Investment Portfolio Management and Alert System Support

Itransition specialists have made TradeStops more stable and prevented website failure several times. The detection and fix time for common site problems has been reduced from 2 — 6 hours to 5 — 15 minutes.


Our Customer, TradeSmith, is one of the largest US-based providers of online investment and trading tools for individual investors and traders. Having come up with an idea of launching a brand new investment portfolio management platform, the company’s CEO, Dr. Richard Smith, approached Itransition with a request to implement the project.

Itransition team has built a robust investment portfolio tracking and management solution, TradeStops, in tune with the Customer’s requirements. By means of leveraging advanced analytical tools, real-time stock monitoring and powerful alert system, the delivered solution allows individual investors to be up-to-date with the stock markets and adjust their investments smartly, limiting the risks and boosting gains. The platform currently has around 50000 users.

With a financial application, availability and stable functioning is of crucial importance for the clients. In case the Customer’s platform does not work consistently or is down due to some technical reason, the users may discontinue their subscription. Bearing in mind such an impact on the company, the Customer needed professional maintenance and support for the platform to ensure its functioning 24/7. As the experience of working with Itransition development team was very positive, TradeSmith decided to trust the support and maintenance of the project in our hands.

Project Objectives

The main project objectives pursued by Itransition support and maintenance specialists are environment organization and setup, monitoring setup as well as implementing Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration approaches to the development process to ensure the platform flawless performance and positive end user experience as a result.


The scope of work performed by our support and maintenance engineers within this project mainly includes the following tasks:

Platform maintenance

Automated monitoring system setup

Installing and managing Zabbix software to automatically check the following data:

  • Server status
  • Availability of the option data for the end users
  • Availability of selected data views on all exchange houses
  • Load status for the main database and all of its subbases
  • Availability of the Customer’s sites
  • Application server status (different checks to ensure that 40+ applications on the server are working properly according to the specifically predefined business metrics; checks for the emails being successfully sent, email queue, the number of emails waiting to be sent, etc.) + scheduled application start status
  • Log monitoring (to establish what should or should not be considered a system error)

Database administration

Configuring and upgrading database server software, evaluating database performance, establishing and maintaining solid backup solutions, etc.

Security audit

Gathering the parameters for the company’s internal audit and creating the affiliate security baseline checklist that includes requirements to:

  • Server functioning
  • Monitoring and backup organization
  • Access and authentication parameters
  • Application and code development specification, and more

Since the Customer represents a family of companies, each parent company regularly audits subcompanies according to the guidelines presented by our specialists.

Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration approaches implementation

Installing and managing Jenkins software in order to automate certain parts of the software development process, for instance:

  • Simplifying the process of adding new stock symbols to the system (i.e. market capitalization, open, high, low, P/E ratio, etc.) to make it easier for the end users. They used to ask for the necessary symbols to be added to the system and the developers did it manually. We have created the necessary scripts, integrated them with Jenkins software, and L1 support specialists can now add the symbols without having to involve the developers into the process.
  • Automatically delivering changes to 5 environments for the developers to cut down on their manual work: QA specialists perform automatic tests for the Customer’s platform every night and the developers can now get updated versions at the touch of a button.

Penetration consequences elimination

Making the production environment safe for one of the Customer’s other websites after serious vulnerability issues were detected


Such a scope of work allows Itransition support and maintenance engineers to scrutinize the way the Customer’s platform functions on a daily basis, prevent it from breaking down and minimize the amount of time to fix the possible technical issues thus ensuring positive user experience.

The automated monitoring system and the process of monitoring data analysis implemented by Itransition specialists have made the Customer’s product more stable and prevented website failure several times.

The detection and fix time for common site problems has been reduced from 2 – 6 hours to 5 – 15 minutes.


Itransition support and maintenance engineers implemented best practices and their own versatile expertise while setting up the monitoring tools optimizing the IT processes for the Customer’s company. The Customer is fully satisfied with the project results, including both development and support.

Under the contract, Itransition specialists are ready to perform the support and maintenance tasks 24/7. Our team working on the project comprises a project manager, 6 .NET developers, 2 QA engineers, and a DevOps engineer.