TradeStops Mobile

TradeStops Mobile

Stock Behavior Tracking and Stops On the Go

TradeStops Mobile

  • iOS mobile client to stock monitoring web service
  • Configurable stop triggers and templates
  • Notifications and alerts


Adding a mobile client to the existing online service

Our customer – RightWayTrader — is one of the most trusted and reliable U.S. Stock Exchange and Forex signal services provider. Itransition has been reliable RightWayTrader’s technology partner for more than 5 years. We developed, supported and were continuously improving a comprehensive online tool for individual investors —

The solution successfully operates and expands for several years by now. By keeping eye on the latest technology trends our customer realized an importance of supporting mobile platforms to provide service subscribers with anytime, anywhere access. The customer engaged Itransition to build a brand new iOS application aimed to help investors stay connected to the service and receive alerts on the go.


TradeStops for iPhone delivered by Itransition gives instant access to the online service right from the mobile device. It offers rich user experience and easy to use interface so that investors do not miss a second while navigating the app.

To access the application, TradeStops account holders are welcome to use their existing credentials. New users can easily sign up via iPhone app.

The following features were implemented by Itransition:

  • Stop triggers setup and configuration
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Stock dynamics visualization

The application includes portfolio charts with visual trailing stop indicators as well as additional alert types.


Itransition highly professional development approach allowed us to provide an easy to use website companion application that can be also used as a comprehensive solution to enable access to the service with a finger tap.



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