with data without IT assistance. They will be able to query data, generate reports, and share them with colleagues.

Data workflows automation

Our data management solutions help to significantly reduce manual data manipulations, streamline labor-intensive and time-consuming processes, and thus save time and speed up data processing.

Omnichannel data unification

We will help connect disparate customer data sources and turn data into a single source of truth. It will allow you to track your customers’ footprint across touchpoints and get insights into their preferences by channel.


With our data management solutions, you will have enough insights to serve your customers with tailored connected experiences.

Consent management framework

We can build a framework into your data management solution to automate consent management for different regions, regulations, and audiences, allowing you to nurture customers’ trust while obeying the law.

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