Amazon Web Services

Since 2008, Itransition has been delivering enterprise-level AWS-based solutions. We have completed hundreds of projects demonstrating AWS expertise in infrastructure setup, application optimization, migration to AWS, configuration tuning, multi-faceted on-demand implementations, replication in the cloud, Amazon S3 storage lifecycle, etc.

As a certified Amazon Consulting Partner, Itransition leverages the know-hows and services provided by Amazon to deliver value-added solutions to our customers.

AWS consulting

From AWS cloud strategy development that covers roadmapping, technology selection, architecture redesign to on-demand implementations, we deliver AWS consulting to businesses already utilizing AWS and those only considering.

AWS strategy

We analyze your priorities, evaluate if the cloud is what you need, and assess the current environment for AWS readiness. Then, we develop an AWS strategy and create a roadmap that outlines technologies, necessary enhancements, and steps to ensure smooth transition to a virtualized environment.

AWS optimization

We analyze your current AWS architecture, identify loops and bottlenecks, and help you optimize cloud resources and performance across your application portfolio. We implement monitoring and alerting solutions to identify bottlenecks or excess resources thus optimizing your costs.

Professional services

We deliver multi-faceted on-demand implementations, from autoscaling through data availability and replication in the cloud to Amazon S3 storage lifecycle. To minimize idle resources and optimize costs, we decompose applications into a set of services containing narrowly related functions.

AWS development

We use AWS to build cloud-first and cloud-native solutions, cloud-enabled microservices, along with fault-tolerant, highly available serverless applications while overcoming associated challenges.


Applying a microservices approach, we deliver software solutions composed of small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs. Such an approach allows for choosing the appropriate and optimal technologies for a specific service.

Microservices architectures make implementing failure isolation easier thus ensuring high availability. Utilizing health checking, caching, bulkheads, or circuit breakers techniques, we reduce the blast radius of a failing component to improve the availability of your application.

We help you enjoy all the benefits of microservices, while minimizing such associated challenges as monitoring overall system health, tracking and debugging of interactions across the whole system, ensuring the proper level of decoupling and communications between services, dealing with heterogeneous environments, etc.


As the native architecture of the cloud, serverless allows for building and running applications and services without thinking about infrastructure management. We build serverless web apps and backends based on AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB to handle web, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and chatbot requests, and provide real-time data/stream processing.

We deliver serverless solutions, while overcoming Lambda runtime limit, function complexity and latency issues. We also help balance the number of invocations and the duration of functions running thus optimizing the TCO of your AWS serverless application.

Infrastructure as code

Utilizing AWS CloudFormation, we help you turn your infrastructure into Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to address the challenge of environment drift. We describe your entire infrastructure with its connection topology, virtual machines, networks, load balancers, and whatever is included, as a template that generates the same environment every time it is applied. With IaC, you can change the environment description thus versioning the configuration template, which is executed by the release pipeline to configure target environments.


We set up continuous integration and deployment to automate your entire software release process and help you deliver faster and more frequently. Within CI/CD, we help you automate testing beyond unit tests also covering API reliability testing, UI testing, load testing, integration testing, etc.

We can either build a CI/CD infrastructure for you from scratch, or analyze what you already have and propose the optimum combination of the AWS and non-AWS toolset. With AWS spanning AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and a wide array of non-AWS solutions including, but not limited to Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity, and CircleCI, you will get shorter feedback loops with your stakeholders and earlier return on investment for each feature after it is developed.

Migration to AWS

AWS— from technical assessment and TCO calculation, architecture reengineering and proof of concept to data and apps migration, SDLC automation and further optimization.

Cloud assessment

  • TCO calculation
  • Security & compliance assessment
  • Technical assessment
  • Re-architecting

Proof of concept

  • MVP
  • Testing in the cloud

Infrastructure configuration

  • Hybrid infrastructure
  • AWS CloudFormation or OpsWorks configuration
  • Configuration automation

Data & apps migration

  • Licensed products migration
  • AMIs and bundles creation
  • “Cloud-aware” coding
  • Database migration to Amazon RDS or EC2 & EBS

Leveraging the cloud

  • Security strengthening
  • Elasticity and SDLC automation
  • Dashboards creation
  • Additional AWS services enablement


  • Efficiency improvement
  • Usage optimization
  • Advanced monitoring implementation

AWS security

We help you enhance the native AWS security capabilities with third-party security solutions to ensure the level of security your business requires. We also offer security testing services spanning from security assessment and threat modelling to penetration testing, both manual and automated.

  • Network & connection security
  • Inventory & configuration
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Identity & access control
  • Data encryption
  • Intrusion detection & prevention

Monitoring & alerting

We deliver monitoring services to provide you with data and actionable insights to get a unified view of your system health, manage your AWS resources, services and applications running on AWS, understand performance changes, optimize resource utilization thus minimizing costs. We also set up intelligent alerts to notify the right people via the right channels at the right time, so you can take measures before your users face any issues, while ensuring failure and outrage prediction and prevention.

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