AWS consulting

AWS consulting

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Since 2008, Itransition has been delivering enterprise-level AWS-based solutions and a broad range of AWS consulting services. In hundreds of projects, we demonstrated our expertise in the AWS infrastructure setup, application optimization, migration and fine-tuning. As a certified Amazon Consulting Partner, Itransition pairs their software development know-hows with the unique capabilities of Amazon products to deliver value-added solutions to customers globally.

Full-cycle AWS consulting

We partner with businesses already utilizing AWS and those only considering the Amazon cloud stack. Our team performs initial technology roadmapping and selection, infrastructure assessment and modification, architecture design and optimization, covering all the stages of successful AWS deployment.

AWS setup

Our team activates AWS corporate accounts to launch and configure AWS instances in line with the Amazon guidelines and the specifics of a particular infrastructure in question. We also take care of essential security settings, as well as connect deployed instances to enterprise networks and software ecosystems.

AWS optimization

We analyze implemented AWS architectures to identify bottlenecks and help businesses optimize cloud resources and performance across their application portfolios. We implement monitoring and alerting solutions to keep track of deployment performance and security.

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AWS development

As an AWS consultant, Itransition leverages Amazon software to build cloud-first solutions based on microservices or to launch serverless applications, assisting businesses in adopting and managing them correctly.

AWS-based microservices

We implement microservices to deliver solutions composed of independent services communicating over APIs. By breaking down monolithic apps into container-based microservices, we minimize the risk of application failure and increase the overall reliability and security of solutions. We help companies benefit from microservices by configuring such processes for their systems as health monitoring, tracking and debugging of interactions, ensuring correct decoupling and communication between services, and balancing heterogeneous environments.

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Infrastructure as a code

Utilizing AWS CloudFormation, we help you turn your infrastructure into Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to address the challenge of environment drift. We describe your entire infrastructure with its connection topology, virtual machines, networks, load balancers, and whatever is included, as a template that generates the same environment every time it is applied. With IaC, you can change the environment description thus versioning the configuration template, which is executed by the release pipeline to configure target environments.


We create an infrastructure that exists as a CloudFormation-based template in the JSON or YAML format.


We ensure that the template is checked locally or uploaded to the S3 bucket.


We check if AWS CloudFormation correctly creates stacks based on the template.


We verify that AWS CloudFormation provisions and configures the resources and stacks specified by the template.

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SaaS development

SaaS development

We leverage our cloud computing and programming expertise to create and maintain custom SaaS solutions for all business models.


We set up continuous integration and deployment workflows to fully automate your software release process. With CI/CD, we help you automate testing beyond unit tests to include API reliability, UI, load and integration testing. Our experience as an AWS consultant allows us to either build your CI/CD infrastructure from scratch or analyze the one you already manage and propose the optimal combination of AWS and non-AWS toolsets.

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