Itransition recognized in Forrester’s Modern Application Development Services report

Itransition recognized in Forrester’s Modern Application Development Services report

February 2, 2022

Press Office


Itransition debuted in Forrester’s Now Tech: Modern Application Development Services report featuring 43 application development service providers.

Forrester is a leading research company that delivers insightful technology reports as well as advisory services. For more than 35 years, Forrester’s research has provided global business and technology leaders with a clear understanding of the current technology landscape.

The Now Tech: Modern Application Development Services, Q1 2022 report lists providers that not only collaborate with their clients to create custom applications but also aid them in adopting modern technologies and practices. The report is aimed at sourcing and vendor managers and app dev leaders and helps them understand the value they can expect from a MAD provider and how to select the right development partner to achieve the desired results.

The analysis of the MAD services providers was based on two criteria: market presence and services functionality. Vendors’ market presence was segmented into three categories based on MAD services revenue, while MAD services functionality was broken down into five categories, each with varying capabilities. Itransition was listed among MAD consulting boutiques and Modern product development service providers as primary MAD services functionality segments. Our vertical market focus by revenue is on the Software and high-tech, Healthcare, and Retail domains, with geographic presence by revenue shared between the NA (45%), EMEA (45%), and APAC (10%) regions.

The evaluation process involved filling out a vendor questionnaire, with questions divided into several groups: Agile, DevOps, Continuous testing and value stream management service practices, Talent management, Technologies used and accelerators, Metrics and measurement, Contracting types used with your clients, MAD service roles, etc. Itransition also shared which MAD services and service roles we offer, what frameworks we use to scale Agile at the enterprise, whether we help clients achieve a value streaming approach in delivering software, and so on. Apart from that, the questionnaire included such topics as employee training and keeping up to speed with new modern practices and technologies, the types of active communities in the company, measuring vital business and technology metrics with clients, etc. For the report, Itransition also mentioned three sample customers we provided MAD services to - Iotatech, AiBUY, and JATO.

As a quality-oriented IT company, Itransition continuously maintains the high standards of software engineering, using the latest technologies and constantly perfecting delivery practices. Thus, we are very excited to be recognized among leading modern application development service providers. Committed to providing business value through technology, Itransition will not stop there but instead further improve our service offer and delivery practices to be further acknowledged by Forrester.